Assessing your first date: 7 good signs

You’ve just finished your first date with this woman. Although the meeting actually went well, on the way home you’re not sure what happened.

To be clear, you now want to rate your first date.

Then you begin to meticulously reflect like a young Albert Einstein.

You mentally go over every moment of the encounter and try to remember the positive and negative signs of them.

Because of this uncertainty, you don’t know how to behave after the first date.

The great uncertainty after the encounter…

But your biggest fear now in the later stage when you want to evaluate your first date:

That she’ll bump you into your next WhatsApp message as soon as you ask her about a second date.

But just as harrowing is the uncertainty for us men in dating when the woman won’t let anyone hear from her…

… and with each passing minute, the furnace is more likely to be turned off between you.

Good signs on the first date – 7 tips

Although the situation is difficult, I would like to say to you: Please don’t freak out now, but take a deep breath first!

You can also interrupt your carousel of thoughts.

Because I’m going to give you the surest signs by which you can tell that it was a good date and that she’s probably still interested in you:

The signs during your date

If the woman felt good about your date, her memories of her time with you will also be positive.

If so, chances are good that she will want to see you again during your courtship.

But how do you know if she had fun, found you attractive, and enjoyed being intimate?

Here are the most important signs that your first date was a success:

1. Long duration and change of location

Duration is a pretty safe guess when men are weighing up a first date.

It is clear:

If she’d found her date totally irritating, she’d have quickly fled under a cheap pretense.

Every man knows those movie scenes where she suddenly looks at her cell phone and explains that her best friend has had an accident or that she has to take medicine for her sick dog…

But the good signs regarding love are:

  • Their date was relatively long, i.e. 1.5 hours or so.
  • Through their lively conversation, you didn’t even notice how quickly time passed (until you were the last guest and the waiter “threw you out” when the shop closed).
  • You “chattered” in various places, for example, a visit to a cafe, a walk, etc.

It means that the woman is not bored in your presence, but feels comfortable and enjoys being with you…

… and that apparently you already had enough to tell each other.

This brings us to the next point:

2. Fluent and interesting conversations

I hate it when only superficial things are talked about when we first meet…

This “awkward silence” is even worse when everyone is nervously nibbling on their slice of pizza or reaching for a cup of coffee in embarrassment.

However, a lively conversation with the female counterpart is a good sign for the first date for us men.

But what exactly does that mean in terms of communication when you want to evaluate a date?

Think about whether there were these positive signs in the conversation:

  • As they got to know each other better, she opened up and talked a lot about herself.
  • She asked him many personal questions (hobbies, goals in life, partnership, etc.).
  • There were few pauses in the conversation.
  • And if you were silent with each other, then you were not embarrassed by the silence.
  • You had a common sense of humor, so you could laugh together.
  • She praised you.
  • You discovered many common interests, which meant that you could always happily “spin” the thread of conversation.
  • There was also a lot in common in another way so a feeling of “trust” arose.
  • Your conversation went in depth.
  • The parts of the conversation were evenly matched, no one “messaged” the other.
  • There were NO unpleasant conversations, not even major disagreements, and arguments.
  • Plans have already been made for a forthcoming meeting (or she has hinted to that effect.

All of this goes to show that you two bullies are on the same wavelength as Bonny and Clyde. A relationship will be more likely!

3. Positive body language

It has long been known in psychology that most human emotions are expressed on a non-verbal level (posture, gestures, and facial expressions).

That’s why a woman’s body language reveals a lot about her interest.

If you remember these body language signs in your counterpart, the chances of love are now good:

  • There was a warm hug to greet them.
  • The woman looked into your eyes a lot and maintained eye contact for a long time (or looked away in intimidation)
  • She smiled and laughed a lot.
  • His posture was open, relaxed, and facing you as he sat.
  • She didn’t let her gaze wander to the surroundings but listened to you carefully.
  • She narrowed the spatial distance and sought her closeness.
  • During the conversation, she touched you or allowed your touch.
  • She established physical contact in a playful way (eg, laughing, punching you in the shoulder when you teased her).
  • There was a kiss on the first date.

