Do women really like muscular men?

Most guys are absolutely convinced: women like muscles! Why else do you see attractive guys with well-defined abs in calendars for the female target group? And why else do men’s magazines tell us every week how we should train our bodies? The question of what is attractive in a man seems clear…

But is it really true that women like muscle – and if so, why? Or is it better to convince the opposite gender with character than appearance? In this blog post, I’ll tell you what girls find visually attractive and how you can become the dream man girls turn into.

Why do women like muscles in men? a logical reason

Even though I don’t have a study or research, the fact is that most women like muscles. It’s a female instinct. Just as we men find a beautiful figure with long legs, firm buttocks, and well-shaped breasts attractive. We can’t defend against these sharp curves – and it’s the opposite for girls!

But why do women get weak in the knees when they see a body with six packs, biceps, and other muscles? First of all: it has nothing to do with superficiality! To understand the real reasons, we need to travel back in time to the Stone Age. Will you hop in the time machine with me for a little “study”? Great! We’ll see you in the year 1 million BC… or something like that…

Muscles as a sign of strength and protective instinct

Even in the distant past, women were physically inferior to men. This was a big problem for women because back then things were less civilized than they are today. Tyrannosaurus Rex was long gone, but dangerous animals lurked everywhere. Furthermore, there were no police to prevent an angry rival from crushing his skull with a fat rock.

So what did primitive women do to survive this inhospitable and difficult era? Very simple: they were looking for a strong man who could protect them with his body from all unpleasant dangers. And, in the care of a strong, muscular guy, he had the best chance of surviving.

“Survival of the fittest”, as Darwin said. Sounds logical, right?

In the present: spiritual strength is also needed!

Let’s travel back to the here and now…

Of course, at the bottom of all women (and men) today is the Neanderthal. Even today, women still need to look for a strong man who offers them physical protection.

I’ll never forget that night at the disco: a beautiful blonde girl left all the guys on the dance floor and flirted wildly with the muscular, broad-shouldered bouncer who looked like a closet in the corner. Today I know why: this man made her feel safe. He could have saved her in an emergency if she had been hit or grabbed by one of the many drunk guys.

I think it’s one of the reasons why Heidi Klum fell in love with her bodyguard back then – who she split from again.

Become a protector today through your inner values!

Now comes the big BUT: You don’t necessarily have to be a Hercules and go out of your way during training to satisfy the female desire for a protector and look attractive.

These days, there are no more physical dangers lurking behind the bushes, like saber-toothed tigers or wild warriors. Even if physical violence still plays a role: existence is more likely to be threatened by other things, for example, unemployment, money problems, loneliness, social exclusion, verbal disputes, etc.

Instead of a muscular body, social relationships and a certain amount of financial security as a man are needed (which does not mean that women only like money). But it is even more important to give the woman the psychological feeling that she is safe and protected by her side at all times. You achieve this with inner strength  – that is, typically masculine character traits!

For your attractiveness: true masculinity is a matter of the head!

From my experience, I can tell you: you cannot avoid developing a strong masculinity beyond your looks. How much muscle you have is not the only thing that matters. Instead, women like guys with masculine traits like:

  • Courage/thirst for adventure
  • assertiveness
  • Determination
  • firmness
  • Humor
  • A mission in life
  • honesty
  • Leadership
  • social competence

That’s why it’s essential that you ditch the dumbbells and fitness advice and deal with your soul as well as your body. This is the only way to develop a strong and authentic personality as a man. I have already written some articles on the subject of masculinity, you can find them here on my blog.

Should I still go to the gym and build muscle?

Of course, you can go to the gym and train your body a little to look more attractive. What must speak against it? But there is one thing you shouldn’t do during training: consider building muscle, so you don’t have to dress up your inner values!

After all, what good is a muscle-bound Hulk or Popeye if there’s an insecure, aimless, or just plain nasty man inside?


But I would like you to observe some rules of the game when “pumping”: never run out and, of course, do not use harmful substances! It is better to practice fitness and bodybuilding under the guidance of an experienced trainer and create a training plan with him.

Everything must also be accompanied by a healthy diet.

In addition to fitness and strength, going to the gym also has the pleasant side effect of meeting people. And of course, you can also approach women at the gym, flirt with them and even arrange a date.

What muscles/bodies do women like?

The best thing to do here is to ask the girls themselves…but what I’ve learned in conversations with women: a firm bottom is never wrong, and good abs – the classic – with a well-defined chest above allow the ladies to melt. There are also ladies who from time to time comment positively on the tight calves of soccer players and Tour de France cyclists.

But whether arms, abs, broad shoulders or anything else…. What women find visually attractive in a man is ultimately a matter of taste. Be less about the appearance you think will go down well with the opposite gender. It’s important that YOU accept your body and be satisfied with it. Then girls will love you for who you are!

How much muscle do women really like?

Another reason why you shouldn’t overdo it when training: some muscles, subtly defined, look attractive and visually atractive. But a body like that of a classic bodybuilder is clearly too good a thing! Extreme muscle building can lead to podium finishes in relevant competitions in the bodybuilding scene, but “normal” women find it quite repulsive.

On the other hand, a beer belly is less attractive than a washboard belly… sure. So stick to a literally healthy daily diet! That means Neither excessive bodybuilding nor complete renunciation of physical preparation and healthy eating.

By the way: if you are very overweight and want to lose weight, NOW is exactly the right time to play sports and start a diet for weight loss.

What else do women like about appearance?

While we’re talking about looks today, what else do women find physically attractive in men? Of course, women don’t just like muscles, but also other external features. In another article, I explained why you’re not ugly, but rather some things you can do to improve your appearance and make a well-groomed impression when flirting and dating.

  • This includes the right hairstyles, but of course also attractive clothes.
  • If you want to look more manly, you can also grow a beard.
  • Taking good care of your skin is also important, so make sure you eat well.
  • Even a slim body cannot hurt – so start losing weight.

Overall though, women are much less fixated on appearance than us men. While we guys are very turned on by visual cues when flirting, girls tend to get in the mood with flirty words and a strong masculine personality on a date.

Do women like tall or skinny men?

Also, I have experienced that many women like tall men and that very skinny boy also have worse cards (another reason to train your muscles!). The reason is the same as I mentioned above: body size also conveys the feeling of protection and security, as tall people are generally considered superior to smaller ones and seem more formidable.