Why am I single?

“Why am I single?” Is it just bad luck? Is there not a suitable partner for you? It’s up to you, are you doing something wrong? You want a relationship, you also find yourself regularly on dates. But you failed in the last and important step. Your friends say, “Don’t be so picky!”

You are not. Others can do it too. And they all found a partner. Only you look like “surplus”, although you do a lot for your body, be interesting, and make honest efforts.

Why am I single? These reasons could be behind it

“Why am I single” – the answer is probably not in external circumstances but in you. There are some gender-specific differences. Be honest with yourself and take the why am I single here quiz and find an answer to that pressing question.

Why am I single as a woman?

1. You seem desperate

You don’t want others to think you’re just the only single woman. The more present the question “Why am I single?”, The more actively you try to neutralize it. You want to conquer the man by all means and pretend – just to please your counterpart. Do you become intrusive, bombard him with messages, and possibly even stand in front of his door unannounced for a “surprise visit”? Be honest: this behavior would be a turn-off for you — and especially for men.

Hint:  don’t pretend. Just be yourself, only then will your counterpart get a chance to know and love the “real” person.

2. You lack confidence

If you keep asking questions like “Why am I single” or “Why can’t I find a man? “If you reflect, your self-confidence sinks deeper and deeper into the basement. Stop blaming yourself for thinking you’re too ugly, too unsportsmanlike, or too attractive. If you don’t love yourself, you radiate – and appear unattractive to others.

Tip:  Make a list of your positive qualities. There should be at least ten points on it, most likely it will not stop. Read and add to this list regularly.

3. You are very ambitious!

On the other hand, there are women who seem to have it all – a great job, a great education, great looks, and an exciting life. Indeed, men should be at their feet. Are you probably too ambitious? They always want the best of everything, they always get what they want, and they determine where to go. Take the why am I single quiz and see exactly what applies to you. Because an energetic and dominant attitude can also have a deterrent effect on men. So don’t be so impetuous!

Tip:  Give him space for activity: Ask about a first date, but let him suggest a place or activity do for two.   So you don’t have to give up the reins – but give your potential partner a chance to decide how things go.

Why am I single as a man?

1. You seem cocky with women

You know what you can do and it shows through your self-assured attitude and charisma. Your failure to get in touch with women is mainly due to your selfish aura. You have no problem approaching women, but you don’t realize that you completely dominate the conversation and win it for yourself. You like to talk about your happy life and the success you’ve achieved so far. This can bore women and turn them off at the same time, as you come across as arrogant to them.

Tip:   Be honest and self-critical about your next flirtation and try to take it back. Give the woman attention and ask questions.

2. Is shyness the reason I’m still single?

Do you see a woman you find interesting but freeze in a pillar of salt as soon as she walks past you? If you don’t dare talk to a woman, it is obvious that you are still single. Of course, shy men find it particularly difficult to approach women. But if you wait for the woman of your dreams to just “tow” and you don’t have to do anything, you’ll probably stay single forever.

Hint:  jump over your shadow! Even self-confident men collect baskets. And who knows, maybe you’ll get a positive surprise if you take the first step to make contact. So the question “why am I single?” It’s superfluous.

3. You give up too quickly

After the first date, you usually take stock: Yes, he/she was nice and funny. But it didn’t work out, so it’s not worth finding him a second time. If you always throw in the towel too quickly, it’s clear why you’re still single.

Tip:  Give your feelings a chance to surface. Not every relationship starts with love at first sight. Rather, affection grows with sympathy over time – and, ultimately, with love, with affection.

Why I’m Single – The Test

So why you’re single is all about attitude. Imagine the following two situations:

Your friends spontaneously cancel their planned weekend trip. How do you react?

  1. Do you use your free time to suddenly make other plans as a single man?
  2. Or are you frustrated and bored all weekend?

You have a date and the person you’re talking to may seem nice and funny, but they don’t meet your expectations. how do you react

  1. Will there be a second date?
  2. Or do you cancel all future appointments and wait for the next acquaintance?

The second alternative answer in each case shows both a negative attitude, which is reflected externally and an unrealistic picture of relationships.

Bottom Line: This Is How You Say Goodbye to the “Why Am I Single” Question

Try to work on yourself. Learn to take care of yourself first to love yourself again. If you’ve rebuilt your self-confidence and you approach your situation and your life in a positive way, then you won’t have to ask yourself the question “Why am I single” anymore – because then the relationship will resolve itself very quickly.