I miss my ex

I miss my ex: here are 29 signs that he still thinks of you

During a romantic relationship, the beautiful days multiply, each spouse enjoys the good times and feels like in “paradise”.

Between one-on-one dinners, romantic trips and leisure in every way, the life of a couple is summed up in absolute happiness. Unfortunately, this period is generally not eternal.

Indeed, a romantic break disconnects us from all these moments and thus creates a great void. We begin to feel a deep lack of affection and we no longer know what to do.

In this kind of situation, we want to overcome unhappiness and we can not help but wonder! Did my ex forget me? Did he move on? Or is he still thinking of me?

One of the quickest ways to get your questions answered is of course to ask them directly.

However, this method seems a little intimidating and many prefer to avoid it.

Furthermore, even if you manage to ask him the question and he answers you, nothing reassures you of the veracity of his statements.

Indeed, some people are not completely honest with their feelings.

This is why, it is better to take it differently! Indeed, there are signs that do not deceive.

If you want to get out of doubt and find out if your ex-boyfriend has forgotten you or not, you are on the right page.

Indeed, we present in this article 29 signs that show that your ex is still thinking of you and that he misses you.

01 – He continues to send you messages to contact you

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For several years now, messages have become the most used means of communication. Being in a relationship, it is normal that you chat by message with your darling.

However, if after your breakup your ex continues to send you messages, it is surely because he has not yet been able to conceive of your separation.

He couldn’t let go of the good habit of writing to you and the only logical conclusion is that he still thinks of you.

A good tip to clear up your suspicions even more is to ignore his messages.

If he writes to you, do not send an answer for several hours.

If before your answer he writes again, well, there is no longer any doubt!

Whatever the reason for his messages, you are still in his thoughts and he wants to hear from you.

In addition, messages are also a great way for your ex-boyfriend to know if you’re still receptive to him or not.

If he intends to come back to you, what could be better than your responses to his messages to anticipate your reaction?

02 – He indirectly takes news of you from your loved ones

During your relationship, you must have introduced some of your loved ones to your boyfriend.

If after your breakup your ex takes a lot of meetings with your friends or calls them more than before, it is certainly to hear from you.

In fact, for the past few weeks or days, he has been thinking about the best way to contact you.

This is why, if he really misses you, he will want to know everything about you: how you are, what is your romantic situation, who are you dating now …

Well the best way for him to get all of his answers is to go through your friends.

This reaction naturally shows that your ex still cares about you.

Indeed, if he had moved on, he would have nothing to do with these details of your life.

In addition, taking your news from your loved ones can be a way for him to indirectly inform you that he misses you. Up to you !

03 – He responds quickly when you contact him

How long does it take to respond to your SMS? An hour, a minute or instantly?

This information is essential to know if you miss your ex-boyfriend or not.

Indeed, if it takes a long time to answer you (radio silence for several hours or even days), then you probably do not miss it. It’s logic !

On the other hand, if he rushes to answer you, it is possibly because you still count for him.

Also, if your boyfriend is trying to do everything to prolong your conversation by asking you some unimportant questions, it’s a clear sign that he still has feelings for you.

Note  : if during your relationship, your ex took a long time to answer you and he still continues to do so a few months after your separation, it would be a bad idea to consider this sign to say that he has forgotten you. Indeed, it is logical that he does not answer you right away.

04 – you see him everywhere

When you go out to play sports, you come across him. When you shop in your usual supermarket, you come across it. When you go to the restaurant where you used to eat, he is there: it is as if he follows you everywhere! If you think this is all a coincidence, think again. Your ex-boyfriend is certainly doing everything to meet you as many times as possible. Such a sacrifice is absolutely not in vain! If your ex-boyfriend is trying all the means to see you, it is surely because he cannot bear your absence. In most cases, he has not yet assimilated the idea of ​​your breakup and you are still occupying his thoughts.

When you go out to play sports, you come across him. When you shop in your usual supermarket, you come across it.

When you go to the restaurant where you used to eat, he is there: it is as if he follows you everywhere! If you think this is all a coincidence, think again.

Your ex-boyfriend is certainly doing everything to meet you as many times as possible. Such a sacrifice is absolutely not in vain!

If your ex-boyfriend is trying all the means to see you, it is surely because he cannot bear your absence.

In most cases, he has not yet assimilated the idea of ​​your breakup and you are still occupying his thoughts.

