How can I make women laugh?

When was the last time you laughed your heart out? Everyone knows that laughter is fun and very good for us. Women also love men who have a good dose of humor. Anyone who can make women laugh while flirting has the edge on their side. Therefore, we’d like to show you how you can really make her dream woman’s laughing muscles win her heart.

Humor – well-being for the soul

Funny men are clearly ahead when it comes to flirting. After all, what could be worse than a guy who, on the first date, is very serious about global politics or his company’s quarterly numbers? But if you can make the woman laugh with your jokes, she will remember the date fondly. The reasons for the success of humorous men are obvious: when we humans laugh, we feel good. 

Surely you know this from your own experience: even the difficult situations and crises we have to go through can become light as a feather, with a dash of humor. Of course, problems do not disappear with laughter, but they are much easier to bear. A great medicine that Mother Nature gave us from the cradle!

The beneficial effect of humor can be used not only in your everyday life but also during flirting. If you can make women laugh, you take them out of their gray everyday life and open up a colorful world for them. Show your beloved this world! 

If the lady likes your jokes and reacts positively to them, she will feel good and enjoy her time with you. Since laughter is such a precious commodity for us humans, she will want to see you again – because you are the funny man she can feel comfortable with and make her happy! In addition, humor is also a sign of intelligence and strength of character, qualities that the tender gender appreciates in men.

How to make women laugh – 5 tips

If “Boring” is your middle name, you should change something about it ASAP. But how can you become the man who plays with women’s hearts and makes himself irresistible through his humor? We’ve put together 5 tips that will make you a true mood cannon.

Think positive!

What is your basic attitude towards life? Anyone who puts on rose-colored glasses instead of seeing things in black automatically becomes a more positive and good-natured person. Then jokes come by themselves, with which you can make women laugh.

Collect good jokes and sayings!

What if you can’t think of anything funny on a date? Don’t despair, ask the jokebook! Make a collection of good jokes and sayings. So you have a fund that you can fall back on at any time during your flirting. One plus: if you don’t know what to say, you can fill in the gap with a joke instead of creating an awkward silence. Also, how about entertaining the lady with a joke the first time you meet her? There are tons of funny flirting quotes that sound so silly that you might just laugh them off together again.

Watch fun movies and shows!

Many people share jokes they have seen or heard in movies and series. In fact, television is an inexhaustible source of good and bad moods. Remember there is an entire industry that spends millions of dollars just to keep consumers happy with jokes. If you want to make women laugh, you should watch select comedy shows on TV or in the movies from time to time to get inspiration for jokes.

Learn from the models!

Funny people can inspire women with their funny ways. They have that famous “sure thing” that no one can understand. Or is it? If you want to make women laugh, you learn best from role models. So, look closely at humorous people with funny charisma the next time you see them. 

It may be people from your environment, but comedians and television performers are also a valuable help. Pay attention not just to what these people say, but how they say it. The gestures and facial expressions of funny people can also say a lot about their mood. Integrate what you see into your personality – of course, without having to fake it. Because if you want to make women laugh, you have to stay authentic at the same time.

Test which mood goes well with you!

It’s best to save some pretty gross junk for the poker game with your friends. Or does the woman like dirty jokes? Find out what kind of humor she likes and add appropriate puns to your conversation to make the woman laugh. What if she doesn’t find any of her jokes amusing? So that’s not a problem either. Some people just aren’t on the same page when it comes to humor. 

Fortunately, there are 10 million other women you can make laugh. Think carefully if you want to continue dating a lady that neither you nor she has anything to laugh about. Because your different moods could be a sign that you’re just not right for each other.

Be funny, but don’t be a monkey!

One final note: making women laugh is a very good thing. But do not turn into a clown in front of your intended, overdoing it. If you relentlessly play the artist just to impress her, she’ll feel it – and that behavior is anything but attractive. So the motto for you has to be: be funny but not ridiculous! Humor is always a question of dosage. If you give her an overdose in a good mood, she will quickly become irritated with you and label you ridiculous. With all this banter, it never hurts to add serious phases to the conversation.