You Should Be Careful With These 5 Guys

Macho or understanding partner? If women could prepare their ideal partner, according to our survey, most (55 percent) would prefer to take a dash of both types of men to their dream. The perfect blend should cover all facets from difficult to delicate. A dream is hard to find in reality. Even so, to find the right man, you have to pay attention to flirting and dating – especially if you find yourself meeting one of the following five guys.

Note in advance:   it is clear that there are more than five personality types in men. But often you can already see in the dating or acquaintance phase where the trend is going. And some types of men, who, based on the first impression, may correspond to the desired ideal, can also have a negative side. Use these categories to find out what kind of man he is and why you’re better off staying away.

1. The understanding

This type of man corresponds – even if only halfway – to the man of many women’s dreams. No wonder the man who understands women is known for engaging empathetically and charmingly with women’s needs. He proves to be a good listener, is extremely sensitive and warm, and is complimentary and courteous. A true gentleman who always surprises even with romantic ideas and who does wonderfully with women.

But be careful:  this type of man is not always ideal. Women who understand women can sometimes become quite sensitive when they always act in harmony and cannot represent an opposing position. Too much fabric softener can be exhausting in the long run. A little friction and a nervous counterpart are needed for a man of stature. The woman who understands women rarely takes the initiative or dares to make the first move. And some words must be followed by actions. For the latter, however, the following character is known.

2. The alpha male

He knows what he wants and he knows where to go. As an alpha male, this type of man is used to taking the lead. A thermometer that clearly represents its own position and does not speak to others through their mouths. He sets impulses and lends a hand. He is less a man of words and more a man of action. This stereotype immediately presents himself with all his masculine strength to give him the feeling that he can feel protected, safe, and cared for in his strong, muscular arms.

Caution:  alpha animals have the macho gene and are characterized by a strong ego. A narcissist in love with himself sometimes hides behind it. In this case, taking the lead also means that he is dominant without meeting your needs. This type of man is used to controlling and exerting power over others, especially when you have low self-esteem. In this, you are in no way inferior to men of the next type of character.

3. The playful kind

As per its name, this guy doesn’t open up right away. He can have a playful nature, beckon with his need for closeness, and at times seems confusingly similar to the woman who understands women. In contrast to the macho man, this type of man has nothing dominant about him. On the contrary: your wish is your command. Well, it puts your needs aside, puts you on a pedestal of glorification, and gives you a sense of being strong and independent.

Caution:  The whole thing has a considerable downside. Because the playful nature can quickly become childish. This type of man is more submissive. And, in short, he is quite dependent and urgently needs a strong hand in his life.  You can assume that, in some ways, she won’t be the only woman in charge of your life.

4. The freedom-loving male type

He comes across as the untamed rebel, the lone cowboy, the unreachable, unapproachable hero with a penchant for the daredevils. A strategy that delights women at first sight. Because what is difficult to obtain inevitably increases its value in our eyes. He doesn’t force you into vices, he doesn’t make demands, and he doesn’t exert any power or pressure. The mantle of freedom floats around his aura. This often arouses women wanting more.

Warning:  Not only does this guy need freedom, he also needs a lot of space. You must not take it from him, otherwise, he will have ridden off into the sunset faster than you would like. Non-binding is the order of the day for him. Signs from him are clear: he doesn’t want a relationship, because you feel very comfortable alone. His thirst for freedom sometimes forces him to be unable to maintain a relationship. That’s why these types of reluctant men are single for a long time. They often seem indecisive, don’t know what they want, can’t confess something clearly, and need flexibility in life. You can assume that this character has some parallel contacts close to you. You can have an exciting fling with this type of man, but you will find it difficult to form a solid bond.

5. The Chameleon

How does he do it? This type of man manages to combine all facets of positive qualities like a chameleon. He’s attentive, and charming, and has done everything to perfection to sprinkle compliments into the conversation in a targeted and measured way. At the same time, he manages to adapt to each situation and ensures that you are quickly on the same wavelength. He seems to be showing serious interest, unlike the previous guy, he seems binding and determined, he ensnares and attracts you with a budding imagination and perhaps even forges future plans for the two of you.

Caution: this type of man could only have one thing in mind: he wants to play. He may be an eloquent speaker and a rapidly changing artist, but his only goal is to get advantage of you. If he was successful, he suddenly finds excuses to explain why a meeting no longer works. He suddenly becomes insecure. Before you know it, this type of man has ended up stealing your heart. So pay attention to feeling these intentions.

Conclusion: No more dating the wrong kind of men!

“When is a man a man?” – This question clearly shows what paradoxes the world of man always have to struggle with in order to fulfill an ideal image of the perfect man. The light and dark sides of individual characters make it, therefore, women not always easy,  to recognize men as wrong. The stereotypes mentioned above can help give you a little more insight into the dating jungle. If you look closely at these types of men, it might take away your feeling that you always end up with the wrong people.

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