05 – He is jealous

You certainly know the famous phrase: “Jealousy is born of love”.

If you ex boyfriend no longer had any feelings for you then he would show no act of jealousy.

This is completely normal and will lower your self-esteem.

On the other hand, if he becomes furious when he sees you with someone else or changes his tone when you tell him that you are going to have dinner with a guy, it is possibly because you are still having an effect on him.

Jealousy is difficult to conceal.

Therefore, if you want to know if your ex boyfriend is still thinking of you, you just have to check if he is jealous.

If this is the case, there is no longer any doubt: your ex has not yet forgotten you.

06 – He’s trying to make you jealous

One of the main goals of the man in your life who has not yet forgotten his ex is to make him believe the opposite. Funny, isn’t it? Maybe funny, but it’s the truth.

So if your ex is still thinking about you, he will certainly try to make you jealous.

This can be done through social media. He will certainly publish photos of him where he seems very happy with a girl.

He will also be able to target the places where he knows you are going to go and stay there with one of his conquests.

This technique used by men, is generally used to satisfy their egos.

If your ex tries to make you jealous, it is surely because he wants to make you believe that he has already recovered from your separation.

Do not be fooled by appearances, the truth may be the complete opposite!

Indeed, if your ex-boyfriend had really forgotten you, for what reason, would he try to make you jealous? None, of course!

If he does, it is certainly a strategy to win back love to show you that he still feels something for you and wants to have what it is on your side.

07 – He investigates your love life

It investigates your love life

Does your ex-boyfriend still want to know everything about your love life? He often calls you and asks if you are already in a relationship?

All this rhymes with a single hypothesis: he certainly plans to win you back. He then wants to make sure that you are still free and able to start over with him.

He may not ask you directly. He can do it in pleasantries like: “Uh, by the way, who is the new elect of your heart? ”

Be careful with your answer even if it is a joke. On the contrary, his intentions can be very serious.

However, care should be taken with the interpretation of these signs.

There are some men who investigate the sentimental life of their ex just to find out if they are suffering as much as they do.

Indeed, they have no intention of getting back with you. Um, bad, isn’t it? Well yes. It is up to you to know what is yours.

08 – he talks to you about his future

Generally, we talk about our future to those who matter to us and that we take their opinions into consideration. The rule remains the same with your ex.

If he talks to you about his future, it is surely because he still considers you.

Sometimes, he can not only tell you about his projects, but also reserve a place in his future.

It can be short term (he tells you for example that he would like you to go watch one of your favorite movies on Saturday) or long term (investments you could make together).

Whether short or long term, if your ex has a place in your future, it is a clear sign that he has not forgotten you.

He plans to win you back and maybe go with you until the wedding.

09 – He changes and tries to impress you

After your breakup, did your ex change your behavior? Has he become a regular supporter of sport?

Has he suddenly changed his dress style? Or maybe he even moved and went to a more upscale neighborhood?

If so, he is surely trying to impress you. He wants to show you that he is able to adapt to your desires and that you would have everything to gain by getting back with him.

In addition, changing your ex may be more specific.

You may have split up because of something you didn’t like about him. Then suddenly after your breakup, that’s what he’s trying to change.

You haven’t understood yet? Your ex is desperately trying to tell you, “Okay, well, we split up because you didn’t like … Now, I’ve changed. Can we get back together? ”

10 – He spies on you on social networks

I miss my ex

The best way to get information about someone’s life without contacting them these days is of course to use social media.

Have you noticed that your ex doesn’t let you go on social media?

He “likes” all of your publications, launches comments complimenting you on the genre: “Very beautiful with this attractive, attractive smile”. Don’t think any longer!

He feels a sense of lack towards you and tries to find out what is happening on your side.

In short, he uses social networks to get an idea of ​​what’s going on in your life.

This too is a sign that your ex love is still thinking of you.

11 – He calls you when he’s drunk

It’s no secret to anyone! After drinking a few extra glasses, we are more emotional than in a lucid state. In addition, when intoxicated, all of our inhibitions disappear.

Result? The man is all the more honest as he is drunk.

So, if one of these evenings, your ex boyfriend calls you being drunk and he makes you, for example, a declaration of love, it is because he thinks of you when he is sober.

A famous saying goes the same way: “A drunk man speaks with all his heart. ”

In addition, men find it very difficult to admit their feelings.

Alcohol can be an excuse for your ex love, a protection under which he hides to tell you what he feels.

