Here’s how people who are loyal to their partner behave

Someone who is faithful is not a follower of lies, deceit, or manipulation. Whenever you tell him about a friend who has been unfaithful, he doesn’t look for any excuse. For him, no one deserves infidelity.

He also lets you see the darker sides of the personality that he keeps safe from the rest of the world. You don’t have to dig to find the answers. He shows you his vulnerable side and gives you all the information you want to know.

You can trust him.

When he comes home after the scheduled time, you don’t worry because you know nothing compromising has happened. You know it’s either a traffic problem or because he’s been working overtime at work.

Someone who is loyal makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the room, never makes you doubt yourself, and encourages you to accept and love yourself.

He removes the number from his previous conquests because he doesn’t need it anymore since he’s been with you. He wouldn’t trade you for anything because you shower him with happiness. And he has no spare tire if he breaks up because he trusts your relationship.

Someone who is loyal keeps you on their mind even when you are not physically together. It sends messages when he goes out, calls you when he is away from you, and asks you for news throughout the day to see how you are doing.

He takes care of you every day, not just when you have been together.

He shows the world that you are in a relationship.

He invites you to meet his family and introduces you to his friends over a drink. He is proud to tell everyone that he is in a relationship with you.

Someone who is loyal tells you the truth without beating around the bush, although it can be quite hard for you to hear. He respects you enough to give you all the information instead of just giving you bits of history.

Your partner doesn’t love you just for your looks.

He also loves you for your intelligence, for your sense of humor, as well as your personality which he adores. He loves spending time with you, even when you are wearing a pilou-pilou. Privacy doesn’t stop at the bedroom. It also involves holding the hand of his / her partner, cuddling, and listening.