She does not want a relationship: the signs and what to do

In fact, it all started so well. But now reality is catching up to you and you can’t shake a hunch: she doesn’t want a relationship! You are attracted to her and the joy of the next message in the mailbox is great. But her answer took a long time to come. Suddenly, a feeling of unease and many unanswered questions are left behind. But how do you know if your loved one has serious intentions?

She doesn’t want anything solid – what are the signs?

You know but she doesn’t want a relationship

The memory of your personal commitment is still fresh. In his opinion, the signs for the first meeting were good. But is she really looking for a stable partner? The following information may provide information:

1. She says she doesn’t want a relationship

An honest counterpart clears the table from the start. So if she says a relationship is out of the question for her right now, you have to accept that. Most of the time, however, that insight takes a long time to arrive…

2. She doesn’t want a relationship, but a friendship

There are women who just want a good friend with an open ear to open their hearts. But: In this case, you are just the listener and remain the friend! If your flame keeps talking about itself and doesn’t show any particular interest in you, you can assume: she’s not looking for anything serious in you.

3. She has no vision for the future

Especially in the early stages of a relationship, lovers see the future through rose-colored lenses. So thoughts of the days to come are especially pleasant. But if she blocks all of that out and never talks about the future or takes a stand for it, then it might mainly be due to the fact that she doesn’t want a relationship.

You meet through an online dating agency

You exchanged information on a trusted partner exchange for hours. But suddenly doubts arise before the first date – are you just the slap–hole or the man for life? You should look for these signs online.

1. Does not behave clearly

A sure sign that she doesn’t want a relationship is: She doesn’t send clear flirting signals. While the lady of her heart is totally available to you one day, the next day there is almost no sign of her life and she behaves in a contemptuous manner. If this pattern of behavior is more pronounced, it could mean that she doesn’t want to commit because she doesn’t want to commit or is enjoying being single.

2. She doesn’t want to meet

If it hasn’t gone beyond texting or phone calls, and some time has passed, it could mean that your sweetheart is reluctant to face you in real life. One can talk about it. What can hardly be changed is if the woman doesn’t want to meet – because that could mean she’s just keeping you warm.

3. She responds very irregularly

You stare at your inbox for days, and chats come and go: But SHE, of all people, just doesn’t answer you. This can be a sign of stress, but it can also question whether she is serious about you. If your flirt persists in this behavior for a long time, chances are you’re only getting answers out of courtesy.

She just doesn’t want a relationship: now what?

She is not interested in you. First of all, this is a hard truth to digest that also hurts. You’ve invested time, developed feelings, and possibly envisioned a future together – and now it should all suddenly end? Don’t worry: as we all know, insight is the first step toward improvement

The woman doesn’t want a relationship, but you want to keep in touch

Recommendation 1:   If she’s just looking for a friendly relationship, you need to make it clear if that’s enough for you. If you get jealous thinking about other men, you should break off the friendship. Or you can keep the relationship open and remain non-binding.

Recommendation 2: Of course, there is nothing to stop you from keeping in touch. However, the two also need to want to! If you want to continue communicating on a relaxed platonic level, this is absolutely legit. But here too honesty wins, talk about your feelings and don’t fall into false hopes.

But remember,   if she feels pressured by you, she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. There’s always the possibility that she doesn’t feel ready for a long-term relationship right now – but that doesn’t say anything about the future. So don’t put her under pressure, otherwise, you’ll only get the opposite and she’ll break contact.

That’s how you draw a line if she ain’t looking for anything to connect

Recommendation 1:   She doesn’t want a relationship and that’s why you decide to break off contact. This is a brave decision and a self-protection one, but you should definitely remain fair. The sudden loss of contact does not meet the demands of respectful interaction. So be honest and talk to her about your motivations.

Recommendation 2:   Stay open to new ideas. Even if it didn’t work out with the woman of your dreams, that doesn’t mean you’ll be single forever! Keep looking for a partner instead of burying your head in the sand.

Bottom line:  you don’t have to give up hope if you don’t want something solid

With the following six signs, you can assume your loved one doesn’t want a partnership:

  • She shows no interest in you as a person.
  • She doesn’t see a future together.
  • She shows ambivalent behavior.
  • She doesn’t want to meet you in person.
  • She just responds erratically.

When the waves calm down and you manifest, it doesn’t mean the end of your quest immediately. At the moment, you have to accept that nothing will come of your desire for a relationship now. As long as you are fair to each other and behave like adults, you can always trust one thing: what should be, will happen. 

If the loved one also likes you and just needs time, something can still develop from the initial flirtation. If she doesn’t want a relationship in an emergency, you need to stay active to look for a suitable partner.