The best romantic SMS to send to your darling.

Love words for a woman

♥ My love,
do you see the sun? it shines brightly, yes? well, my feelings for you are even more powerful than the rays of sunshine.

♥ Believe me, we will be together, as long as soft love unites! it will be for infinity, day and night!

♥ The flame of my life is you who maintain it. Your gaze brings me happiness every morning and in your eyes, I see your smiling heart. You are my muse, my most beautiful support.

♥ If for an explorer the compass indicates his direction so that he can find his way in nature. Know well my darling, that for me you represent this compass that allows me to know my direction in this universe.

♥ My love for you is like the sun that rises every day except mine never sets!

♥ Everyone knows that 1+1= 2. Except, you + me = 1. Loving you is easy, proving it to you is hard, and forgetting you is impossible. I offer you, my love, because fate has linked us and without you, I am less than nothing.

♥ You are everything to me. Without you, the earth is nothing but desert. You are my sunshine after the storm, you are my light in the dark. I love you more than anything <3.

♥ If god gives me the power to write on the stars! I’ll write I love you on every star, so when you look up at the sky, you’ll see how much I love you.

Love SMS for his darling

♥ Everything has an end. In winter the flowers wither, in autumn the leaves fall, in summer the snow melts. The only thing that never ends is the love I have for you.

♥ You knew how to change me and I learned to love you. If one day I die and you open my heart, it will be written in gold letters ‘I love you, my love’.

♥ My eyes seek you, and my heart hopes for you. You are my love, my sweet pleasure. Your voice caresses me, your words touch me, with you I taste the intoxication of love…

♥ The most beautiful gift, with you I found it. My most beautiful dream deep in your eyes was hidden. This marvelous world, this proud paradise, is our dream together.

♥ I would like to speed up the time to reach you as soon as possible and once with you, I would stop it to stay with you forever.

♥ When you look at the stars, Remember that in each of them, there is a kiss that I send to you!

♥ I found you while walking in the desert of loneliness and you knew how to guide me toward the path of happiness, joy, and love, I love you endlessly.

♥ When I look into your eyes, I see an angel. Living with you is only happiness.