5 Signs I’m Being Cheated on

What are the main signs I’m being betrayed, and how to identify them?

This question is more common than you might think, so below we are going to mention the main signs of betrayal in a relationship

Identifying the signs that I am being cheated on

Signs of betrayal can vary from man to man, there are those who manage to hide it well and those who give everything away right away.

But how to discover a betrayal?

We separate the main signs of betrayal that practically all men end up showing when they are having an affair with another woman.

1- Could loss or decrease of intimacy be one of the signs that I’m being betrayed?

When the relationship begins to cool down, it is common for the partners to lose intimacy.

It is also common that, at some stages of the couple’s life, this decrease in intimacy occurs.

But you should pay attention if your partner just doesn’t want to be intimate anymore and starts making excuses practically every time.

2- Spending too much time on his cell phone or hiding his cell phone can be signs of betrayal

Nowadays, it is common for us to carry our cell phones up and down.

It became a habit of taking cell phones everywhere.

What you should be aware of is who your partner is talking to on their cell phone.

Another thing is if your partner takes his cell phone to the bathroom, even when he is going to take a shower, for example, and it is locked there for several minutes.

Ask yourself the following questions: Did he ever take his cell phone to the bathroom when he went to take a shower or not?

He used to put his phone down at meals, but now he won’t put it down at all.

You should watch out for some strange behavior on his part.

If, overnight, you start to notice some strange changes on his part, try to get real proof.

Don’t accuse him of anything, simply observe for a while to come to the conclusion of a possible betrayal or not.

If it is unfortunately true and you discover that you are being cheated on, you will be able to make a decision about your relationship more clearly.

3- He no longer talks to you or answers you with a word

It’s always important to make it clear that the fact that he doesn’t want to talk may not necessarily mean that there is infidelity on his part.

Problems happen and many men just can’t open up for fear of judgment.

Another question you should ask yourself is whether you really know how to talk to him, as men have a different way of processing conversations than women.

The right thing is to use shorter sentences with him and speak in the right tone of voice.

If you feel that your relationship is hanging by a thread and you find it difficult to talk to your man, you are not reading this article by chance.

4- He is spending a lot of money

The signs can be quite subtle.

Realize his credit card spending and where all his paycheck is going.

Can you tell what he’s been spending money on lately?

Try to find out which establishments he has passed the card to.

Try to find out if the expenses were made by shopping online or in a physical location.

If it’s at a physical establishment, try to find out the address and what that place sells.

Overspending on clothes and restaurants could be one of the signs.

5- Fights for no reason can be signs that you are being cheated on

When the man is tired of the relationship, he starts to fight for small reasons.

This is one of the worst mistakes of women who are being cheated on.

It’s important to know where you’re stepping so you don’t make the mistake of suffering for those who no longer appreciate you.

But what if even with these signs I can’t find out if he has a relationship with someone else?

If even with these signs, you were not able to identify if your man is cheating or not, we suggest you sit down with him and ask him why he changed out of the blue. Maybe, the reason why he’s being different doesn’t involve another woman 😉