Questions for a girl you like, 110 ways to win her over

Women fall in love with small details capable of creating emotional intimacy. This is where the following questions for a girl you like can be magical if you use them properly. When you ask questions capable of creating such intimacy that you fall in love, no woman resists.

To achieve emotional intimacy with the girl you like, you just have to create a very positive and happy environment. A woman relaxes and becomes confident when she laughs. Two strangers conversing can create such intimacy that you could fall in love in less than an hour.

Let’s see the best questions to get to know someone you like better to gain her trust and make her fall in love. We know that love improves thanks to the time that a couple interacts and knows each other more. But thanks to some interesting questions to ask a girl a good love can also be born.

Questions to ask a girl in order to get to know her better and better

If there is a girl you like, the most urgent thing is to meet her. Will it really be how you think it is? Sometimes one begins to create expectations that make us fall in love and then when we meet her in person, nothing is how we think. We often say, I am disappointed, but she is not guilty of what we imagine.

The following questions to ask a girl you like can get her to believe that intimacy to get to know her better. It is easier to get to know a person by knowing their tastes, beliefs, preferences, opinions, and by looking into their eyes. Also, your words can make her fall in love.

1. What invention seems so ugly to you that you don’t understand for what purpose it was created?

2. Is there anything in your pocket that you would presume to show?

3. What’s the funniest piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

4. What do you think people think when they look at you?

5. Are you happy with something you did in the past?

6. With what movement and facial gesture would a dance created by you begin?

7. If God put notes on each area of ​​your life, what quality would you like to see first?

8. What wisdom would you have liked to have when you were younger?

9. If you were given $ 50,000 to improve your home, what improvements would you make?

10. What was the last thing that made you laugh until you cry?

Questions you should ask a girl you like to make her fall in love with you

The following questions work to make someone fall in love with you in a few minutes. For this to happen you have to get involved in a very positive way and with a great sense of humor. Being sweet is also very important to the girl you like when you ask her any of these questions.

The questions you should ask a woman should seek positive answers. Your goal is to create a bond of emotional intimacy powerful enough to build trust very quickly. Respect, details, looking straight ahead, and appreciating are essential to make a girl fall in love.

11. What is your favorite love story?

12. If you had more time, what would you like to do?

13. Do you have hunches about things that are going to happen to you?

14. What would you do if one day you woke up and all your family and neighbors disappeared?

15. What is the funniest lie someone has ever told you?

16. What would you never put in a piñata?

17. Is there a word that people use that you think is unpleasant?

18. Have you ever had a problem with someone and now you greet him like nothing?

19. What great world problem would you like to dedicate your life to solving it?

20. Do you think there are jobs that would disappear if people communicated more?

Love questions for a woman should arouse her curiosity and tenderness

The best questions to conquer a woman should be very simple and clear. Forget about complicating things. If you proceed with the appropriate respect, tenderness, and security, your questions to make a woman fall in love can be infallible.

To ask your crush these questions, start with small talk. Try to make her laugh, and only when the weather turns cool does she start asking. Do not force her to respond to you, consider her silence or her laugh as a response.

21. Do you have a favorite color to dress when you are happy?

22. What is the strangest application you saw on your friends’ phones?

23. What’s your new favorite way to meet new guys?

24. Do you think your life will improve with true love or when you surpass yourself?

25. Have you ever had a friend so spoiled that you were ashamed to be around him?

26. What is the accent that you like the most in the regions of your country?

27. What website has completely changed your life?

28. Doing what things makes you feel like you are living your favorite moment?

29. Do you admire someone even though they were your greatest rival?

30. What is the ugliest thing you ever heard someone say to another person?

You can use these questions to flirt on WhatsApp, but without being pushy

You can use the questions to make the girl you like to fall in love with start a relaxed chat in a good mood. The purpose of these questions is not only to chat with someone you like but to discover their personality. If you can get the best of her, she will love you.

