How to deal with an indifferent man?

He’s the leader of your favorite band, the attractive married neighbor, the all-male head of your department, or the sweet lead actor in your favorite series. They all have one thing in common: these men are unreachable.

A long-distance passion that every woman has surely experienced. It gets more exciting, however, with that kind of man who could actually be “dangerous” to you and who then withdraws when things get serious or emotional: an unapproachable man. But what makes this type of man so attractive? We explain to you what constitutes this type of man and how you deal with this object of desire when he already involves you emotionally.

Indifferent man: what defines him

He looks almost like the opposite of the men women are always used to. Because he doesn’t shower you with compliments or quickly show clear intentions. And this ensures that the interaction changes quickly. Because their behavior arouses the hunting instinct even in women. The psychological mechanism behind this is obvious. After all, we always want what (we can’t) have. The more unapproachable a man appears to women, the more it seems to increase his market value. He’s just not someone easy to get and therefore seems to be even more valuable. 

Above all, it is the lure of “breaking” this man. A noble goal that can give women a sense of affirmation. However, a distinction must be made here with this self-sufficient, indifferent-looking male type. The “unapproachable” man is most noticeable for his sovereign, self-confident and self-satisfied demeanor, seems controlled, closed off, cold and mysterious. Unlike the always-accessible man.

However, the boundaries between the two types of men are often fluid. In this way, an unapproachable man can be confident and self-assured at first and then withdraw completely unexpectedly. However, the boundaries between the two types of men are often fluid. In this way, an unapproachable man can be confident and self-assured at first and withdraw completely unexpectedly at the next. However, the boundaries between the two types of men are often fluid. In this way, an unapproachable man can be confident and self-assured at first and then withdraw completely unexpectedly.

Male type: the unreachable!

This type of man confuses the world of women with his inaccessible charisma. What is your disinterest? Is he interested in women? However, there is one indication that most dominates this detachment: an emotionally unapproachable man is particularly reluctant to reveal his feelings. He wants to be in control and not show any nudity. For him, it is not appropriate to spread emotions. 

That doesn’t mean he’s emotionally cold. On the contrary: an inaccessible man can carry a whole treasure trove of emotions. But he believes that precisely this emotional wealth could be his undoing. Losing control and no longer controlling one’s feelings is the greatest fear that the inaccessible must fight.

That’s how  you interpret the  signs of an unreachable man

Feelings are so precious to him that he only shows them in a well-done form. Therefore, you should pay attention to the minimum signals it sends. Even the smallest emotional revelation is a brave step for him. Because behind the slightest compliment or an implied fall lies a dormant volcano that is about to erupt. With an indifferent man, you need to learn to decipher these tiny signs.

Indifferent man – reasons why he behaves this way

There can be several reasons why a man has indifferent charisma. Their detachment can often be a reaction to current living conditions. For example, he recently broke up and is therefore not open to a flirtation. Perhaps he is going through a difficult professional or private phase and his thoughts are elsewhere. These signs need not mean that he also corresponds in essence to this masculine type of unreachable. If, however, after long observation, you find that he still has an emotionally inaccessible character trait, the causes may be different. 

Many men can have a pronounced fear of commitment leading to this inaccessibility. For fear of getting involved in a relationship, many men keep women at a distance, even though they see each other as a bond. Often the causes for this can be found in childhood trauma, in which men have suffered a painful loss at a young age – for example, separation from their own parents. 

In order not to have to go through this suffering again, they prefer to keep their distance in situations where things get serious and feelings to come into play. This fear of attachment prevents many men from revealing their feelings or being drawn into exuberant declarations of love. Fear of disappointment, rejection or impending loss gains the upper hand in such situations. Distance and withdrawal are often the only way out for emotionally unreachable men.

Indifferent Man – What are tactics? what is real

But caution is advised! A pronounced fear of commitment should not always be hidden behind inaccessibility. Some men use indifference as a strategy to consciously arouse women’s hunting instincts. This is often demonstrated by the fact that he does not react immediately to each WhatsApp, sets a different pace, acts mysteriously, and takes a long time to respond, in keeping with the motto “If you want something, rarely do it yourself!” You can recognize this tactic by this that they are only part of flirting, dating, or getting to know each other. 

After all, these men still want to be won over by you as quickly as possible. In the case of indifferent men with deeper emotional issues, on the other hand, you bite into the granite very quickly. They can be a real challenge and also a real-life job.
In this context, the difference between an “inaccessible” man and an “indifferent” man must be pointed out again. Many women have crushes on those unattainable men they know they can never have anyway. In these cases, the fear of commitment is usually on the part of women. To avoid feeling disappointed and hurt, unreachable men take on a surrogate role. they become a projection surface for wants and needs, which, however, can never be consciously met. In contrast, when dealing with an unapproachable man, there is a definite prospect of a relationship. There are a few rules you must follow if you want to give a relationship a chance.

  1. Be patient

Even if butterflies are pounding in your stomach and you can barely contain your own feelings, show a greater degree of patience with an unapproachable man. Don’t shower it with declarations of love right away, but adapt at your own pace. Hasty actions are more likely to do the opposite of what you want.

  1. Don’t put pressure on him

You better refrain from high demands and expectations. He can only take a step toward you if he doesn’t feel pressured. It is important that you stay in the here and now with everything and take things as they are. Flirting is not a relationship.

  1. Take care

In all efforts, however, it’s also important to stay focused. In an effort to break it, you must be careful not to get into an unfortunate co-dependency. Don’t lose sight of your own wants and needs.

In love with an unreachable man? Learn to let go!

Above all, the third rule is absolutely important if you’re already up to your ears in an unattainable dream man. Because for many of them, due to the fear of committing or the inability to relate, the freedom they gain is their top priority.

This love of freedom can seem rebellious and unbridled and therefore exert an almost irresistible charm on you. However, emotional closeness can jeopardize this construction. If a distant man is telling you he doesn’t want a relationship, don’t cling desperately to your attempt at conversion. A happy relationship only works on an equal footing and lives off of an equal relationship.

If you give in and patiently just follow his needs, you will find yourself on a path of suffering that leads to permanent dissatisfaction and only emotionally overwhelms you. Only when you are ready to let go of your ideals may there be a possibility that he will come back and delay your estrangement to a certain extent. Must be your dream man. However, if you continue to be an unapproachable man, draw a line. There are many other men who can benefit from being around you.