When we find love, a force hits us like an energy field! However, being romantic and having fun is cute, but having a relationship that has a deep understanding will help it last. It seems like sometimes those serious talks are a little too far away, so how do you create a more intimate connection that will stand the test of time?

We have the ultimate solution in this series of 42 great questions to ask your guy. We hope they give you both something to talk about while learning a little more about him.

We all want to know what makes us special for the man of our dreams…so the next time you see his eyes sparkle for you, ask him one of these five questions and enjoy those moments as he shares his feelings with you. You cannot deny that you like to be congratulated and reassured from time to time!

1. “What do you like most about me?” »

Maybe it’s your eyes, your lips, or even your way and unique way of laughing… Go ahead and ask her what about you really makes her eyes shine.

2. “If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?” »

We’re not always perfect… Is there a trait or characteristic you could work on that annoys or offends her? We all have our good and bad points and talking about them is proven to bring you closer.

3. “What color do you think looks best on me?” »

A man who does not know how to dress a woman is a myth! Most are great fashion critics, they’ll cut right to the chase and tell you what’s right and wrong. Ask him what color he thinks suits you best and dress in that color to satisfy his opinion.

4. “How is my hair today?” »

We all have a bad hair day from time to time… I sometimes question this theory and wonder if we really don’t have an insecure day that we like to vent about our hair. If you feel like that… ask your man to reassure you, to tell you what he thinks of your hairstyle.

5. “Do you prefer me with makeup or natural?” »

An old question to which 95% of men answer that they prefer us “natural”! So leave the makeover aside for today and listen to it, you’ll feel safer knowing it’s going to love it!

Remember your first meeting:

You will never be able to forget that magical moment of your first meeting…. Try to rekindle some of those precious “first time” memories and discuss how you grew up together.

6. “Do you remember when we first met?” »

Sharing your memories of how you met will provide an interesting comparison of that special moment when you entered each other’s worlds.

7. “How did you make me fall in love with you?” »

Let him share with you those old tricks he had up his sleeve at the start of your love… which could answer some of the uncertainties surrounding those timid first dates you had together.

8. “Did you imagine then…that we would be where we are today?” »

Had he always thought of you from the start…or was this just a one-night stand? Don’t be offended if he answers with a “no” or if he hesitates, he was not crazy about you, to begin with, but he certainly fell head over heels… when he really got to know you!

9. “When did you realize I was the right person for you?” »

Get him to share that glorious moment when he first saw you in a ray of light! It’s healthy to talk about when you first fell in love, as it reassures you of the positive journey you’ve had together so far.

10. “Was it love at first sight for you?” »

When you two met… It might have been you or him who looked up first, there’s no denying there was an instant connection! Find out how he felt during that first defining moment.

And now: where are you in your relationship?

11. “What do you think makes it work between us?” »

What makes your love stand the test of time?… Ask him what he thinks sets you apart from others and share your thoughts on how beautiful your love has become.

12. “Do you think we could improve our relationship?… If so, what do you think it would be? »

You may not have anything to improve, but it’s hard to believe because nothing is ever perfect! However, you can make your relationship close to perfect, and the best way to start is to talk about it.

13. “If there was one thing you could do for me, or I could do for you, what would it be?” »

Compromise will take you both a long way! Come up with things you can do for each other and take the time and pleasure to see to each other’s needs.

14. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love me?” »

There’s no real way to measure your love for each other, but if you could rate it on a scale of 1 to 10… what would it be?

15. “What makes our love different from all others?” »

There’s something that seems to set the world on fire whenever the two of you are together…discuss what makes your love different from others. Enjoy the beauty that your love is passionate about and talk about it freely!

You know yourself well:

You spend every day together, so you might think you know each other well, but that’s not always the case! Most couples have a hard time talking about their deep feelings with their partner because they’re afraid to ask or don’t know how to, in case they say something inappropriate. If you’re not sure where to start getting intimate, start with something simple like, “What’s your favorite romantic spot?” … It can take you much further!

