14 things to know before dating a sporty girl

sporty girl is often fierce, independent, and never gives up.

Here are the characteristics generally encountered in athletic girls.

1. If she has a class, or a workout the next day, you can be sure she won’t be home late to be in good shape for her session.

2. She has a great appetite.

3. She is very careful with her diet because she does not want to give anything to her body.

4. She doesn’t play sports to please you.

She does it for her, you are just lucky to enjoy the effects.

5. Never tell her that you don’t like overly muscular girls. Otherwise, you can look for someone else.

6. Just because she is sweating very often does not mean that she does not like to dress well from time to time.

7. Just because you’re faster or doing more reps, doesn’t mean that she’s less athletic, and that she has to do what you do.

8. In fact, you might even find her training difficult.

9. Her sports friends will be her greatest confidants.

10. There is a good chance that she is wearing a sports bra even when she is not wearing sports clothes.

11. If she is frustrated or upset about something, let her fix it.

12. She will dance while putting on her jeans, but don’t judge her by the way she puts them on.

13. She is one of the least likely to interrupt you when you want to watch a sports game. Don’t interrupt when she’s watching one either.

14. She wears sneakers a lot, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like heels.