12 – He gives you gifts

Your ex continues to give you gifts and you want to understand why? The answer will depend on the type of gift and when it is given to you.

Indeed, if he gives you a gift for your birthday or for the Christmas party, it may mean nothing at all. He surely does this to a good part of his entourage.

If, on the other hand, he offers you a gift for Valentine’s Day or for the anniversary of your couple, it is surely because he is trying to arouse certain feelings in you.

He wants you to understand that he has not yet forgotten your life as a couple, and neither have you. Therefore, he misses you and wants to get back in a relationship with you.

13 – He remembers the dates that are important to you

I miss my ex

Whether it’s your birthday, the anniversary of the death of a loved one or other dates that are important to you, your ex boyfriend remembers everything.

Besides, he is sometimes the first to wish you a happy birthday.

He certainly does it all because he inevitably thinks of you and he misses you.

After your breakup, your ex is absolutely not obliged to celebrate your birthday with you.

If he does, it’s probably because he wants to spend more time with you.

He takes your birthday or other event as an excuse. For him, it is a good way to fill the gap that you grieve.

14 – He seeks to be your friend

This saying is known to everyone: “If two exes manage to stay friends, it is either because they are still in love or they have never been.”

It is almost impossible to create a friendship at the grave of love.

If your ex love asks to be your friend, it is simply because he cannot bear to be far from you.

Friendship is a great way for him to stay close to you and hear from you. He loves you, but in the absence of your love, he leans towards your friendship!

However, you have to be careful. In rare cases, we see a very good friendship born after a romantic separation.

It will also be necessary to analyze his behavior and his body language to fix the good ideas.

15 – He calls you for nothing and for everything

Your ex calls you for nothing.

Sometimes he does this to ask you a question that he could have found the answer on the Internet in less than a minute. He’s still trying to justify his call with expressions like, “Uh … I just wanted to know how you’re doing. ”

Or he can call you to take the information on one of your mutual friends when he could have contacted him directly.

Why is he doing all of this? Well, it’s just because he misses you.

He’s still thinking about you and he’s just calling to follow the sound of your voice. Maybe he even recorded your voice and uses it as a lullaby every night.

16 – He remembers your gifts

I miss my ex

In general, when you cut ties with someone and you no longer intend to come back, you get rid of your gifts or at least you don’t pay attention.

If this is not the case with your ex, it is because he has not yet turned the page.

Indeed, since he can no longer be close to you, he uses your gifts as mirrors.

He sees you through these presents, and this allows him to continually think of you.

In addition, it may happen that not only does he carry the gifts that you had given him, but that he also does everything possible so that you see him with them.

In this case, he is trying to tell you indirectly that you are still occupying his thoughts.

17 – He saves you when you’re together

When a boy is in love, he feels weak in front of the one he loves. So when you meet your ex boyfriend, study his body language.

If he feels embarrassed, if he avoids that your eyes meet, it is a proof that the flame of love that he felt for you has not yet gone out.

However, some people know very well how to control their body language.

It is possible that you miss your ex-darling terribly, but that he does everything to hide this in your presence.

When he is with you, he behaves as if nothing had happened.

That’s why you shouldn’t trust his reaction when you’re together. Other signs should be analyzed in addition.

18 – He Tells You He Misses You

Did your ex tell you he misses you? Why not believe in this? Nothing prevents you from believing what he says.

If he directly admits that you miss him, it is very likely that he is truthful.

Generally, men are very secretive about what they feel. Especially after a breakup.

If your ex has been able to overcome his ego, and admit that he still thinks of you, then he really does.

Also, if that was not the case and he had moved on, I sincerely believe that the last thing he would do is make such comments.

He would have absolutely nothing to gain from the fact that you know he misses you.

19 – He would like to remind you of your pretty memories

I miss my ex

If your ex does not forget any of your memories, it is either because he has an “encyclopedia brain” or because he still thinks of you. You will agree with us that the second hypothesis is much more likely.

When he becomes nostalgic, he will certainly try to create in you that same feeling.

They can send you messages like, “Remember when …”; “Do you remember the day that …”.

If he does, it is to arouse in you regrets of your separation and to make you think of some sort of reconciliation.

In conclusion, he misses you and he always thinks of you.

20 – He becomes tactile every time He sees you

We do not communicate exclusively by words and words, there are also gestures that do not lie.

