11 clear signs, how to know if your best friend is in love with you

Your best friend may be in love with you silently, and the only way to know is to observe some signs. How to know if your best friend is in love with you and does not tell you? No matter how secret and self-conscious his love is, you can know what he feels.

It is great luck that a girl has a best friend too who they tell everything to. But what if that best friend falls in love? How does a friend in love act? Let’s look at the different signs of a friend in love.

My best friend is in love with me but I don’t, what can I do? As a good friend, you have to understand and help him. That is why it is important that you identify the feelings he has.

1.- Each time he hugs you more often and with more affection

You met him because he always greeted you and you liked me a lot for his optimism. You thought he would declare his love for you, but he just became your best friend. Very cheerful and always attentive.

He likes to hug you, but that only happens when he meets and says goodbye. But little by little he began to look for excuses to hug me for whatever reason. Even when greeting and saying goodbye, their hugs take longer.

2.- Be comfortable at home talking with your relatives

Is my best friend in love with me if he has made friends with my parents and siblings? You are not even here but he comes and talks to any of your family and settles down as one of the others.

Now he is very nice, kind and he is loved by all your family. How to know if your best friend is in love with you? His attitude is telling you that he is very happy with you.

3.- Your best friend wants to know about your ex-boyfriends

Finding out about your past love life is a sign that your best friend may have a crush on you. Not only does he want to know what you already told him, now he wants to know about how much you loved them.

With your friends and brothers, try to find out how many men you were in love with. He wants to know details, which means that he is somewhat jealous.

4.- How to know if your best friend is in love with you

If you suddenly see that your best friend interacts more with you on social networks, it is a sign. Every time it gives more “I like”, comment and share your post on social networks.

Not only does it “like” your recent photos, but the oldest ones. That is, it is reviewing all your social activity. This means only one thing, he is thinking a lot about you.

5.- He is getting sweeter with you and tries to touch you

You are observing signs that your best friend is in love with you and is sorry to tell you. For example, his kindness and the desire he has to touch you are not common in a normal best friend.

He gives you small gifts, even prepares food for you. He goes out of his way to be very close to you. He burns you with any excuse and talks to you with great affection.

6.- He is improving his behavior and appearance

How to know if my best friend is in love with me? A very clear sign is when your behavior, clothing, and tastes begin to change. Suddenly he behaves more formally and more seriously.

He does not leave his good humor, but now it seems that he cares more about his appearance and behavior. He likes to see you more often, more affectionate, and walks as if he showed off you.

7.- He gets jealous when you laugh with your other friends

Another way to know if your best friend is in love with you is to observe his behavior when you talk to others. Now every time they go out in a group he gets more protective and jealous.

If someone talks to you and plays funny he responds by trying to be louder and more joking. Whenever you pay attention to a friend, he gives you a little touch or hug.

8.- He gives you affectionate nicknames and tells you about the future

Your best friend is in love with you if every day is more part of your life and your world. He’s gotten very creative giving you cute nicknames. Look at me as a kitten or tell me that you are the happiest puppy.

Along with being very tender with you, he talks about his future plans. He asks you what profession you are going to dedicate yourself to, where you would like to live, if you would raise puppies, etc.

9.- He is becoming a different and attentive boy

Look at these details: He remembers past conversations and events and picks up on old conversations. Those are very clear signs of how to know if your best friend is in love with you.

He is also becoming a more formal man. Now he is more responsible and attentive to you. Emotionally he is closer to you and is happier by your side.

10.- He wants to go with you to his most important events

Your best friend may secretly have a crush on you, but his actions say it all. For example, if someone on your family’s birthday invites you. He wants to be seen with you.

Every time he has a special event, a marriage, an informal meeting at work, etc., he wants to go with you. Obviously, he wants to show you off in the most significant moments of his life.

11.- Your best friend in love no longer talks about other girls

As good friends they are always trusting you with their tastes and feelings towards other girls. That he would like to dance with another girl, that he would like to take someone else to the beach, etc.

How to know if your best friend is in love with you? Suddenly you become the center of their world. There are no more girls in his conversation, he is no longer distracted by looking at and commenting on others.

Just because he stops talking to you about his tastes as a woman does not mean that he no longer trusts you. What is happening with your best friend is something deeper, he is in love with you.