How to get a guy’s attention without even talking to him

Crushing on someone?

It’s always a bit frustrating not being noticed by the guy you’ve been in love with for years. Men are simple creatures; This may sound like a bad thing, but at least they are easier to attract. Laying their eyes on you is as easy as cake. Making the first move is difficult, so let him make the first move for you. It makes life more fun and easy. It’s best when everything is plain and simple, so don’t play hard to get. Take your time to get your guy’s attention and let him get to you first. Here are some ways you can get your guy’s attention and make him fall in love with you even without talking to him.

1. Dress in a flattering way

Your sense of style is what your crush will first notice about you unconsciously. So, dress up to entice him to look at you. Wear something that you are comfortable with; never go for the type of clothing that doesn’t make you feel safe. Use something that works for you. Why not try red? Red brings out the best in everyone. The color red is believed to make a woman look more attractive and approachable. It can drive your boy crazy. There is no need to dress up for your guy unless you want him to pay attention to you. So don’t regret it when you try to impress him with your wardrobe collection. This is an easy way to get your guy to notice you without talking to him.

2. Use makeup

Honestly, guys are a bit dumb, so even when your eyeliner has smudged or lip color faded, you might not care because you might not know anything about makeup. But to get your guy’s attention, all you have to do is look clean and fresh. A look that highlights your natural beauty will impress and make you fall in love. But it’s also up to your guy, so focus on what he likes best so he’ll notice you instead of being generic. If you’ve stalked him enough on Facebook to know your guy’s taste, then go ahead and wear makeup that you know he would love. But if you don’t, then it is advisable to stick to common and classic makeup styles. Guys are believed to notice a woman with pretty, cute eyes or a sassy lip. To make sure you don’t miss out on this perk, wear a little makeup. Don’t try too hard trying to impress by overdoing your makeup, you’ll just end up getting a weird look from it. It is always advisable to search for something rather than wait and not do things last. So go ahead and captivate him with your killer look without talking to him.

3. Love yourself

Being in love with yourself is not easy. It takes work at first, but when you’re natural, it’s easier for you to get your guy’s attention. When you love yourself that increases your level of confidence. Being confident is a way to get your guy’s attention instead of just sitting in a corner to text someone else how you would like them to look at you. Your guy will notice you when you love yourself more and when you are completely satisfied with your life. Your guy may want to get closer to you just to get to know you better when he notices this quality in you. Build a bold and beautiful self to captivate your boy’s attention by loving yourself. This is a great way to get your guy to notice you without talking to him.

4. Be a fun-loving girl

If you are a fun-loving girl, you will find yourself drawing crowds all the time. Live in the moment, have fun, enjoy life as it comes. When your life is a party, it’s easier for your guy to notice. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend to have a fun life. Just be true to yourself and let her see the real you, rather than pretending to look like a fun girl. Nothing gets your guy’s attention more than having a great life. It would seem to your boy that being around you would also improve his life. This quality would help you easily get your boy’s attention. You don’t sit sadly in the corner waiting for someone to talk to you while you’re on a texting app or using Facebook. None of this is going to happen when you appear to be reserved and in a bad mood.

5. Never look desperate

When trying to get your boy’s attention, never let him know that you are desperate for him to notice you. You may not know that your behavior is sending you signals that show you desperately crave your attention. Never do this as this could drive your boy away. It would be great to make eye contact with him every now and then and then look away. Staring at it too long could only send spooky signals that would scare him away. Be casual around him in public. Give him a smile or two when he looks at you. Take your time, he will notice eventually as boys are visual creatures. He will definitely never miss looking at you. This is a great way to get their attention.

6. Be accessible

Everyone is afraid of rejection and so is your boy. So it’s wise to make sure you send him a vibe that he’s friendly and approachable, rather than grumpy and angry. To make him feel like you are friendly and approachable, even if you are someone new to him, make sure he sees your confidence. Never hunch over, fidget, use Facebook, or text around him. All of this will send signals that he is not interested and will turn him away from you. Sending your guy a positive aura could draw your guy’s attention to you. This is a sure way to get your guy’s attention without talking.

7. Add him on social media

This may sound a bit silly, but it can get you to notice it even through Facebook without looking like a stalker. With today’s technological advances, even this is possible. To be noticed by your guy through Facebook, your mutual friend is necessary. Check your friend’s Facebook feed regularly when you see your crush’s posts and be sure to post a short text comment. Keep it very casual so it doesn’t look a bit creepy. Let your mutual friend on Facebook know that you have a crush on that particular guy and are trying to get him to notice you. Most likely they will help you. Getting them tagged in their posts will also help you get your guy’s attention. This is a crazy but effective way to get your guy’s attention without talking to him and getting him to notice you. Try it!

8. Bump into him 

When you want to get your guy’s attention, make sure you know their common interests. Try to meet him from time to time without looking obvious or he might think that you are stalking him. Seeing him in the same places on a regular basis can send signals that you share common interests and is an easy way to get your guy’s attention. This will send him subtle signs that could make him ask you out. Don’t make the mistake of being too available to him, as it could make your guy think that you have nothing better to do with your life than stalk him. Show him that he is not your only interest and that you have many other wonderful things to do in your life. This independent quality will grab your guy’s attention no matter what. So when I make the first move

9. Stay busy

Make sure you don’t miss your life while trying to get their attention. Always get involved in important things and your guy will definitely adore you for being a busy bee. Guys find girls who are always busy with things to do more attractive, and if you are one, then it is easier to get their attention. You can throw a few glances at her from time to time, but make it look casual. Let him take his time to appreciate you even when you are looking away. When you find him looking at you when you are not looking at him, it is a great sign that he is interested in you and that you have caught his attention without speaking.

These tricks can easily get your guy’s attention, but if you’re looking for a relationship with your crush, you need to be yourself. Never pretend things to get her attention and make her like you. Remember never to change and pretend to be someone you are not. A relationship will not last forever if it is based on a fake person. Now that you’ve gotten his attention if he doesn’t seem eager to make the next move and ask you out, be brave. You should ask him out. Life is short and there is no time to waste thinking too much about whether he likes you or not. Be confident and make the next move. Take things into your own hands.

If he makes the first move, then you are very lucky. Congratulate yourself for making this happen. Let her know your little tricks after a while after your relationship begins. It would be fun to tease him for falling in love with you. Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If your guy rejects you, don’t be mad. Hopefully, this will never happen as there are very few men who would turn down a girl like you. Now that you know these tips and tricks, you can easily get anyone’s attention. All the best and have a happy love life!