Here is What Being Faithful Really Means (Because It’s Beyond Not Cheating)

Being faithful is more than just sleeping with one person, kissing and cuddling only one person. It is beyond not leaving your hands lying around anywhere.

It is removing the phone numbers of all potential girlfriends because you no longer need them. You are caught and the whole world must know it.

Being faithful means telling all the girls who get too close to you in a bar to “back off”.

It is to wear your covenant as a protective sign – a sign that your heart already belongs to someone.

To be faithful is to communicate openly with your partner. It is to say to him that your ex called to invite you to dinner but that you answered him “no”.

It is answering “no” to this new colleague who never stopped inviting you to go out. It is knowing all the pros and cons but staying anyway.

It is fighting against all the bad things that life confronts us with.

To be faithful is not to cross the line.

I’m not saying you should close your eyes to any other girl, but you can’t act with them like you would with your girlfriend.

If you behave like this, it makes no sense. Your girlfriend would then be put in the same basket as all the other girls.

Trust me, that is not what will make her feel special. Not at all. So think twice before you act.

You have the right to write to someone, to like their photos on Instagram or to have male and female friends.

But if you hide messages sent by another person from your girlfriend, it is because there is something that she should not see.

If you write comments of a s**xual nature below another girl’s photo, something is wrong.

Just think about how your girlfriend would feel if she found out. She would be worried, anxious and confused.

She knows there is no smoke without fire. She feels it because she knows you perfectly well.

She’s the one who finishes your sentences, so don’t think you can fool her.

Please keep in mind that being faithful goes beyond letting anyone else get into your bed. It is never to let someone else enter your heart.

To be faithful is to be completely satisfied with the idea of ​​spending the rest of your life with the same person. It is doing everything in your power not to ruin your lives.

To be faithful is not to listen to your friends when they tell you to go dancing with this girl who has been watching you all evening.

It is thinking with your head and not with your crotch.

Because even if you had an affair, there would be a bit of it between you and your mistress – her hands to pull you back, her lips to chew you. You will feel his spirit next to you.

And you would feel guilty for doing what you are doing.

Be a man and make the decision of a lifetime. If you are able to live with one woman, this is great.

If you can’t, don’t cheat on her. Better tell her you don’t love her anymore and let her go.

Know that she will get tired of all your connections and that one day, she will end up packing her bags and leaving.

Remember – nothing is worse than the fury of a betrayed woman.

So be faithful and receive this one thing that we all hope for in life: someone who holds our hand at the time of our death.