Here in this article, you will find other flirting signs that can tell you if it was a good date.

Your farewell on the date

Parting is usually the moment when women indicate whether they want to see the man again or not.

If you want to evaluate your first date, you have to look at this situation again carefully.

4. Interested in parting phrases after the date

Careful communication is advised here:

Phrases like “  Go home safely! “Or”  Let’s call each other! “These are purely polite phrases for us men to make the awkward parting moment on the date a little more bearable.

These phrases say little or nothing when it comes to the subject of “love”.

In dating, however, it is a positive sign if the woman’s parting phrases show a clear interest in seeing you again:

  • “I hope we can keep in touch!” (With intensive eye contact)
  • “I thought it was really good, I would be happy if you called again tomorrow night.”
  • “So let’s agree again when we go to that show we were talking about next week!”

These sentences do not contain empty phrases.

Rather, they are a more or less CONCRETE request, please keep in touch in order to arrange a second meeting.

That means she’s already looking at her phone and can’t wait for you to get in touch with her.

5. Intensive body contact when saying goodbye

During your date, you should have gotten physically closer if possible.

In the psychology of flirting, this logically means:

The farewell should also be a step up from the greeting in terms of body language.

We don’t need to talk about the fact that a goodbye kiss is a good sign on a first date for us guys.

But also in another way the physical contact should have intensified and in the end, he should have been cordial when saying goodbye.

Two examples:

  • If you just shake hands in greeting, there should be a hug to say goodbye.
  • If you hugged only briefly in greeting, the goodbye hug should be long and deep.

On the other hand, it is, of course, a negative sign if the women’s parting is short and distant (for example, with a fleeting hug at the end, as if you have a contagious disease).

Positive signs after the first date

In order to be able to evaluate your first date, the later time is also important. Ask yourself: How is your contact AFTER the meeting?

And how do you feel about your date after sleeping on his lap maybe a night or two? Can you imagine that love will develop from that?

6. She writes to you on WhatsApp

An interested (or already in love) woman will contact you very easily, WITHOUT having to answer something for you.

WhatsApp contact, therefore, gives us men the clearest signs of how the queen of hearts thinks about a reunion.

These signs indicate your interest in writing:

  • She contacts you immediately after the first date (for example, letting you know that she got home safely).
  • She wrote that she enjoyed her date.
  • If you write to her, she will usually respond quickly.
  • Sometimes it writes on its own without you having to “re-punch”.
  • Long messages come from her, also with intelligence and humor.
  • You write to each other regularly without the thread of conversation being interrupted in chat.
  • She suggests another date (or at least hints in that direction)
  • If you suggest a second date, she doesn’t run away but offers a specific date.

Do you discover these signs in your text communication? So don’t hesitate, to put your next date into the plan.

7. You have a good feeling

Would you like to rate your first date? So, you should not only focus on the woman’s signals but also listen to your own feelings.

Just take a short test by answering the following questions yourself:

  • Did you manage to enjoy the meeting despite the initial nervousness?
  • Do you really like her personality and looks?
  • Do you think you have enough common hobbies and interests?
  • Do you feel like you can trust her – even when it comes to your personal secrets?
  • Do you feel a certain anticipation of seeing her again (maybe) soon?
  • Could you imagine being with her, as a couple in a relationship?
  • Are you a little in love after the first date?

If your answer is yes to most questions, it’s a good sign on a first date. Then the chemistry is right on your part.

Propose a second date!

Can you better evaluate your first date with my tips? Do you feel “smarter” than before reading this article?


But what’s the next step?

Basically, the dating rule applies to us men: as long as YOU have a positive feeling, you should always try to arrange a reunion.

In this article, I’ll explain the most important rules for asking women out on a second date.

Because regardless of whether you saw enough good signs on the first date or not:

You’ll only find out with absolute certainty if she’s still really interested if you suggest another date – and then watch her reaction!

No matter what her response is, you can definitely rate your first date now.

If you want to know exactly, you can also ask WHAT she (didn’t like) on your date.

Female feedback helps you behave even better on the next date to win her or the other lady!