Overcoming the Stigma of Being Single

Do you hate being single? To have a meaningful and rewarding relationship, we must first realize that we are one-half of the new relationship.

If the focus is on getting someone to complete us, we’ve already lost the battle.

The secret is to be complete and happy in ourselves before jumping into something new.

Coming in too soon leaves only unresolved emotions and baggage that can carry over into a new relationship.

The fear of being alone is more about not wanting to delve into unresolved feelings that we have, and until we deal with it, we might just add another relationship to the “loss” category.

What can you do to overcome the stigma of being single?

1. Realize that time invested in ourselves is extremely valuable in making more accurate decisions about where to go next.

2. Notice that couples who often seem happy are also having trouble getting along. The concept of being in a relationship is very different from being active in one. Relax.

3. Realize that bringing your best self into a new situation will be valuable because it allows us the chance to create something real with someone else.

4. No matter what happens in life, including breakups, we just need to trust when the dust settles.

If we live a largely peaceful and happy life, we will have that no matter what the actions of others bring into our existence.

5. When we don’t need anyone else, everyday life seems sweeter.

And then when someone shows up, it’s a partnership and not something heavy and full of demands. Take your time and find your way.

6. Take time to assess what you really want in each area of ​​your life.

Focus on you. When you are happy, know your intention in areas of your life, and live your own truth, that’s when a person who is right for you will show up.

7. Remember, you are not sick of being single.

No matter how society makes you feel or tells you who you should be, you have time to decide for yourself. Do not hurry. Take time to find what’s right for you. Hasty decisions bring stress.

8. Start by taking small steps in activities you enjoy. People often fill their schedules with activities to simply distract themselves from not being in a relationship. Instead, a better solution is to focus on activities that bring joy and meaning.

Removing pressure from other people’s opinions can work wonders. Sitting quietly with a good book and taking the time to reflect on what’s right for you never waste time. Quiet time is an investment in the future.

The secret is to take the time to invest in yourself!

The chances of a solid future relationship with another person are much easier if we are without the other person’s NEED. The other person should be a partner, not the person we need to fill some emotional gap.