5 essential steps to letting go of someone who doesn’t want you back


Anguish is a drag. You’re in love and everyone is happy, get lucky for a second, and then Boom! Out of nowhere, you are sad and lonely, crying on your floor at night wishing you could turn back time. Sadly, you can’t, which sucks. Somehow, the things we love the most don’t turn out to be the best option for us after all. It’s fine. No one said heartbreak and having to let go of someone you really love was going to be easy. So get out of bed and get up and shine. Look at the bright side of this disaster. Take a step toward the positive outlook and the prospect of your breakup. Use it as energy for your soul to be better. Who said breakups have to be so melodramatic? Neither! So do what you want!


Even if you don’t want to let it go

The hardest part and time of having to let someone or something go is… sometimes you don’t always want to let them go and you’re not always ready. You were definitely not ready for this. So why would you want to let it go? I know. It is very unfair and not pleasant. I’m sure you’re not the only one having a hard time. During a breakup, it affects both parties. It depends on the particular part of how you want to deal with having to let go. Even if they don’t want to. This goes for those of you who are the party that doesn’t want to let loose. Don’t get obsessed to the point of losing yourself. Yes, that person was once a part of you, but before your relationship, there was a time when you had no idea that this person existed. So don’t limit yourself when it comes to this breakup. Everybody has a history with someone

5 essential steps to letting go of someone who doesn’t want you back

Breakups can be complicated and you are rarely prepared to have your heartbroken, so you most likely don’t know where to start when you need to deal with the loss of a relationship. Your mind is probably exhausted and your heartaches. Most likely, he is crying and probably cannot think clearly. This means that right now is not the time to do anything rash. So, put important decision-making and life choices aside or in the back of your mind for now. I would hate for you to do something that you regret because you made up your mind when you were too angry or sad. You want to be mature when it comes to heartbreak. Make sure to keep this in mind when faced with certain situations. One more time I know it’s hard But I know you know all the drama isn’t worth it So with that being said, let me help you a bit with your relationship issues. Let me point you in the right direction when it comes to letting go. Here are 5 essential steps to letting go of someone who doesn’t want you back:


1 learn to love and be good to yourself

This is a great step in letting go of the person you love. When you really love yourself, you never have to guess if you should move on. You should automatically know that this relationship has come to an end, and while it hurts, you shouldn’t blame yourself or anyone else. You will know and be at peace with the thought that all good things must come to an end and nothing is forever. So if you lack love for yourself, learn to let yourself go. Learn to forgive even if that person doesn’t apologize. Sometimes we need to love ourselves enough not to look back, and sometimes not looking back is the best thing you can do for yourself. Change those negative thoughts that you keep thinking and the negative words that you spread when you speak. Filter and purify your internal thought process when it comes to this person. Learn to talk to yourself and love yourself in the same way that you did with your ex, friend, or person that you are trying to let go of or want to let go of.

2. make time for yourself and meditate

Take the time to be alone. That doesn’t mean you stop worrying about your friends, family, or other loved ones. It just means making sure you take time out of your busy days to appreciate yourself. Of course, you can always try to take care of others, but sometimes you need to put yourself first and be more loving to yourself. Believe me, It’s something you’ll want more often if you haven’t already. A good example of how to use your time for yourself is learning to meditate. Meditation comes in all its forms. Laughing, breathing, resting your eyes, a minute of silence, or anything that takes care of the tranquility of the mind or the tranquility of the mind is meditation. So take the time and be alone. You will be surprised how this benefits you.


3. Stay busy

One sure way that you can always stop thinking about your ex and let him go is to stop sulking and keep busy. This is something you will have to want to do to see if it works to help you let go of your ex. Most importantly, it will help you stop worrying so much about your ex. When you stop paying so much attention to your sadness and unhappiness and focus on other things like going out to new places and traveling, watching a movie, meeting new people, pursuing other hobbies, etc. Stay busy and you will probably never realize when you even stopped thinking about your ex. A good way to keep busy is to take up new hobbies, learn new things, read new books, or learn a new life skill.

4. “This too will pass”

Remember that everything changes. Life doesn’t stop and sometimes we have to let go of the things we love and cherish the most. Sometimes it is painful and you will probably feel like it will never get easier, but it will be. If you have the “This too will pass” mentality then you will flow more easily with life when the going gets tough. Everything is life is constantly changing. Change is inevitable. So convince yourself that all good things must come to an end. Be there and carry on happy with the rest of your life.

5. family and friends

Everyone has a family and a good friend or two. So, when life gets tough and you’re not sure how you’re going to let go of your ex and move on … what better way to cure that loneliness than to surround yourself with the people who love and care about you the most… .your family and friends! Family and friends can do a lot for you in difficult times like these. Sometimes they have the best advice on how to let go of someone special to you and sometimes they don’t… but their advice makes you laugh. That’s why they made you happy and forgot for a second why you were so sad. Friends and family want to help. Most importantly, they want to know how you feel and what you want them to do to help you feel better.



Closure… ahhh closure… Many people agree to disagree on this particular issue because it has its pros and cons. Although, in my personal opinion, I believe one thing, in particular, anyone who has spent more than a year or more in a relationship and it has ended needs closure. This is for both parties. Because the breakup involves and includes both parties, that means that both people will be affected in one way or another and will have negative thoughts and opinions about the previous relationship and the couple and will live in grudges and will eventually need closure to get back on. be healthy. You think you can let go of someone and you don’t want to look back, but little do you know that to move forward in a healthy way you need to receive a proper closure. On the contrary,


Letting go is loving yourself

Letting go is loving yourself. Simple enough right? If you want to let go of this person who makes you feel so sad, you must understand that you need to love yourself. This is the absolute number one rule in practically everything in life. LOVE YOURSELF! There is no greater power, strength, and courage than self-love. It is incredibly important to know and do it. A very healthy person is one who can truly say that he loves himself completely. Once you do this, you can do anything. Especially getting over and letting go of someone you really loved. Be true to yourself and learn to love yourself again. I swear it will be worth it.

Remember to keep smiling

Last but not least, I want you lovely people to remember to keep smiling! Never let anyone take your smile away. Your smile is your way of letting the world know that nothing is going to bring you down, not even yourself. I know it can be difficult because life can be unfair, petty, and cruel to your heart at times, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop smiling that bright, joyous smile of yours. Does a flower stop smelling so sweet and looking so bright on a cloudy and rainy day? Of course not! It may be a bit worn and battered, but it maintains a beautiful color and elegant smell regardless of the weather. So be a flower and continue to show the world your natural and radiant beauty!