Activity to do as a couple: ideas that your partner will love

If you think you can get away with going to the same boring restaurant every Friday with your partner, think again.

Creative date ideas don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t require great effort either – just a little thought and planning beforehand! Why not take a few minutes to brainstorm some date ideas that you both will enjoy? You will spend an excellent evening and you will consolidate your relationship through your creativity.

But we know that not everyone has a list of every date idea that comes to mind. That said, we have one, and we’re happy to share it. We are sure you will like at least a few of them.

Not all dates are created equal, so pick a few, try them over the weekend, and see which one becomes a little habit.

1. Have a picnic

Head to your local market before the scheduled date and buy cheeses, bread, fruits, and whatever your little heart desires. Pack it all up in a nice basket or cooler, bring a picnic blanket or beach towels, and head down to a local park to enjoy your feast. Camera app alert!

2. Scrapbook Your Personal Story

Whether your partner has a ton of baby photos to organize or you end up printing the best of your college years from a Facebook album, you’ll have a lot of fun scrapbooking together reliving old memories, and sharing. funny stories. It’s an intimate task, but also a great way to get to know someone a little deeper.

3. Rise early for a pretty sunrise

If you live by a body of water (or anywhere else you can guarantee a great view), set the alarm on your smartphone a little before sunrise and plan to wake the two of you up. Put on some comfy clothes, grab a coffee for some cozy time, and meet up to watch the sunrise together. If you’re not an early riser, you can try the sunset instead!

4. DIY Portrait Time

Hang up a sheet, buy props from a store for a few dollars, and have fun in your homemade photo booth! Get a disposable camera (or just download the Huji app) and make an afternoon of it. For young couples, it’s also a great way to make sure your partner will post you on their networks!

5. The chef is here!

Choose a family favorite dinner recipe or dessert and really try to pull it off. Cooking together is an incredible bonding experience! Or, if you’re more competitive, make the same dish separately and invite a few friends over to decide who’s the best chef. We encourage you!

6. Improvised Spa Day

Grab some luxury bath amenities or massage oils, light some candles, and try to find a copy of those tunes that every massage place has that is just the sound of a bird and a flowing river. Bonus points for plush bathrobes, comfy slippers, and face masks!

7. A literary love

Go to a library, find one (or more) of your favorites, and swap them. Find comfortable chairs, sit down, and enjoy an afternoon to discuss your respective choices. It’s also a great date idea if you’re going to be going your separate ways for a while. This way, you can take your darling’s favorite book with you on your trip, read it, and discuss it when you return. Two appointments in one!

8. Go Fitness

Taking a sports training class together can be a very rewarding experience! Or, if you don’t want to play heads or tails, you can use online videos and do it from home! If you want a little more “conviviality”, I suggest acro yoga. Laughter is guaranteed.

9. Be smart

Go to a craft store and choose the first kit that looks interesting to you. Spend a few hours painting models, doing sand art, braiding friendship bracelets, or trying your hand at sculpting. When you’re done, you’ll have a (probably frowned upon, but still sentimental) crafting item to remember your time!

10. Volunteers Together

What could be better than doing good with your cabbage? Volunteer at a local animal shelter or another place you choose together, and spend the day helping others. You will feel so good afterward!

11. Do a pop-up exit

Research local events in your area and spend a few hours browsing them! This can range from small farmers’ markets to temporary weekend galleries! Just going somewhere new (even if you’re just browsing) elevates your idea of ​​going out.