When and How to Say “I love you” for the first time

You’ve been together for a while now and you’re starting to think it’s time to take a step and say “I love you” to her. Here are some tips to make this moment easier.


These simple 3 words are very important and should not be pronounced without seriousness. You have to be ready in your relationship to be able to say them. But there isn’t a specific time in a relationship that requires you to show her love in this way. According to the couple, this passage is different.
Generally speaking, saying “I love you” often comes after a month or two of a serious relationship. When you feel that you have reached a plateau and that you now know your partner and that you miss him and occupy your thoughts during the day. At this point, you can begin to prepare your approach to confess your feelings to him.


Even though it may seem like it’s being said spontaneously, it’s important to prepare yourself mentally beforehand.
Think strongly of him or her, and think about whether you think he is someone with whom you can consider spending several months or years together. If the answer is yes, you can continue.
Think about when you want to confess your love to her. Do you want to do this in bed, at the movies, during a meal…? Usually, a good time to say I love you is in bed after a light discussion and when the two of you are in a good mood and relaxed.
Prepare for the answer as well. If your sweetheart answers you something other than “I love you too” by saying it in your eyes, you must not break down in tears. He or she may need a little longer than you to complete this step.


You are now in the situation you imagined in the previous point, and you are about to say I love you to him. Leave a few seconds of white in the conversation, look straight in the eyes, swallow your saliva and in a pleasant voice without too much shaking say to him or her: “I love you” with a smile.
Without taking his eyes off, wait for his reaction and response. If he or she responds that his or her love is the same, you are now on a whole new level in your relationship. Congratulations, you did it, and it’s going well. You can also now give him flowers.