Your man really needs to feel your attachment to him! Exchanging small, tender, and passionate love texts helps to strengthen your relationship with him. Still need to find the right words!

We offer you love SMS templates. Something to boost your inspiration… and your romantic relationship!

In my heart I have your love, on my lips I have the taste of your kisses, in the hollow of my ear I always hear your I love you.

You double my joys and you reduce my sorrows you illuminate my days you and only you.

My darling I love you you don’t know how much, a second with you is happiness, and a second without you is torture for my heart, you are all that I hold dearest in the world, you are my reason to be my reason for living.

The fire needs wood as I need you, you are the man of my life, you are so beautiful, you make me smile, and dream, and I love you madly.

Every time I see you, I have stars in my eyes. I’m in love with your smile, and your voice, I’m in love with who you are.

I wanted to tell you that I love everything about you: your smile, your eyes, your character… in short, the list is long… I look forward to seeing you again to continue it in your arms.

love sms for a man

Every time you look into my eyes or talk to me, my heart goes up in flames like a thousand fireworks….. I love you.

I love you my heart, with you I am no longer afraid, I know you by heart, you alone make my happiness, you are my love, I feel it, you are the man of my life!

Telling you I love you is way below what I feel for you because my eyes only see you, my ears only hear your voice and my heart beats only for you…in short, I only live for you, my love.

All the text messages I send to you are a fine part of my feelings for you. Feelings so strong that text messages are not enough to express them. I love you with eternal love.

I put my life in your hands because, beyond the dream, you gave me such a strong dose of love that I felt able to face everything for you.

Beautiful love messages for her darling

I am lucky to have a treasure that no one had noticed before. If I lose you, I have no more reason to live.

I sit down and listen to the slow blowing of the wind and in its whispers, it’s your name that I hear. I like you!

It’s so hard not seeing you all this time. Every second that passes I wish you were by my side.

You are the one who makes me smile, you are the one who makes me laugh. With you I am happy, with you I am in love. I like you.

I don’t have words strong enough to say what I feel for you my love. You make my heart beat, you put colors in my life and stars in my sky, and you make me discover the happiness of living.