16. “Where is the best place for you to go on a date?” »

It’s always you who suggests where to go on a date… It’s normal, it’s natural for us to plan and find ways to re-energize our love life. Still, it’s okay if you want to suggest he decides where to go on your next date because you might be pleasantly surprised!

17. “What is your favorite romantic place?” »

Will he be aware of your favorite places that remind you of beautiful times? Make it even more special and ask him to take you there on your next outing to bring back sweet memories.

18. “If I could go anywhere… where would my destination be?” »

We all have a dream place where we would like to go! Share them with each other, then make those dreams come true, and plan to visit them together in the future. This is a great therapeutic tool to rekindle your love and talk about your deepest desires and make them real as a couple.

19. “What’s your favorite food?” »

Is there a comfort food you don’t know? Remember, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So when you discover his favorite dish, put on your oven mitts and cook him a feast.

20. “Do I like milk in my tea/coffee?” »

It’s a figure of speech because it should be easy for him to answer this question. Does he know you well? How often does he make you that delicious cup of tea or coffee… in the morning, or on the way home from work…

Let’s do something: question to ask your boyfriend

“Actions speak louder than words…” Find ways to turn your deep conversations into moments you can actively share together. It’s the only way to fully move forward and experience what it’s like to be in love with each other. First, you talk, then you act and you create memories together. Here are some ideas of things you can ask your guy and suggest he do together:

21. “Where do you want to take me to dinner this weekend?” »

It’s been a long week of routine and you’re too tired, well why not suggest going out to eat on the weekends? You don’t have to splurge…choose a local restaurant that’s inexpensive and will allow you to make conversation while allowing you to relax away from home.

22. “Are we trying to do something new?” »

It’s a pretty open-ended question, which is sometimes cool because you can let others interpret it however they want. The main goal is for you to inspire him to try something new, which is great therapy for rekindling the passion in your relationship.

23. “Are we starting a hobby together?” »

It’s a great way to find an interest you both share and spends some quality time together doing that hobby you both enjoy. It will undoubtedly bring you closer and break up your weekly routine in a positive, recreational, and uplifting way.

24. “Meet up for a drink after work?” »

We all need to wind down with a light drink after a stressful day, but instead of ditching it to hang out with your friends from work, which is probably upsetting him…. Ask him out too! Meet him at a new cocktail bar in town and take the edge off life by pretending it’s a weekend.

25 “Are we watching a movie? »

It’s time to zap together and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie. You probably have different tastes when it comes to movies, but find one you both like!

Look to the future: question to ask your boyfriend

We always want to reassure ourselves about the future, but men can sometimes be reluctant to talk about their future. They are easygoing, don’t like to think too much about deep issues, and prefer to live in the present. So when you want to bring up the subject of your future together, be gentle and find the right time. Ask him these five questions and introduce them at the perfect time, then wait patiently for him to answer while showing him affection to reassure him. The more abrupt you are, the faster he will react and reveal what he feels without having time to react.

So go ahead, ask him what he really thinks about the future…

26. “Where will we go on our next vacation together?” »

Vacations are the perfect time to disconnect so you both can enjoy some quality time away from work, home, friends, and the routine of everyday life. You can explore the sights while seeing each other in a whole new light…by letting your guard down!

27. “Do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with me?” »

The ultimate question that reveals how he really feels about your future together. Remember, it’s a great question you’re asking him…so don’t get upset if he hesitates or says “I’m not sure”. If this response persists, only then can you begin to wonder about your future together?

28. “What is one thing we could change about each other that could help us move on and understand each other better? »

From time to time an invisible barrier may appear between you which prevents you from understanding each other. A character conflict or inability to understand the other’s thoughts or beliefs could then lead to an argument. Share these pet peeves with him and try to adapt to each other’s flaws.