Thanks to these questions for a woman who likes you, you can discover a personality trait that you might not like. To know more about her it is important that you achieve emotional intimacy. It may be that it is nothing of what you imagine, or it may be that it is much more.

31. Thanks to the internet, do you know and read more or fewer books?

32. What knowledge of the world do you think your life would change?

33. Would you like to be a girl again at this time or another?

34. Do you have nightmare thoughts or dreams?

35. What do you like the most about everything you do?

36. What job would you like to never be replaced by machines?

37. Is there something that gets complicated in your life the more you think about it?

38. What things do you no longer tolerate at your age but they keep happening to you?

39. Is there a cheesy song that you love?

40. Have you ever convinced someone with something very ridiculous?

Good questions to make a girl you like for a long time laugh

Sometimes a man does not know how to reach that point of confidence to tell him that he likes him as a woman. What to ask a girl on WhatsApp to make her realize that she likes you? The problem is to get complicated when the simplest works very well.

If you have the opportunity to meet a girl you like, nothing better than some funny questions to liven up the conversation. Nothing better than a pleasant, relaxed chat with a very good mood to meet and gain the trust of a beautiful woman.

41. What part of the story would you like to know in all its versions?

42. Is there something you are obsessed with lately?

43. Have you ever lost a lot of money on something silly?

44. Is there something you love and do that could surprise someone else?

45. What is your favorite clothes that you would wear all year?

46. ​​Do you think that any tradition no longer has a place at this time?

47. Have you ever prevented a disaster of your own or of a friend in time?

48. What silly things were you afraid of when you were a child?

49. What would you like at your job, a good raise or a good vacation?

50. Is there a place in your city that you would like to go for a walk?

Questions to ask an interesting woman who looked at you for a moment

They say that if we do not understand one look less we will understand a long explanation. If a woman looks at you it is obvious that you have a chance to meet her. We don’t know what can happen, but you can make sure you are fun, positive, and very sweet.

According to the circumstances, there are always some infallible questions to fall in love with someone like that girl you like. Avoid awkward or overly personal questions. Tricky or spicy questions are not good either as they can be uncomfortable.

51. What would you change immediately in your life if you were told that you have one year to live?

52. Have you ever done something embarrassing out of work or out of obligation?

53. What movie that you have already seen several times would you like to see again?

54. Do you think any change from our time will look ridiculous in the future?

55. Do you have a good example that curiosity can kill a cat?

56. What ability, in most people, do you think the world would change?

57. Have you ever read a scary message on WhatsApp?

58. Do you find any fact in the history of the world fanciful and ridiculous?

59. Is there a movie character that you admire and would like to meet?

60. How do you think your life and your friendships would change if you become a millionaire?

If you are looking for entertaining questions to conquer a woman, try these

Perhaps it has already happened to you that you start a conversation with a girl you just met and suddenly the conversation is cut off. With our questions, the conversation will be relaxed for the time necessary so that there is trust with the girl you like.

Don’t expect everything to happen magically. You have to prepare. An insecure or very clever man chases women away. You have to learn to balance tenderness, respect, humor, and romantic subtlety. It will be worth the risk.

61. What personality traits attract you to men?

62. Do you think there are too idealized things in our culture?

63. Is there a book that you looked for very interested and then when you read it you were disappointed?

64. Are there some things that always motivate you and other things that make you sad?

65. What works best for you to cheer up a depressed friend?

66. What was your favorite movie as a child?

67. Which famous person would you like to spy on their WhatsApp messages?

68. Has someone ever told you that you couldn’t handle something and you made them see that you were worth it?

69. Is there something in which you did not believe before and now you do?

70. What is the characteristic that bothers you the most in people?

These questions can also be for a friend that you like a lot

The best questions to fall in love and be intimate with someone are the ones that you enjoy yourself and also answer. Your sense of humor is very important so that asking is not seen as interrogation. Also if she is not in the mood it is better to change the conversation.

