Was he offended? Don’t fall for it!

One of the things that men love and use as a beautiful trap to make you desperate is to pretend that he was upset, offended by something you said to him… First, it’s all a lie!

When you start talking, whether to complain about something, the first thing a man does is turn off any and all sounds that come out of your mouth, after all, why is he going to listen to complaints, or give importance to them? if you are clearly demonstrating that you are available, and completely in love with him?

So he’s actually there, but he’s not listening to anything. He can take that sentence where you point the finger at him and put himself as the victim of the situation, pretending that he was upset with what you said, that you are insensitive and therefore he leaves, because he no longer wants to get hurt of hear so many horrible things come out of your mouth.

Do you know what he does? He leaves laughing because he knows he’s trapped you there, and you’ll be thinking about it for at least 3 days, that’s at best because usually, you think about it, despair thinking that he might want to break up, run after him, and it only makes the situation worse, of course, because the more he will use it against you, first to “ease” his side, second because it guarantees him a good laugh in your face, and several nights with his friends, and won’t even answer the phone, because he’s too “offended”.

Now tell me something: Are you still going to have the courage to go ask him if he was upset about something you said? Are you going to give him this chance to deceive you?

Do you want a balanced relationship at least? Throw all this sweetness in the trash… You said something, keep your word or don’t say anything, say as little as possible, and act more, the more rational you are and the less emotional, the more the guy will be able to “understand” you, and the less stress you will have to go through, that I guarantee!