How Do I Know If He’s Thinking About Me Now? 13 Signs!

Do you want to get into a relationship, are you in one, or have you broken up with him? 

So you probably want to know:

How do I know if he’s thinking about me right now? 

This is a question most women ask because no one wants a person who ignores them.

But, men are not easy to read. It can be a challenge to know if your boyfriend is thinking about you or other girls.

This article will help you with proven signs that show a guy is thinking about you.

Is he thinking about you after you broke up? 13 Signs You Need To Know!

There are different ways to tell if a person you love is thinking about you. Here are 13 obvious signs to prove he’s thinking about you.

1. When he hasn’t changed

When you break up with your partner, you get hurt. Also, people expect you to heal, move on, and find another love. But, it’s not easy to fall in love with someone else.

But if your man loves you and keeps thinking about you, he won’t move on. Yes, he can go out with other girls and pretend he’s fine, but he won’t commit to another relationship.

Plus, he might find a new girlfriend and still be thinking about you. As a result, he will soon arrive at your doorstep and will ask you to come back. This is a big sign that he can’t get over you.

2. When he checks on you

After ending a relationship, the no-contact rule applies to help the parties forget about each other. But, if your ex calls or texts you, it means he is still paying attention to you.

He might not do this often, but that once in a while calling means a lot. It means he can’t hold back and wants to talk to you.

You may wonder whether to respond to your calls and messages or not, but that’s up to you. First, do you still have feelings for him or are you no longer interested in him? Don’t entertain him if you’re not willing to resolve your issues and get back together.

3. When he posts about you

Some guys will post about their women on their social media platforms even after they split up. He may not mention you by name, but you can say exactly what he means in the post. This is an obvious sign that he is thinking about you.

He might post something like, ‘I miss someone so much. This is to indirectly tell you that he still has feelings for you and, if possible, he wants you back.

Also, the guy wants you to see these posts and expects you to reply to them. He also wants you to be thinking of him too. You can choose to respond or ignore him, depending on your feelings.

4. He acts and looks depressed

A breakup hurts and leaves both of you dealing with the pain. But, your ex may not be able to get over it and shows signs of depression. This is a clear indication that he is always thinking about you.

You can tell by the type of posts he is doing on social media. If he is posting dark pictures, dark poems, or dark songs, he is regretting and thinking of you.

Also, he can act like everything is fine, posting pictures and having fun with his friends. But, that’s not true because he’s trying to show the world that he’s okay, but he still thinks about you deep down.

5. When he sends you random messages

Do you get random texts, articles, or funny memes from a guy all day and can’t understand? He’s in love with you and he can’t get you out of his head.

This is a big sign that you’ve conquered his world, and he can’t deny it. For example, if he sends you a meme that he knows will make you laugh, it means he saw you and immediately thought of you.

What’s more, he might be checking in on you several times during the day via text message. For example, he might send a message, ‘how’s your day, honey’ or ‘did you have lunch’.

6. When he asks you a lot of questions

Another sign that your crush is wasting time thinking about you is when he asks you too many questions. He keeps filling your inbox, or when he’s together, he’s all over you with all sorts of questions.

First, it shows that he wants to get to know you better. He wants to understand who you are and the type of person you are dealing with. It may seem obvious, but the guy is having hours of fantasies with you.

Mostly, guys will ask questions that revolve around your life in these cases. They would like to know about your hobbies, career, dreams, your family, and friends.

7. When he seeks your opinion before doing something

Have you ever had a guy in your life who consults you every time he wants to do something? Maybe he’s going to an interview, and he’s like, ‘Hello my sunshine, what do you think I should wear tomorrow when I go to my interview.’ That means he always includes you in his life.

When a man starts including you in his life, it shows that he really loves and respects you. Plus, it shows that he wants you to be a part of his journey, so he’s asking for your opinion.

Also, if he is consulting you about moving to a new house or city, it is a clear sign that he is considering having you as a partner. This is because it is a lifelong decision that is essential and only the people in your life can be included.

8. When he remembers specific things you say

Small details, like remembering what your partner says, show that you’re thinking about her. You spend time listening to her and thinking about her words. As a result, you can easily remember what they specifically said about something.

For example, if he asks you about his favorite flowers and you answer, he won’t have to ask again because he can remember. He can tell if you said you love roses or carnations.

He keeps this information in mind because he knows it’s important to him. Also, he needs it in the future, even if you don’t know it.

9. He sends good morning and good night message

Do you feel special when someone texts you good morning every morning and good night before you go to sleep? This guy has something more than the message; he is always thinking of you and expressing it.

This is a good sign that he has his eye on you and wants you in his life. The morning message is a clear sign that he has possibly dreamed of you, or you are the first person he thought of when he woke up. The excellent nightly text shows that he spent his time thinking about you.

This is one of the signs that can tell if you can have a pleasant love life with this guy. This is because it shows that he cares about you and will be by your side.

10. Your happiness is your number one priority

Every woman wants to be the number one priority in her man’s life and not an option. So a man who makes your happiness his focus, no matter what shows that he’s thinking about you.

Also, a man who puts his joy first will go out of his way to make you happy. For example, when he lets you pick a seat first when you go on a date, he’s trying to make you smile.

It’s the little details that mean a lot in a relationship. They show that he is willing to go the extra mile to make you comfortable and happy.

11. Likes and comments on your posts

You post pictures, memes, and poems on your social media and a guy keep liking and commenting suggestively? This guy is thinking about his day and night and he can’t hide it.

For example, he can comment on your photos and say, ‘You look beautiful’ with some love emojis. This is an important sign that he is interested in you and has fallen in love with you.

If he’s among the first people to comment on your post, that means he’s been checking you out often. He’s your number one fan and he wants something from you – a relationship.

12. He surprises you

His crush shows that he thinks of you when he buys his favorite items like flowers, chocolate, or books. He is showing that he also pays attention to your interests.

Also, gifts are a great sign of love. They say the other person has feelings for you and only you are more important in their life.

So when you get a surprise gift from a guy, know that he’s thinking about you and wants to have a future with you.

13. When he shares a lot with you

Most, if not all, guys don’t open up about their past, present, and future. They tend to be quiet and push through life on their own.

But, when a guy shares with you about his personal life, he should have you in mind. He sees you as a trustworthy person and is probably interested in you.