35 signs that you already know your soul mate

There are several signs that can show if the person you are with is your soulmate.

Check out these 35 signs of a soul mate below: 

1. The person tells you that they love you in full fusion and right after.

2. You have a comfortable side of the bed to roll onto when you’re done.

3. Every little thing this person can do makes you feel good, like hearing them sing, drive, or wash the dishes.

4. You are not uncomfortable wearing little clothing in front of your partner.

5. You make eye contact during the merge instead of just looking at each other.

6. You don’t care about your emotions and feelings.

7. You can be tender and gentle at the same time, but also brutal and animalistic.

8. She knows when you want something without you even having to tell her.

9. You know how to laugh at the complications that can arise during the merger instead of feeling uncomfortable about it.

10. You don’t mind when he or she refuses something because you know he or she loves you and still likes you, he or she just doesn’t want it.

11. When it’s done, you still snuggle up to that person and feel like you are one.

12. This person with nothing is the most beautiful creature you have ever seen.

13. You no longer watch videos because you know how to satisfy yourself just by thinking of this person.

14. You don’t have to tell her what you want, because she knows it and already does it.

15. You don’t need to force or plan things with this person.

16. You have a special song that you like to listen to while merging.

17. Sometimes you call it sweet words instead of using a more blunt term.

18. You do it even during the week.

19. You have adorable photos of yourself in your phone.

20. You have already had a fusion in every room of the house.

21. When you go out in public, you always find a way to make him understand that you only want to be with this person in private.

22. She asks if everything is okay as soon as she sees that you are feeling uncomfortable.

23. She stops the second you ask her, without asking questions or hesitating.

24. She reminds you to go to the bathroom so you don’t get an infection.

25. She comes down on you. Frequently.

26. It is not necessary to turn off the lights, as this person already knows by heart.

27. Her kisses on the lips give you as much pleasure as her kisses on your legs.

28. She never gets the wrong name. Your partner thinks only of you.

29. Every time you see a special scene on TV, you imagine yourself doing the same thing with your partner.

30. You know how to tell her to change the way she fuses without hurting her.

31. You are not embarrassed when you get out of breath and you have to ask him to take over.

32. You like to make this person happy.

33. You can no longer imagine yourself sleeping with someone else.

34. Your partner considers you the most beautiful creature in his eyes, even if he has known you for a long time, he admires you like the first day.

35. You don’t feel bad if you don’t have mergers, because just spending time together makes you happy.