112 awkward questions for a guy in chat, time to have fun

Starting with a simple question and having a great conversation with your crush is a wonderful thing. This is what can happen if you use any of these awkward questions for a guy in chat. That guy can be your boyfriend, your best friend, or someone you just met, anything goes.

Think how important it is to know how to ask flirty questions to a man you like. All you want to achieve is that they notice you, that they pay more attention to you. And for this to happen there is nothing better than being funny, disturbing, cute, and sometimes a little crazy or seductive.

Sometimes you have no idea how to start a conversation. But there are questions that have the power to make a memorable conversation with that boy you like. Also, if someone answers an uncomfortable question with a smile, it means that they have a good character.

Find your favorite awkward questions to ask a guy on chat and get him to talk

These questions are the only thing you have to know to make a man talk through the chat. Asking a good question is sometimes the best start to the best time with the guy you like. A funny, unusual, even daring question can be the trigger for a good conversation.

1. How will you talk about personal things, does it make you uncomfortable or normal?

3. I think that you and I have a special connection, what do you think?

4. Do you dare to tell me about your greatest love madness?

5. What is your best detail to make a girl fall in love?

6. How many girls have you told you, love?

7. Have you ever regretted getting ready for a date?

8. Do you still remember how you felt that time you were dumped on a date?

9. Imagine that you need money urgently, what are you serious about doing?

10. Has a guy ever told you that he loves you?

11. Do you enjoy secret adventures?

12. Have you ever fallen in love with a girl in your family?

13. Did you ever give a kiss that you regret?

14. Do you have a friend who you would like to change something in their life?

Think of some questions to find out if the person you like is a good man, don’t fall in love blindly

The most important of these uncomfortable questions for a guy in the chat is the message that comes after his answer. Pay attention to if he is slow to respond, if he responds quickly if he laughs or makes you uncomfortable. Not only do your words contain a message, but also the manner and time it takes for you to respond.

15. Have you ever fought someone over a girl?

16. Would you like to change something about your physical appearance?

17. Have your girl’s parents ever caught you secretly kissing her?

18. How are you doing with the money, are you a spender or a saver?

19. Have you gotten into trouble with the law for any girl?

20. How uncomfortable are public toilets?

21. How many times have the police caught you driving drunk?

22. Have you had surgery or are you planning to do it on any part of your body?

23. Have you ever fallen in love with your girlfriend’s best friend?

24. Do you think there is that special girl who will make you happy?

25. Have you ever been dizzy on a date?

26. Do you regret having asked someone for a girlfriend?

27. How is the girl of your dreams?

28. Have you ever been cited in a very crazy place?

Some questions are uncomfortable when the guy you like in the chat is not very tolerant or does not like you

Thinking of some questions to ask your boyfriend when you’re bored may not turn out the way you want. Do not expect someone else to do with your happiness what you cannot do. The most appropriate thing against boredom is to change your look at yourself, be more friendly and appreciate the little things more.

29. Is there something you don’t like about your character or physique?

30. How much do you think girls consider you?

31. What topics do you look for more on the Internet?

32. What do you like least about summer at the beach?

33. What is the disease you fear most?

34. How often do you do crazy things for love?

35. What do I have to do to make you dare to tell me a secret?

36. Have you ever tried too hard for someone and got rejected?

37. Do you have any fear as a child that still haunts you?

38. How is the woman you would like to have a child with?

39. Have you ever felt like disappearing from the world?

40. What do you like to do the most when you are with your girl?

41. Do you like what you studied or would you have liked to study something else?

42. Do you think of another girl while spending time with your girlfriend?

These funny questions to ask your boyfriend can also be for your friends and family, people you trust

Sometimes we forget that we can give or cause a good moment, to someone we love, with a simple question. That is the power of these awkward questions, as it is not only for a guy in the chat but also for anyone with whom you have some confidence.

43. Do you have any fantasy about being fulfilled?

44. Have you ever been tempted to kiss a friend of your girlfriend?

45. What do you think of infidelity?

46. ​​What do you think of abortion and of women who do not want to have children?

