If He Doesn’t Tell You These 10 Things Through The First Month of Your Meeting, It Won’t Be Worth It

So you’ve just started dating someone and you’re concerned that they might be one more mistake (which is understandable).

I’m sure you are tired of looking for clues and signs from a real man or signs that guarantee that he is a guy who will not screw you up this time.

And if you are wondering if there is a secret formula that will reveal its true nature, I dare say yes!

If you want to know his true intentions, watch what he says instead of just watching what he does!

So, if he can’t say the following 10 things in the first month of your meeting, know that it’s time to move on because it’s just not worth it.

1. “I really like spending time with you.”

If you have been out several times so far, everything is going well, and you feel an alchemy between the two of you, it is normal for him to recognize that he appreciates you or that he likes to spend time with you.

And if he can’t say it or refuses to say it (thinking you already know it), then it’s certainly not worth it.

A guy who really cares how you feel and if you like him, will always make sure to tell you how much you like him first.

2. “I’m looking for this or that in a relationship.”

If he doesn’t specify what he is looking for in a relationship, but continues to go out with you and send you contradictory signals, it is because he is completely undecided and probably has emotional problems. .

Always insist that they tell you about their expectations so that you know if you are on the same page or not.

3. “I want to formalize things.”

A guy who is only interested in a superficial love story and nothing serious will always refuse to make things official with you.

No matter how good it seems you are made to be, if he ignores formalizing your relationship, it means that he is not ready to do it.

He will not want to do it because he might want to have something on the side or because he is completely undecided towards both of you.

Whatever the real reason, if he’s not ready to be official with you, it’s certainly not worth it.

4. “I would like us to…”

If he never makes plans for the future with you (and I’m not talking about two years in advance), you should stop for a moment and think about it.

Suggesting things like “ I want to go to a concert or see something together ” means he wants to make sure he sees you again.

This means that he enjoys spending time with you and is willing to do anything to get more.

To say ” I would like us to … ” is the ultimate phrase of a healthy man who knows what he wants and who is not afraid to fight for it.

5. “I would like to meet your friends.”

If you have already met his friends, but he still does not show the will to meet yours, then there is something wrong with him.

He may not be interested in meeting your friends because he is afraid they will judge him or what he is doing.

All told, if he doesn’t want to meet your loved ones, it means he’s not really interested in being part of your life either.

And you certainly don’t want to waste your time with someone like that.

6. “I want to show you my apartment.”

There are two reasons why a man would want to show you his apartment. First reason: he only wants to sleep with you. Second reason: he really wants to show you where he lives.

To distinguish between the two, just pay attention to his behavior while you visit his apartment and you will know for sure.

If you decipher that he is not the type of guy who only wants to take you to bed, then you can be sure that he really wants to show you around his apartment and that he wants to share his life with you.

7. “I want to see you again.”

If you’ve had a few dates (and have had fun together) and every time you part, he just never says that famous phrase, ” I want to see you again “, then you can be sure it something is wrong with him.

If he doesn’t recognize his pleasure and never takes the trouble to initiate your next outing, then he’s not worthy of your efforts either.

8. “With my ex it’s over.”

If you know he had a relationship before you started dating him and refuses to talk about it, chances are he still has feelings for her.

In this case, fleeing from it would be a good alternative. But if he somehow shows you that he totally outdid his ex (without saying it directly), then there is no reason to worry about it.

9. “I would like to invite you to a (romantic) dinner instead of a drink.”

The importance of making efforts when it comes to dating and romantic relationships cannot be overstated.

So if your man constantly takes you for drinks in a bar instead of a peaceful and romantic dinner (every once in a while), it means he’s not making enough effort for you or to get to know you better, which means that he is not worthy of you.

10. “Tell me what you want in life.”

Contrary to the previous point, if he begs you to tell him about your life goals, it means that he is totally interested in knowing you better and that he wants to be aware of all your future projects so that he can coordinate them with his.
So, if you never hear the phrase ” Tell me more about yourself or your plans for life “, in the first month of your meeting, then you should seriously think about getting out of there before it’s too late.