Our relationship is no longer the same!

There comes a time, after years of living together, that unfortunately the routine, that tormentor so common in long-term relationships, ends up arriving, and along with it the crisis in marriage and dating.

 It is common to have complaints mainly from women, who realize that their husband, is no longer the same. He doesn’t treat her like he used to, he doesn’t have the same care as when they were dating, or when they were getting to know each other.

The big problem in all of this is not the complaints, but the positioning and idea that many women have in the head of the guy: we got married and we’ve been together for a long time, he has to always treat me the same way.

Many find and live in that fairy tale thing, that everything should be like before, and always remain the same.

But years and months go by, and along with them, problems, crises, differences of opinion, disagreements, etc…

He goes back and forth and finds the same woman for years. When you complain about your partner, look at yourself first. How are you? What have you been doing for the relationship? What are your attitudes?

Are they still the same as you were five years ago? Realize that, and check if your behaviors remained.

It’s easy to question the other, to point the finger at the flaws of your husband. But what about you?

Women after they get married most forget that their husband has their own life, and they have theirs too. They start to charge, demand, to think they own him, just because now they have married. You can’t do anything, you can’t go out with friends, you can’t play ball, and you can’t go out without being by their side, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. 

Men hate being controlled and if a woman starts doing that, he’ll just do it the other way around just to piss you off and make you nervous.

There are some who say: my husband doesn’t treat me well, he only acts rude to me, and everything I say he responds harshly. We have no more dialogue and he doesn’t listen to me anymore.

So it’s time for you to change the kind of approach you’re taking with your partner.

If you charge, demand, or disturb, he will want distance from you. 

If when he arrives he only sees you demanding, showing the mistakes he is making, he will respond with rudeness, because he will not want to listen to the same things every day.

During all this time together, talking, yelling at this being, did it solve the thing? Has he changed his attitude? Or does everything stay the same?

It’s just a matter of punctuating and moving on to another strategy that makes this man listen to you.

Change the approach, make him look at you, and pay attention to what you say. And that’s just for you to know how to take measures different from what you’ve already been doing.

If you do this, I assure you, if he is really giving importance to the relationship and what YOU built together, he will evaluate and consider it.

But first, it’s up to you. Talk less and wait for the opportune time to speak. Be wise and the woman who knows the moments when to speak and when not.