If that special girl you like is your friend, you can start with these questions at any time. In addition, according to the circumstances, you can evaluate the moment and modify the questions. Also, take the liberty of coming up with your own questions.

71. Is there a movie that you thought was great in the past and now you don’t?

72. Have you ever, to please a friend, go to see a bad movie and it turned out great?

73. What retro thing would you like to see become fashionable?

74. What would your attitude be if you get over that the third war is going to start in your city?

75. What truth would you like to know about your family and your best friend?

76. What would you do if you found out that the guy you were dating is a spy for a suitor?

77. What do you think is the truth that people should hear, but don’t want to?

78. What things do you like to talk about all day?

79. What is the rarest characteristic in a person that you admire?

80. What things excite you the most?

Questions to make that special girl fall in love with you so much

The most important of these questions to make that special person fall in love is your energy. Your body language says and does more than words. Therefore, when you fall in love with that special girl that you like so much, be aware that you speak with your whole body.

Keep in mind that the goal with that girl you like is not just to answer your questions, but to look at you. For that, you must create a fun and trustworthy climate. Thanks to your attitude and not only to the questions, but you will also be able to start more and more interesting conversations.

81. Do you remember a great book, movie, or series with a disappointing ending?

82. Do you know someone who is always positive in all circumstances?

83. Is there something you would like to see taught from schools?

84. What is your favorite funniest memory?

85. Has it ever appeared on any clothing or accessory that you desperately wanted to buy?

86. In the morning do you have any reason to wake up happy or do you rather want to continue sleeping?

87. What would you do if when you got home you found a suitcase of two million dollars?

88. What unique color would you paint your house if by law it could not be painted in several colors?

89. Do you have a question that you always want to ask but are afraid of looking silly?

90. What warning about yourself would you like to wear on your body?

Questions to make anyone fall in love quickly

These are open-ended questions that you can use to inspire your own questions. Keep in mind that these are emotional issues. If you get to excite the girl you like, these questions will reveal her tastes, passions, and fears.

The best thing about a good love relationship is that the two of you know each other well. Therefore, with these questions, in a fun and original way, you will show your most positive side. The result will be that she takes an interest in you, she can’t stop thinking about how fun and interesting you are.

91. Does any fear haunt you even now since you were a child?

92. If you woke up on 2200, after being surprised by everything, what would you want to know?

93. Are you happy with any decision you made in the past?

94. Do you have a family member who is always super funny?

95. What do you like the most about the place where you were born?

96. When you go to the shower, sing, think of something special, or what?

97. Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor that you always choose?

98. What makes you see and feel someone as a good person?

99. Is there something funny that you still laugh at that you did last week?

100. Can you imagine a trailer about the movie of your life?

Questions to make a smart and difficult woman fall in love on WhatsApp

Even when you chat on WhatsApp, your body language should show a lot of optimism and good humor. That way, the girl you like will capture your questions in a very positive way. Remember that good communication is positive energy.

Especially when it comes to questions to conquer a woman what matters is the way you communicate. Do not think that by being behind your cell phone you will not notice it. Also, value their responses. No matter how simple you are, respect, be tender, and be grateful.

101. Have you already thought about the type of woman you want to be when you are 10 years older?

102. In what kind of relationships would you like to have magic?

103. What habit do you think would help a couple to be happy forever?

104. What personalized organ with technology would you like to have in the future?

105. What question would you like a man to answer for you to choose him?

106. In which company do you think you would be very happy working?

107. Can you imagine a strange question for someone you want to impress?

108. If you could do any miracle for 5 minutes, what would you do?

109. Which movie character would you like to take a walk on the beach?

110. What would you do right now if you were with the boy you are passionate about?

In short, so that everything goes better for you falling in love with that girl you like, ask your questions with good humor. Girls love confident men with a very good mood. If she does not respond, do not resent yourself, rather fill yourself with optimism and persist.