To remember how special love is is important in our lives. Discover this small selection of beautiful love phrases.

Beautiful phrases of love for his darling


♥ I wanted to tell you that I love everything about you: your smile, your eyes, your character, your good mood,…in short, the list is long…I’m waiting to see you again to continue it in your arms.

♥ Beauty flees with age, flowers wither, vegetation withers, breathing stops, and life ends, but the love I feel for you will never fade.

♥ I have never felt such pleasure, I have never ever felt such love. I’ve never loved anyone as I love you.

♥ Your eyes are my beach in which I swim and nothing prevents me, neither storm nor storm, from arriving at your village, to bring you with me on my journey.

♥ I can’t give you everything in the world despite my great love for you, but one thing I can give you and that forever is my heart.

♥ The second best thing in the world is love, the first is you, I love you, my love.

♥ If my love for you was counted in money, you would be the richest woman in the whole world.

* What is a second in life? Nothing, but a second without you is already too much and a lifetime with you is not enough.

♥ Look at the sky, my love for you is like the number of stars in this sky: Infinite and impossible to determine.

Little phrases of love for her

  • I would like to be an iceberg to melt in the sun of your eyes!
  • Your first name is the secret code to unlock my love’s chest.
  • To love is to find one’s wealth outside oneself, I found it in you.
  • I would like to offer a unique flower to a unique person, You!
  • The sparkle in your eyes revives the flame of my love.
  • When you look at me and smile at me, it’s like a ray of sunshine pierces my heart!
  • Since we’ve been together, I finally understand what the word “love” means!
  • Tenderness is me here thinking of you, for no particular reason, as I do so often.
  • I don’t know why I love you! What I do know is that I can’t stop loving you!