Whenever your ex boyfriend sees you, he does everything to touch you and hug you. He can touch your eyes on the pretext that there is a stain or remove a hair on your sweater …

All of this is because he’s excited to have you around him.

He wants to hug you like in the good old days, but since he can’t do it (because you’re no longer together), he is content with this kind of gesture.

Even if he doesn’t try to touch you, if he still loves you, he will always present certain gestures that will betray his love for you.

His pupils, which dilate when he is in front of you, his gaze, etc.

21 – He reacts to your old photos on social networks

It is quite normal that by browsing the news feed on his Facebook or Instagram page, your ex darling comes across one of your recent photos and reacts.

However, if he reacts to one of your old photos, it is because he took the time to search your page.

Maybe he even looked at your photos one by one!

If he searched your page, it is surely because he was thinking of you.

He wanted to see your face again (which he also finds very beautiful) or perhaps remember one of your publications with him.

In any case, it is clear that you are part of the thoughts of your ex love and that you miss him.

22 – He asks you to go out

I miss my ex

If your ex was no longer interested in you, why would he invite you out?

Ex-boyfriends don’t usually organize outings together. They are most often found during group outings.

If your ex boyfriend invites you to go out, it is certainly because he misses your moments of intimacy together.

He is looking for a way to be alone with you, an opportunity for him to try to rekindle the flame of your love.

He may not invite you directly. For example, he can tell you where he will be at a specific time to encourage you to join him.

A sentence like: “This Saturday, the cinema in your neighborhood is showing your favorite film. I plan to go and waste time. It is simply an indirect invitation.

23 – He calls you when he goes on vacation

Holidays are meant to be moments of relaxation, times when we forget all of our problems and rest our minds.

If your ex boyfriend no longer thinks of you, his vacation will have the effect of erasing his memories of you even more.

So if he calls or writes to you during his vacation, it’s because he couldn’t get you out of his mind.

The only person he thinks of when his head is rested is of course you.

He certainly wants to be the one you’re dating, not someone else.

As a goal, he wants to renew a new romantic relationship with you.

24 – He visits you at home

If your ex boyfriend visits you at home, it is an infallible proof that he wants to see you, and that he still thinks of you.

He certainly won’t tell you that. He’s probably going to apologize like that, he was in the neighborhood and he wanted to get something that belongs to him.

It’s totally false ! If he visits you unexpectedly, it’s because you missed him and he wanted to make up for it.

25 – He remains without a spouse after the break-up

I miss my ex

It is very difficult to have a serious relationship when we have not been able to remove our ex love from our heart.

The fact that your ex-boyfriend stays alone for a long time without seeing new people may mean that he has not forgotten you.

He can’t love someone else and he may be planning to get back together with you and he’s just waiting for the right moment.

However, it should be noted that your ex can remain without a new relationship just to enjoy celibacy, take a step back to make a good sentimental choice later. Besides, maybe he is just afraid of having a broken heart again.

Basically, he has not yet digested his heartache.

26 – He keeps talking about you

He talks about you non-stop. Whether it’s your friends or family members, he always has something to say about you.

It involves you in its topics of conversations with them. All this is because he thinks of you all the time.

In addition, telling your loved ones about yourself can be a way for them to tell you that they still love you.

Indeed, he does not want to do it directly, but he knows that it is very likely that someone close to you will get the message.

27 – He gets angry when he is facing you

If your ex boyfriend gets angry at nothing when he is facing you, it is because he has trouble confronting you.

When he sees you, you have an effect on him and he can’t control his feelings.

It may also be that the fact of seeing you wake up in him the pain of separation. He regrets all these moments spent with you and this pushes him to get angry.

28 – He calls or writes you late at night

I miss my ex

Late hour calls are generally intended for people who are close to us. After 10 p.m., for example, you will not call your boss to speak to him professionally. After midnight the framework is even more restricted; we usually call only our darling.

So, if your ex darling contacts you late at night, it is because he considers that you are still part of his intimacy.

He hasn’t forgotten you that much and he thinks of you when he tries to close your eyes.

29 – He criticizes your new relationships with boys

Your ex criticizes all your new meetings; he says you deserve better than your new boyfriend; that whoever invited you out is not serious.

In short, he tries to discourage you in your relationships.

The only reason for this behavior, which goes against your new love story, is that you still miss your ex.

He did not succeed in his personal development and also wants to get back with you.