Proof of love: the right gestures without words

Sometimes words can barely express what you’re feeling yourself. Emotions overwhelm us, especially at the beginning of a relationship. This makes the question of the correct proof of love even more pressing: how can you show your love to your partner?

Young love is simply beautiful – there must be agreement on that. But at the same time, there is always great uncertainty, especially at the beginning of a relationship. You and your partner don’t know each other very well, you have to test your limits and find the right rhythm. The proof of love is particularly important in this first emotional phase. Because he shows his partner very clearly: “You belong to me, the two of us are now becoming a WE.”

Why is the symbol of love important?

When you’re recently in love, you go through many first times to get to know each other: the first time you fall asleep together, the first Sunday breakfast together, the first excursion together. At the same time, though, there’s a lot of uncertainty, especially at the beginning of a call: you don’t really know your partner in the first phase of the relationship, and therefore you don’t know how serious they are about it.

So especially when you’re madly in love, it’s time to show your affection for your partner. Because: This is how you tell him or her how important the new relationship is to you, without getting too direct. Plus, you create a lasting memory that you can look back on later with a pleasant feeling. So if you find a well-thought-out symbol of love, it still has room for stories you can even tell your grandchildren.

This attention should give your partner the feeling that he or she has a very special place in your life and should know that too. Especially when the relationship is on a similar level, signs of affection trigger very positive feelings. But even at an advanced stage, they can work wonders: especially when a partnership is figuratively falling asleep, these targeted gestures can bring a return to the essentials – love – and bring romance back into the relationship.

Attention is the perfect proof of love

The biggest problem is that you don’t know your partner that well at first. Consequently, the best idea is not immediately obvious. However, there are plenty of indications of what your partner thinks is great: unknown hobbies are lying dormant on the chalkboard wall in the living room, culinary preferences are hidden in the fridge, and in the bathroom, you can tell if the other person likes to be pampered. So: Carefully spend the first few weeks together.

Communication is so important. You learn a lot from conversations together, so remember the most important points and try to read between the lines. Of course, you can delve into hobbies and the like. If you do this skillfully, your partner won’t even notice that you’re planning a show of love. When in doubt, there is also another option: ask your partner’s closest friends for ideas.

Investing in the symbol of love: money, time, or both?

Whether there should be intangible attention,  or perhaps a material gift, it can cost a lot, as the whole depends a lot on your individual situation. A couple of passionate students have different requirements than two working people; a couple who eats out weekly will be less likely to be surprised by having dinner together than someone who is generally on a tight budget. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money just because you have it. There is great potential for intangible experiences to be remembered,  and they can be extremely cheap! Experience and your thoughts count – not the actual purchase value.

Evidence of love that comes from the heart

  • Gestures in everyday life You don’t need a fancy idea to show your partner your love. In the first stage, it is important to respond together in everyday life. Tenderness, loving glances, and passionate kisses are the good first proof of love.
  • Small gifts Small touches in everyday life are particularly popular and are the perfect symbols for romance without being too dense. A note on the fridge, breakfast in bed, or your favorite chocolate in the key box at night after a tiring day at work – with small details in everyday life you can show that you mean it. Compliments are also always a beautiful symbol of love.
  • Food connects A romantic dinner in your own apartment is a beautiful symbol of love for many couples in love. Whether you stand in front of the stove for your partner and decorate the cozy kitchen table with romantic candles and roses,  or whether you invite them over for a nice meal is entirely up to you. However, there is usually more excitement behind a dish that you prepare yourself, and in a restaurant, you don’t have to create your own table. But if your culinary skills are supposedly lacking, a romantic lakeside picnic would be a creative compromise.
  • The surprise factor Romantic gestures live on the surprise factor. For a successful show of love for him or her, you must surprise your partner with something he or she did not expect. Take your chosen one to the movies for a romantic movie night or, instead of going shopping, accompany your loved one to a relaxing spa session with an excuse.
  • Fulfill dream, Of course, if there is a big dream in your partner’s life, it is a symbol of love. Most of the time, however, these dreams are very extensive and seem far away – but if you can implement them, the experience will definitely become a meaningful memory in your relationship.
  • Support in everyday life and take on boring tasks The hall lamp flickers, the dishes are piled up and the doorknob is loose – everyone has some tasks in everyday life that are just plain unpleasant and therefore put off. A good sign of love is taking on these tasks without asking. Get active and prove that you’re thinking about the relationship. Men in particular can refer to their (stereotyped) craft skills here, but also show that they can master the home as a symbol of love for them.
  • Who likes classic Sure, love letters and flowers are also at the top of the list of proofs of your love. However, they should also have a personal touch: What is your partner’s favorite color, how do words sound best?

With a symbol of love for the place in the heart

Finding the perfect proof of your love is definitely not rocket science, but neither should it be taken lightly, and invest some time. Listen carefully to your partner, observe your surroundings, prepare your personal gesture well and skillfully incorporate it into everyday life. What exactly you choose for your partner depends on many individual factors. So trust your heart, it will guide you on the way to the perfect gesture – your partner is sure to be happy in any case!