15 ingenious tips to make your wife happy and love you more


Marriage takes a lot of effort. For a couple to be happy, the wife has a role to play that makes her husband satisfied, while the husband has his own set of roles to keep his wife happy. However, sometimes it is a bit difficult for a man to keep his wife happy. Some of the factors that affect him are his work commitments that are meant to keep his wife and make her happy, as well as his pressures. But despite your busy work schedule, you can still make your wife happy and fall in love with you, and make her love you more, if you know what to do. You should be aware that women are temperamental, downright nasty at times, and emotional beings. But once you love a woman you feel complete like never before. But sometimes when you don’t get into his grace, you wonder what kind of husband you are if you can’t make your wife happy. When you were dating her, everything was going so well that you got down on your knees and proposed to her, but after you got married, your relationship might have started to take a different direction. There are countless ways a husband and wife argue and cross their wires and it gets so dramatic. It is normal for people who live together. You used to argue with your siblings or the children in your neighborhood, even ending in fights. Correct? That is the same case. Women are unpredictable at times and it could be the main reason a man is confused about how to impress and make his wife happy! Sometimes, a man’s effort to make his better half happy doesn’t work out as expected. The mystery between couples will never end, but here are 15 clever tips to make your wife happy and love you more.

1. Kiss your wife every morning

An easy one, right? How much will it cost you to kiss her before getting out of bed? Absolutely nothing! Sometimes it’s the little priceless things we do that help make our relationships work, including kissing your wife on the cheek, forehead, or lips. Kissing your wife is just a small and simple gesture, and if you get used to doing it every morning, it will mean a lot to her and make her happy. Women are emotional, and that kiss on your wife can help melt whatever it is she was harboring on her mind. Feeling your lips touch hers or her forehead will make her feel like there is no one else in the world that you would rather wake up or sleep next to. When you receive that free gift for your wife every morning, not only will you be happy,

2. Always remind her that you love her

There is this story about a farmer that you have probably heard. The farmer married his wife in a colorful wedding and after exchanging vows, he told the wife that since he had said “I love you”, he would not have to tell her that unless something changed and he would let her know if he did. Understanding how women are created, you probably weren’t happy after that. It is possible that expressing your affection to your wife is unnecessary, too much, a little strange, or maybe you are shy with your wife. That should not be the case. She is your wife and you should make her happy by telling her that you love her countless times. She thinks you need to do it, and she will be happy if you realize that.

3. She is happy when she talks to you, make it a daily habit

The mistakes most men make are coming home drunk, tired, or in a bad mood and simply falling onto the couch, turning on the television and putting all their attention there, or going straight to bed and sleeping. When you do that to your wife, don’t complain when she gets attention from other guys. She’s probably not happy that you’re not engaging her in conversations and decides to look for that elsewhere. Regardless of how busy you are, find some time for your wife, even if it’s 15 minutes that you can easily find during lunch breaks. But don’t say you’ll talk to her at night when you’re so exhausted and about to go to bed, that won’t count. We are talking about conversations with her during the day. You can talk to her over dinner a phone call at lunchtime, when you’re having breakfast before going to work, or a 10-minute conversation while sitting on the couch. She will be happy.

4. Don’t yell at her

If she did something wrong and you want to communicate and discuss it with her, do it discreetly. Yelling at your wife will drive her crazy and will never solve anything other than destroying marriages. When you raise your voice towards your wife, she feels like an angry and endangered animal. Everyone makes mistakes, and you probably never liked your parents yelling at you when you were little. Take her hand and help her relax, then speak to her in a pleasant and pleasant tone. Your wife will apologize and there will be a better chance that she won’t be wrong again. You can’t solve the problem by yelling at her and it won’t make her happy either. Do you want your marriage to work? Make sure you don’t do anything to make her unhappy.

