15 strong love quotes for romantic souls

Love has always inspired writers and poets to write the most beautiful quotes.

We are used to sending these beautiful and short declarations of love when we want to express the love we feel for our partner.

Of course, love quotes are always a good idea when you want to rekindle the flame between you and your loved one.

If the flame between the two of you has gone out, that doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship has come to an end.

You can always rekindle the passion and romance in your relationship and say I love you by sending a beautiful quote to your other half.

Take inspiration from the famous and less famous quotes written below, but also beautiful phrases and thoughts that express the strong love you feel for your sweetheart.

In the following paragraphs you will find words of love of all kinds. We hope you will find the perfect message for your partner there!

15 strong love quotes for romantic souls

If you are a romantic soul and want to express the great love you feel for your girlfriend or wife, here are 15 Romantic Quotes for you:

1. I see the sky in your eyes, I see the field of flax in your hair, I see you in my thoughts. Your gaze dresses my days, you make my life a paradise. I love you deeply!

2. Thank you for being so kind and so sweet. Thank you for being the most exceptional person I know. Thank you for everything you do for me, thank you for bringing the greatest joy to my life.

3. My life began when I met you. From that moment I learned what true love is! My life used to be a big void, now you fill it and I’m the happiest man in the world!

4. Every day I wake up and love you more than yesterday. Only your love can heal all the ills in my life and only your love keeps me in life. I can’t imagine losing you, I want you to know at all times how important and unique you are!

5. I am in love with you and I want to tell you that my reality with you is better than any of my dreams.

6. I may not have many qualities, nor am I a perfect man. But I can surely tell everyone that loving you is my greatest quality that I’m so proud of.

7. The best feeling in the world is when I look at you, when I kiss you, when I kiss you. I feel the deep and sweet love for you and there is only one moment when I am happy – that is when you are by my side!

8. I think about you all the time. You entered my thoughts slowly, but very quickly you occupied them completely. I want you to stay there forever, I love you!

9. Your smile is the most beautiful melody for me. It’s the melody that gives rhythm to my life, and without it I feel incomplete. I always want to follow your rhythm and your melody, because they make me happy and they fascinate me. I love you !

10. I am fascinated by your being. Every trait of your character fascinates me and the love I have for you is something exceptional. I’m trying to tell you with this short text, but all my life wouldn’t be enough for me to prove it to you!

11. The love I feel for you is unique – it makes me want to live, it gives me wings, it makes me believe in the impossible! Always stay so bright, I promise you a life full of happiness! I love you !

12. When I think of you or when I look at you, I feel a special energy. My whole body starts to vibrate and my eyes start to glow. I think it’s the love I have for you that’s trying to come out and kiss you. Thank you for making me feel this magical energy, I love you!

13. Without you, I couldn’t even breathe. Without you, I am incomplete. With you, I have known and felt true love. Thank you for being who you are because you are perfect!

14. My beautiful, accept this little declaration of love by which I want to tell you how much I love you. Every time I meet your gaze, a new wave of emotions invades me. I will be forever in love with you!

15. I close my eyes and try to imagine the future with you. And a big smile appears on my face, my heart begins to beat harder. It is my body and my mind that tell me: “She is the woman of your life!”