47. Is it easy for you to get the phone number of the girl you like?

48. Any love relationship that you would have liked to last longer?

49. How often do you lie to please?

50. If you spend the afternoon with me, what would you like to do?

51. Are you happy with the job you have?

52. Do you earn good money and save or are you worried?

53. Are you from what they buy the lottery?

54. Would you confess to someone that you loved her in the past?

55. What do you do when you are lucky and earn twice the normal amount?

56. Do you have any ideas to become a millionaire?

These awkward, funny, or racy questions need a bit of tact to share a guy on chat

It’s not about giving anyone a hard time. That is why it is important that you observe your state of mind. When asking one of these awkward questions think about yourself, it’s not just about a guy in the chat, a boyfriend, or a friend. What matters is that you give your best in terms of mood.

57. Has a girl you pretended ever tell you to go to the psychologist?

58. Do you think that in 10 years you will already be married with children?

59. Do you think we deserve the sufferings out of love?

60. Have you ever fallen in love with a politician, policeman or nun?

61. Do you like to read love books?

62. Have you fallen in love with a girl at work?

63. Have you ever tried to make your best friend’s girlfriend fall in love?

64. If you were ever out of your country, what did you miss the most?

65. Have you ever lied to make a girl fall in love?

66. How did you feel the first time you broke up with your girl?

67. Have you ever been caught kissing a co-worker?

68. Do you let your girlfriend browse on your cell phone?

69. How long was your shortest love relationship?

70. Do you care about the age difference when it comes to love?

Having a funny, cute, crazy, or seductive conversation with the boy you like can be a memorable moment

If one day is wonderful with your boyfriend, friends, family or the boy you like, it will be because of your attitude. Think of these awkward or funny questions as a tool to cheer up your crush on chat. It all depends on you that you use this tool well.

71. Do you remember a movie that disappointed you?

72. For you, how important is the physique to falling in love?

73. Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?

74. How often did you cheat on exams?

75. Has a girl ever made you stop?

76. Have you ever had a very absurd fight with your partner?

77. Do you have a secret hobby or hobby?

78. Are you tempted to spy on your partner’s WhatsApp?

79. Has anyone ever paid you a lot of money for something very simple?

80. Have you ever cried bitterly for love?

81. At what age was your first real love?

82. Do you still like cartoons that you watched as a child?

83. Are you sorry for having fallen in love with someone?

84. What would you do if you found out that your girlfriend is a zombie?

To the extent that these uncomfortable questions make you funny, they will also work for a guy in the chat

Sometimes you have your boyfriend, a friend, or a guy that you like online and you can’t think of anything to make conversation with. That’s when you can look for funny answers with any of these awkward questions for a guy in the chat.

85. The strangest thing that happened to you with someone you loved?

86. What movie would you like to be the main actor in?

87. Do you dream of a great house or a great car?

88. Is it nice to be alone with yourself?

89. Would you like to invent a flavor of yogurt?

90. Have you ever been invited to a meal that was unpleasant?

91. How much money is enough for you to live happily?

92. Did you do or eat something that you didn’t like just for a moment with someone?

93. Imagine, you are eating something delicious, can I sink my teeth into your food?

94. How do you feel when you are tempted to do something forbidden but romantic?

95. How many chocolates would a girl have to share with you for you to kiss her?

96. If I entrust you with a little romantic secret, what would your response be?

97. What would you have to have an affair so that you don’t care about time or money?

98. What is your favorite part of your body?

Use these questions to ask my boyfriend what you miss since he’s far away and they need something to lift their spirits

It is very common to find questions that everyone wants to ask but very few answer. That is why trust is important. And you earn trust with your attitude, not with the words you say. If you ask these uncomfortable questions in an empathic way, the guy in the chat will feel more confident.

99. How do you like your girl to dress, how she wants or how you want?

100. Do you accept suggestions on how to cut your girl’s hair?

101. What kind of girls do you like to play with?

102. Are the clothes you wear custom-made or were you lucky?

103. What is the attitude that makes you fall in love with a woman the most?

104. If I lived in front of your house, would you spy on my window?

105. Do you need a drink to make you a little more cheerful?

106. Have you ever had an outrageous fight with your girl?

107. What would you not forgive your girlfriend that you love with all your soul?

108. Have you ever given in to the advances of your girlfriend’s friend?

109. Do you usually lie for love?

110. Has your girlfriend ever caught you flirting with her best friend?

111. What do you think about when your girlfriend prefers the chat to talk to you?

112. Have you ever had a summer love?

In short, getting one person interested in another is a matter of attitude. If the boy you like or your boyfriend does not take the initiative, take it yourself. A practical and fun way is to use questions that may be uncomfortable, but they are used to make conversation with a boy in the chat.