7 Reasons Your Partner Keeps in Touch With Their Ex

When your partner maintains contact with their ex, it can stir up a mix of emotions and concerns. Understanding the reasons behind this communication can help you address any insecurities or misunderstandings in your relationship. Here are seven reasons why your partner might keep in touch with their ex.

1. Shared Social Circles

If your partner and their ex have mutual friends or are part of the same social group, maintaining contact might be inevitable. They might see each other at gatherings, parties, or other social events. In such cases, the contact is often more about maintaining harmony within the group rather than holding onto romantic feelings.

2. Lingering Friendship

Some relationships transition smoothly into friendships. If your partner and their ex were friends before dating or if their relationship ended amicably, they might have retained a genuine friendship. This connection is usually based on shared interests or mutual respect rather than lingering romantic feelings.

3. Co-Parenting Responsibilities

If your partner shares children with their ex, ongoing communication is essential for effective co-parenting. Regular contact helps coordinate schedules, discuss parenting strategies, and ensure the well-being of their children. This kind of interaction is typically focused on their responsibilities as parents rather than any personal relationship.

4. Professional Connections

In some cases, ex-partners might need to stay in touch due to professional reasons. They could be colleagues, business partners, or collaborators on various projects. Maintaining a professional relationship with an ex doesn’t necessarily imply any romantic interest; it’s often about ensuring career stability and success.

5. Unresolved Closure

Sometimes, individuals keep in touch with their ex to gain closure from the relationship. This communication can help them understand what went wrong, learn from past mistakes, and move on. If your partner seems to seek or offer closure, it might indicate a need to resolve lingering issues rather than a desire to rekindle the romance.

6. Emotional Support

Ex-partners can sometimes provide a unique form of emotional support, especially if they understand each other well. Your partner might turn to their ex for advice or comfort during challenging times. While this can be concerning, it’s important to evaluate whether this support undermines your relationship or if it’s just a form of platonic support.

7. Nostalgia or Habit

Occasionally, people stay in touch with their ex out of nostalgia or habit. They might reminisce about the good times or maintain communication because it has become a routine. While nostalgia can evoke past emotions, it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner wants to rekindle the relationship.


Understanding why your partner keeps in touch with their ex can help alleviate concerns and foster open communication. It’s crucial to discuss your feelings and set boundaries that respect both your partner’s past and your current relationship. Trust and transparency are key to navigating this situation, ensuring that both partners feel secure and valued. If the contact with an ex becomes a source of significant distress or insecurity, consider seeking the guidance of a relationship counselor to address underlying issues and strengthen your bond.