8 Ways To Know He’s Completely Smitten With You

When a man is completely smitten with you, his actions often speak louder than words. Here are eight ways to know that he’s head over heels for you.

1. He Can’t Stop Smiling Around You: A man who is smitten will often smile and light up whenever he’s around you. His happiness and joy are evident in his expressions, showing that your presence has a positive impact on him.

2. He Goes Out of His Way for You: When a man is deeply in love, he will go out of his way to make you happy and comfortable. Whether it’s running an errand, fixing something for you, or surprising you with your favorite treat, his efforts to please you are a clear sign of his feelings.

3. He’s Always There to Support You: A smitten man will always be there to support you, both emotionally and practically. He’s your biggest cheerleader, offering encouragement and being a shoulder to lean on during tough times.

4. He Shows Genuine Interest in Your Life: He asks about your day, listens intently to your stories, and remembers the details of your conversations. His genuine interest in your life shows that he values you and wants to be an integral part of your world.

5. He’s Physically Affectionate: Physical affection, like holding hands, hugging, or cuddling, is a strong indicator that he’s smitten. These gestures show that he loves being close to you and feels a deep connection.

6. He Makes Future Plans with You: When a man includes you in his future plans, it’s a clear sign that he’s serious about you. Whether it’s planning a vacation, discussing future goals, or even talking about long-term commitments, his desire to have you in his future speaks volumes.

7. He Prioritizes Your Happiness: Your happiness is important to him, and he makes an effort to ensure you’re content and satisfied. This could mean doing things you enjoy, supporting your dreams, or simply being there when you need him.

8. He Communicates Openly: A man who is smitten will communicate openly and honestly with you. He shares his thoughts and feelings, discusses any issues, and is willing to be vulnerable. This open communication fosters a strong emotional bond and trust.

Conclusion: Recognizing these signs can help you understand his feelings and the depth of his affection. When a man is completely smitten, his actions will consistently show his love and commitment to you.