10 sad signs your husband is no longer attracted to you

Are you busy or has love faded?

In marriage, many kinds of doubts arise from time to time. Sometimes, the distance or the problems of living together cause many more problems than we would like. If this happens to you and you don’t know if your partner is still in love with you, just check this article and find out. We have compiled some signs that may indicate that your husband is falling out of love with you and some tips on what to do in this painful situation.

We have all doubted at some point in our life and at some point in a relationship with our husband’s feelings, and we admit it: you do it now. Over time, it is normal to ask if the person you are married to is still in love with you, a question that usually arises when we notice a change in behavior, in the way he addresses us, in his details, etc. Especially if we have been with our partner for a long time, it is normal that somehow doubts arise more frequently. Trips, arguments, coexistence problems, children … They can make the relationship with our husbands change and become somewhat more monotonous.

10 sad signs your husband is no longer attracted to you

We have said enough about the situation you are probably going through. We know that it is hard, and the more time that passes for your relationship to be like this, the worse it will be when it comes to solving the situation. That’s why we will give you 10 sad signs that your husband is no longer attracted to you. Check them out and look for them in your husband. Here we go:


1. Doesn’t want to make plans with you

Imagine this: whenever you talk about a possible trip in a few months or something more serious like having children, you immediately change the subject. Not wanting to make plans with a person can indicate that something is not right. The act of planning something, especially if it is long-term, implies a certain commitment, so it can create a problem if the person no longer feels the same as before.

2. Gives you little or no affection

We are not affection every second of the whole day. In addition, it will depend on the mood of the person and the moment in which he is. But if you were a much more loving person before and now you never are, maybe something is wrong. The most appropriate thing is to speak it openly and thus know if you are simply going through a moment when you do not have much affection or if there is a deeper reason for the lack of love.

3. You are no longer interested in talking deeply

Something that is fundamental to any marriage or, indeed, any relationship, is to talk about deep things and let everything out from time to time. Actually, sometimes it is quite necessary as it allows you to honestly express all your feelings and thoughts. If you were a married couple who were used to love these kinds of moments and conversations, but now it seems that they are no longer interested, you are in trouble. Since he has lost interest in your talks, he has probably lost interest in you.

4. He prioritizes other people or plans over you

Of course, in a healthy relationship, it’s important to have time for yourself and make plans outside of marriage, but it’s also important to spend time together. If every time a plan comes up with friends, co-workers, family, or any other activity, he signs up and doesn’t include you, it may be because he doesn’t feel like spending time with you. Maybe he is also trying to avoid you and spending time with other people and in other places that you are not could be the perfect solution for him. It’s quite painful, I know.

5. Don’t leave his phone

Is your husband not taking his eyes off his phone anymore? Do you take it to the bathroom? That excessive attention to the phone can be an indicator that something is not going as it should. We are not just talking about talking to someone else that you might like, but that they have a lack of interest and are more entertained with anything they can see on their cell phone than with spending time with you or with you.

6. You always make every move

He no longer texts you, no longer has the initiative to do anything fun with you, seems better or just than you. Come on, you basically have the feeling that I could live perfectly without you. When they really do something together it is because they proposed it, the same goes for text messages, calls, or talks. Keep an eye out for this one because it means a lot to his marriage – he’s just not that interested in you anymore.

7. Intimacy is no longer the same

Whether it is because the frequency in which you made love has dropped a lot or because you feel that you no longer do it with the same passion, intimacy is a great indicator of the state of the marriage. But wait, don’t panic if this happens for a short period of time. It could happen to anyone. You should be concerned when the situation has dragged on overtime.

8. What he says

Nobody makes the decision to break a relationship in one day, there are previous indications that can often be observed at the level of language. Perhaps after an argument or at the most unexpected moment, he says hurtful things to you. But not that kind of stupid thing someone says in a heated argument, no. I mean deeper things that let you know that things are not the same anymore. If this starts to happen in your marriage, don’t expect it to last long.

9. He is absent

From a social point of view, others perceive you as a couple. However, the bond is broken and she doesn’t really feel like her husband because her partner is absent from this story. When you take stock of the quality moments shared in common in recent months, these are very few. It is as if each of you has a different life that has nothing to do with the other. As if the two of you weren’t really married.

10. Loss of confidence

A sign as obvious and devastating as heartbreak is distrust. You don’t trust him anymore and he doesn’t trust you anymore. It may be for something specific because they have lied or simply because they no longer consider themselves allies and partners in life. If you are living a love story with these signs, be clear that the story is not actually a loved one. Dependence, inertia, or addiction, but does not love …

What to do if I am faced with the situation now?

Regarding all these signs, it is very important that you consider what your partner was like before you had any doubts about their feelings. If your partner was just as distant and had these signs when you first met, then you have nothing to worry about.

Also, be a bit flexible; sometimes we do not feel the same every day, or we are going through a problem that worries us at a given moment. Give it at least one chance if you’ve been with your partner for a long time.

Another option that we recommend is to talk to your husband and find out what is wrong with him. Many times we do not say what happens to our lover because we do not want to involve him in our personal problems. So you can more objectively determine whether or not it has changed, or is just temporary.


We really don’t want the terrible feeling of knowing that your husband doesn’t love anyone anymore, but we also want to help anyone figure this out so they can move on and recover from a heartbreaker easier and faster. That is why this article is perfect for anyone who is doubting their current marriage: use it for yourself if this is your case, or share it with someone you know is going through something similar.

We hope we have helped you understand what is happening in your marriage and remember: be strong! You can get over this, even if it seems like the ned of the world.