Too good to be true, run away!

Many people have come to me with the same problem; “Everything seems so perfect with this new person I’ve met that I can’t find anything wrong, so I better walk away before I get hurt.”

It’s very common not to be able to figure out what this weird thing is that is preventing you from having that deep connection.

“It’s too good to be true.”

This feeling triggers subconscious fears of getting hurt and prevents you from making that deep emotional connection. You then accept that there is a problem you cannot see and run away.

But the only problem is, you can’t believe you’ve found someone so perfectly aligned with your desires.

The qualities you look for in a partner are usually set with a very high standard. When you meet someone with these qualities, you tend to close your heart or run away because you can’t believe it’s true.

“How could I find someone with all the qualities I’m looking for?” “I must be forgetting something.”

Fear kicks in: if you find that special someone you will be so deeply in love if they leave you will be utterly devastated.

So your subconscious fears tell you that it’s best to choose someone with flaws that you can see, so you never let your heart become fully invested in the relationship.

But, of course, this leads to repeat relationships that end in failure, obviously, since you choose someone you really don’t fit in with.

We have to learn to trust more and take risks with a strong heart that is willing to risk being let down.

Our courses and blog articles let you deal with disappointments and rejections and leave you so confident you don’t mind taking that risk.

It’s only at risk that you have a chance of success because the perfect partner won’t know where you live and is knocking on your door.

Be willing to try to find out if they really are too good to be true.

Otherwise, your relationships will be perpetually disappointing because you will only accept and enter into a relationship with someone who has significant flaws or is not what you are looking for.

If you’re lucky enough to find a true gem of a partner, don’t reject the special when you think they’re too good to be true.

If you feel that something is wrong and you can’t figure out what, consider that what is wrong is your own fear.

Your fear is what keeps you in the endless cycle of choosing the wrong partner, and losing the right partner.

To not to be afraid of getting hurt, follow these three simple steps;

  1. Think how many times you’ve been hurt and if you’re still here, you’ll always recover.
  2. Look forward, not back. Difficulties are what make us strong, and the past was just preparing you for the future; so don’t let that imprison you.
  3. There is only one thing that makes life perfect, and that is a loving relationship. If you don’t take chances, you’re guaranteed a lonely life. So give it a try and know that if it works, great, but if it doesn’t, you’ll bounce back and try again.

Every day is a new beginning for a new life. Forget the past and look forward to a happy future.