”Do I have to leave him? ”Or” should I leave him? ”These questions do not arise by chance and they seem to announce the end of a romantic relationship.

It is perfectly normal to ask these questions. Couple life or romantic relationships are not a long, calm river.

They are undermined by couple problems and relational and logistical difficulties.

It happens that, in a couple relationship or in romantic relationships, one of the partners questions the relationship strongly and wonders if it would not be the right time to proceed to a romantic breakup.

Would it really be the right choice for everyone’s well-being? How can I be sure not to regret later?

Sometimes the only good choice is to end the love story to be happy, because in the long term, the relationship can generate a deep discomfort which it is better to get rid of for personal development. all of them.

If after x years of relationship or x years of marriage to a person, this question stuck in your head, you must take it seriously and dare to confront it.

Follow your instincts and don’t feel guilty!

When the question of whether to leave or leave is that there is something clearly bothering you and that you have good reason to ask yourself.

If you want to leave him or leave him for the first time, this is the right time to share your doubts with your partner or partners.

It is also very useful to share these feelings with for example your best friend or your best friend, or at least with a person or persons who followed you in the romantic relationship and who saw you evolve there.

Having several opinions from people close to you can be very helpful, it can help you to see more clearly.

The help of a psychologist can also be a great way to work on you in the relationship, in general and to better understand the path that leads you to the question ”should I leave him or leave him? “.

Furthermore, if this is the first time you have asked yourself this question, there would be no surprise that it will reoccur later, over time, and repeatedly, as a leitmotif in your relationship.

In any case, welcoming this question is probably a symptom of the end of a relationship or at least of a form of relationship.

There is no reason to feel guilty or tell you “I feel bad” because of the desire to leave or leave him.

This question can actually really promote personal development and refocusing on the self-esteem of each partner.

Because if one or one of the partners feels that something is wrong, and even if the other does not feel it immediately or as strongly, it is because, in the long term, the relationship does not will probably not be viable, at least if it stays the same.

Again, it is a normal and completely legitimate fact that this question arises and it is in fact a sign that you are not feeling well in this relationship and that the exit from the relationship is possible or even preferable.

Some good reasons for leaving the relationship

Listen to yourself! Follow your instinct! Do not be afraid !

Do not bury this question telling yourself that it is not much and that it will pass. Because it will surely not pass.

On the contrary, it may get worse and become very dangerous for you, for your partner or your partners and of course for the relationship itself which will suffer.

If this question has arisen, it is because you no longer feel very good in the relationship.

Maybe there is a dynamic that you no longer support? Maybe the dynamics just don’t suit you or more?

Perhaps you notice things that you had never noticed before and which become difficult to accept in the long term?

Perhaps you realize that you are not happy or happy in this couple relationship? What if the love story in question didn’t really correspond to you or no longer?

Maybe it’s all the logistics of the relationship that bothers you? Is it the model on which the relationship is modeled that does not suit you?

It is up to each and everyone to determine the points that are wrong and that prevent you from flourishing in the relationship.

The best is obviously to determine them together and for the relationship partners to have a real discussion around this issue.

Because ultimately, the question is not “should I leave him? ”Or” should I leave him? “But rather” do we have an interest in stopping this romantic relationship for the well-being of all partners? “.

The ideal is to take into account the happiness of each and everyone, the freedoms of each and each and the fulfillment of each and everyone. We are all very different and different.

Our experiences, our lived our aspirations, our vision of the world, our objectives, our development: all this differs from one person to another and sometimes despite everything the love that we can feel for another person, maintain a a romantic relationship is not necessarily possible.

Thinking of other forms of relationships

Stopping a relationship if it is toxic and harmful to the well-being of the partners and their mental and physical health is of course sometimes the only and only alternative.

For other cases, it is however possible to pursue other forms of relationships instead of simply choosing categorically the end of a relationship.

Why not reflect together between the partners on the possibility of another form of relationship? Because even if it seems that the romantic relationship works more for us, it is quite possible to imagine other ways to continue to maintain the relationship in another way.

Exploring other types of relationships can only be beneficial for partners who seem to be stuck in their romantic relationship.

It is not an easy exercise to create new relational models because what dominates our societies are exclusive romantic relationships. And that’s a shame.

Indeed, exclusive romantic relationships certainly have advantages but also many disadvantages and they generate a lot of suffering and negative feelings which can be for example feelings of jealousy and possessiveness.

In addition, exclusive and especially heteronormous romantic relationships easily maintain relationships between dominant and dominated.

It is therefore a real challenge to imagine and then realize new forms to live love.

This challenge is undoubtedly worth accepting because, from far and near, the models of romantic relationships that we know and which are predefined visibly do not correspond to everyone.

The process of resolving an end of a relationship or a change in the form of a relationship is very long.

Take your time !

In some cases, the beginnings of romantic relationships happen extremely quickly.

It can be very passionate from the start and start on street hats.

The partners then do not have the time to analyze the situation properly.

We get carried away by feelings, emotions. Passion takes over.

Difficulties come only once the passionate stage has passed and this is where we can realize the problematic elements in the relationship.

It is of course not too late to remedy this, to discuss it together, to reflect on the changes to be made.

However, it is rare to be able to effect profound change in itself.

The process of ending a romantic relationship takes a lot of time unlike its beginning because it requires a great personal introspection, a reflection between the partners, an understanding of the difficulties, an acceptance of them and the establishment of a exit from the relationship or from a healthier relationship revolution.

Whatever your final decision is, it will be the right decision if you follow your gut and start an analytical process of the relationship.