Does she loves Me ? How to find out quickly

The butterflies are mad at you. You’re on cloud nine, you’re doing great with your new partner! But one feeling lingers- and it’s dark. It conveys uncertainty: “Does she really love me?” It’s not easy with women. Often, they simply cannot say what they are thinking or even feeling. Do you have doubts if your new crush or partner has serious feelings for you?

Of course, you could pick a daisy and practice the old “She loves me, doesn’t she?” game. Better: you observe the object of your desire and check for clues that clearly speak for strong feelings.

Five Signs at First Sight

You won’t hear a woman say “I love you” on the first date. In a relationship, too, the “L-word” is used much less often than some lovers dream. So when you ask “Does she love me?”, you must read the person you love, like a book. With a lot of letters, yes, but with more information between the lines.

Anyone looking for contact is in love!

She no longer responds simply “to say hello”, but continuously (by phone, chat, or on social media). A good sign when thinking “does she love me?” – both in the getting-to-know phase and in a relationship. Because who maintains contact on their own initiative if they don’t really feel something for each other? An encouraging post just before you head to that work meeting? This woman is attentive and at least well-behaved. Probably, however, in love.

Giving is just as important as receiving!

Love is give and take. Especially in the dating phase, we want to learn as much as possible from the other person to get to know them better. Is your chosen one interested in your hobbies, your work, and the party you went to yesterday with your friends? She is interested in you and asked a lot of questions to get you to know each other. Only those who care about you do that. The question “Does she love me?” It can be answered unambiguously if, on the contrary, it reveals a lot of information or even secrets (“Do not betray me, but …”) about yourself.

This is how it signals: I trust you! If the lady on the seventh date only talks about the weather or the “single”, the man no longer has to wonder “does she love me or not”.

Extra tip for gifts in material form: If your (future) partner is happy with your little gift and flattered, that’s a good sign! Also in the relationship, small surprises are an indication every now and then.

Does she love me just because she’s punctual?

Love is trust, respect, and reliability. This also includes punctuality! Of course, a date can break up, but a woman in love will make a new date as soon as possible – and keep it. Of course, you can be late, but not always! An even clearer sign that she loves you: Your partner might even cancel their own activity events for two.

Good to know:   warning signs, on the other hand, should always be excuses for the same scam – there can’t be so many “sudden commitments that can’t be postponed”. At least not for a woman who loves you.

She likes to show off and talks a lot about you

Have you been seeing each other regularly for a long time, but have you never been friends? Something is not right! It’s different if your partner enjoys being with you in your environment. “Would you like to come to our office Christmas party?” or “Are you going to our clique’s bowling night?” These are questions that should make your heart beat faster when it comes to “Does she love me or not”. On the nights you are together, do you notice that they like to express themselves to others (even if you are not right next to them) and, above all, in a positive way about you? Top! It shows that I am proud of my partner.

She plans something with you!

No, she won’t say “Marry me” after a few dates (and if she is, that could also be a sign of panic or fear of loss). But with questions like “Do we want to go to the show next week?” Or “Do you have anything planned for Easter? Egypt is cheap now…” she shows that she plans to spend more time with you. Future plans that include you should dispel your doubts as you ask yourself, “Does she love me?”

She Loves Me – Take the Quiz!

Check out the ten scenarios and statements below. Even if not every situation directly applies to you, you’ll still have good tips on how you can reflect on your time together – and an outcome that brings you closer to answering the question “Do you love me?”

  1. My partner contacts me regularly – also “off duty” and not just when I contact her.
  2. When we talk, she looks at me closely and smiles often.
  3. Last week she went to the football stadium for my favorite club’s home game.
  4. She gave me a new novel as a present. I am an absolute fan of the genre!
  5. I had a bicycle accident and had to be examined at the clinic. It was nothing serious. But when I came out of the X-ray room, she was there!
  6. When we talk, she always plays with her fingers in her hair.
  7. I had to go on a business trip. When I arrived at the hotel in the evening after the meeting, a message came from her: “I look forward to seeing you again!”
  8. Last week we were in a new movie. She invited me – and paid too!
  9. When we are together, we usually go hand in hand.

conclusion:  after this “she loves me” test, you became more aware of your own dating or relationship phase. Now it’s a matter of counting: the more statements you can answer with “yes”, the clearer the signs that she really loves you.

Doubt when thinking “does she love me?”

If “No” predominates in the test’s exemplary scenarios, you shouldn’t throw the gun in the grain! All the moments described reflecting situations that speak in favor of the question “Does she love me?”. Analyze where the biggest deficits lie between these “ideal situations” and your reality. Use the tips and work with your partner to make sure these moments happen for both of you, too.

Conclusion: Recognize signals and interpret them correctly

Sincerity and trust are the most important components for us to know each other and be together! If you know the signs and find your partner in the test example “Does she love me?”, Then it probably should be Congratulations on your love luck!

In short: the main signs that she loves you

  1. She seeks contact on her own initiative – regularly
  2. She wants to know everything about you – and reveals a lot about herself
  3. She keeps deals and takes time
  4. She is proud of you and likes to show off with you.
  5. She makes plans for the future