You love him and you miss him send him a love message because showing his love helps to keep the passion of love so don’t wait to choose a romantic message for him.

The best messages of love…

 Love Message No. 01 

When I’m in love, I go blind. I can’t see anyone but you, I can’t, it’s as if they were invisible. I only see you.

 The message of love n°02

The others take weeks and months to come to love and love little, and they need dates and things in common to get along together. Me, it was time for a blink of an eye for me to love you.

 The message of love n°03

My love if one day you leave I’ll be like a rose, I’ll wither each day of your absence even more, despite the spring, nothing can replace you.

The message of love n°04

Even if I will be offered a dream life, to exchange you my answer will always be no because I already have a dream life with you!

 The message of love n°05

I want to keep you in my arms forever, but eternity seems too short. The day when I will no longer love you will never exist.

 The message of love n°06

You know what? You didn’t leave me last night I know because I woke up thinking about you, and I went to bed thinking about you too.

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 The message of love n°07

Every day away from you is like a dagger that someone would drive straight into my heart, I want to scream, it tears me apart to love you so much.

 The message of love n°08

I need you again. I need to hear your heart beating for me.

 The message of love n°09

With an “I love you” you remade my life so if loving you is madness, I’ll be mad all my life.

 The message of love n°10

Since I met you, my heart has never ceased to marvel, I love you, even more, every day… For your hand on my shoulder which comforts me, for your touching attentions, for your presence, for your smile, I love you because you are simply you.

 The message of love n°11

I want to follow your gaze at its slightest movements, live with you, and take part in your most beautiful moments, what immense happiness to share this joie de vivre with you my.

 The message of love n°12

I love you, without knowing why or how. I love you like this because I don’t know any other way. Where you don’t exist, I don’t exist either.

 The message of love n°13

On earth, there are a thousand and one ways to be happy, but for me, you see, I just have to see you be happy.