5. Make her happy by remembering the important things

Guys see anniversaries and birthdays like any other day, but women see them as important days. Naturally, women want to be teased from time to time. Valentine’s Day is more for them than for men, and when such important days for her are not recognized by her husband, she will not be happy, but rather angry that he forgot. If you can remember the members of your baseball team and the statistics they played, but don’t remember when you said “Yes,” it is quite serious and you will make your wife less happy without knowing it. It’s like saying you don’t care that much and she will crush you for it.

6. Support your wife

Most successful and successful husbands have equally successful wives with them. You have the responsibility to train your wife and she will be happy one day to tell you that you gave her the wings to fly. When you build your wife’s confidence in her abilities, you definitely make her happy knowing that you want her to be successful. On the other hand, don’t be sarcastic with her. It will degrade it and not help build it.

7. Act like you’re interested in what she has to say

Sometimes your wife may tell you some stories that may be endless, dramatic, boring, illogical, or totally, and you feel like it’s ringing in your ears, but when you act like you’re paying attention, it will mean a lot to your wife and make her happy. and satisfied that it was removed from her breast. Imagine yourself in a boardroom and your boss’s presentation is boring, but you should pay attention as a sign of respect. You can also do that with your wife because you love her and you are happy when she is happy.

8. Procrastination is a damn killer!

When your wife asks you to do something, do it right away, even if it means quitting what you’re doing. She could have asked him to fix something, take care of something, or come pick up the kids from school. Procrastination will make your wife angry and she will start an argument that she could have avoided. You will also look irresponsible, something that turns women off. Think of it like this: doing what she asked you could be beneficial to you too.

9. Say thank you! Makes her happy

She surely does laundry every day and it is mandatory for her. As your wife, it is your duty to do chores around the house and you may not be appreciated for it. Let your wife know that you are happy with her role in the house and show some gratitude. She will be happy to hear that you noticed her efforts.

10. Give hersome space

Your wife may love your company, but she also wants to be independent. Basically, all you need is some time alone without the kids and you. She could be doing something that requires a lot of attention. Your wife will appreciate it and be happy if you give her some alone time and become aware of your feelings. You can promise to take care of things when she’s busy doing her thing.

11. Kiss and hug whenever you are together

This is one of the main tips. Do you remember how you used to hold your wife’s hand, kiss her gently, and hold her waist when she was in love with you and before you got married? You need to do that often. It makes her happy. Always romance and woo her every day if possible. Remember, your goal is to be physically close to her. She will be happy and love you more.


12. Congratulate her often

Every now and then, she needs you to notice your appearance and pay attention to it. Reminding your wife that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever met will make her happy. Be sincere with your compliments. She shouldn’t imagine that you’re faking it. Your wife could be putting a bit of effort into her appearance just for you and you should appreciate her.

13. Send your wife some notes frequently

This is something your wife might not ask for, but there is nothing more enjoyable for women than receiving little messages of love from their husbands. When you find something that reminds you of your wife, take a picture, caption it, and send it to her, and she might find some tips to please you, too. Your wife will be happy to know that you are thinking of her and that she will always be on your mind. And it is not difficult. You can also send a short text.

14. Open yourself up to her

The silent husband does well in the movies, but not in real life. His wife is happy to hear about his life, what happened on the day, and the car he plans to buy. When your wife knows what stresses you and makes you happy, she feels involved in your life. Your wife really cares about how your day was and when you ask questions, don’t reply with one-word answers. Elaborate, or else you will get mad.


15. Stay clean 

Another way to make your wife happy is to be clean, sanitary, and maintain a certain dignity. The most necessary thing is to shower, shave and brush your teeth as you are supposed to. Women value hygiene and want their partners to be as clean as possible. Therefore, smelling fresh will make your wife happy knowing that she realized what she wanted.

Making your wife happy is vital if you want your marriage to work. A happy wife translates to a happy family and if your wife has a crush on you, she will do anything to make your children successful. All you need to do is give him credit and put some happiness on his face and consider the tips above.