29. “Do you want to start a family with me?” »

You are not getting any younger and you are completely in love. Why wouldn’t you want to spend the rest of your life together? …because he hasn’t asked you yet! If it bothers you that much, take the bull by the horns and ask him. Turn that dream into reality and approach it casually by saying “one day”…it gently brings her to the idea.

30. “What do you want to accomplish in life?” »

Your goals and your future are important, but so are theirs. Show you care about them by having a good, healthy discussion about where they are right now… in their career, with their friends and family, their own mental and physical well-being, or even with you. ! He will appreciate the opportunity to open up and have someone who listens to him… and who gives him advice if he needs it!

Everyday questions:

Sometimes even the simplest questions you ask on a daily basis can lead you to their deepest feelings. Especially, if you look at the big picture. Without trying to go too far… ask him one of these questions to break the silence and start the conversation, especially if you see him calm and concerned about something:

31. “How are you feeling?” »

It’s a short, simple question that shows you care about him and what’s on his mind. If he’s feeling good he’ll be happy to share it with you, if he’s not he might want to talk about it…

32. “How was work today?” »

After a hard day’s work, you’ll be dying to come home and see his familiar face to find some normalcy. He probably feels the same way, so start your evening by asking him how his day at work was…he might just need to vent!

33. “What are we having for dinner?” »

It’s that time of day when you can let go and enjoy a meal in the beautiful company of your beloved boyfriend. Life can get monotonous, so spice it up and offer a candlelit dinner to take the pressure off life…enjoy your time together!

34. “Do you want me to put on some music?” »

Music is the perfect way to set the mood! If you’re both feeling down, or there’s an awkward little silence…put on a soundtrack you both like! You are sure to reconnect in tune with each other’s rhythm.

35. “Do you want to read me the headlines? »

On a bright weekend, in the morning sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast, he has his nose in the newspaper. If you feel disconnected from him, ask him to read you the headlines and talk to him about how to set the world straight!

About him: question to ask a guy

Enough about us, let’s talk about them! We can’t deny that sometimes we like to lead the conversation. Men are easygoing and lend themselves to all discussions, but they also need to open up. Encourage him to talk about his thoughts, his past, and what might be going on in his mind that he might need to release…

36. “Would you rather read or watch a movie?” »

Maybe he doesn’t always feel like talking and just wants to disconnect from everything. Discover his secret remedy! He loves books or prefers to watch an action movie and get lost in its fictional plot?

37. “If you could start a hobby, what would it be?” »

They all need a distraction and that doesn’t always mean spending time with us, as unfathomable as that may seem…yes, sometimes they need a little time away from us! Suggest that he take up a hobby he’s passionate about so he can be active and help himself.

To please him:

To complete this series of questions to bring you closer to your partner… There is only one way to really win his affection and undoubtedly bring him closer to you, and that is to ask him questions that will make him happy. Make him feel like there’s no one other than him that matters to you.

38. “Do you want me to give you a massage?” »

Maybe he’s looking a little tense, or you just want to get your hands on him with warm, stimulating essential oils. Give him a full body massage and connect with his mind and body as he relaxes with your touch.

39. “Do you want me to pack your lunch for work tomorrow?” »

It’s a fact, men like to be taken care of! They like you to take effortless steps to take care of them on a daily basis. They will comfort themselves by opening their lunch box to find the delicious snack you prepared for them to help them through those hours of hard work!

40. “Can I buy you a drink?” »

Make an effort to understand his needs and make him feel that he really couldn’t live without you. If he’s sitting relaxed on the couch watching sports, ask him if he’d like a drink and indulge him.

41. “Do you want me to wear your favorite dress?” »

You think your boyfriend doesn’t know your wardrobe, but you’re going to be pleasantly surprised… he surely has a favorite dress you’re wearing that sets his heart on fire! Discover it then surprise him by wearing it and connect completely with him.

42. “Do you want me to iron your shirts for you? »

Ironing shirts is not on their list of favorite things to do and they will leave it until the last minute if necessary! !! Take your time to do small tasks for him and ask him if he wants his shirts ironed.