What Real Men Want in a Woman

Surely you are wondering what do men really want in a woman ?, Here I bring you the answer!

Although it is true that all men are a different world, there are certain peculiarities that they share when looking for a stable partner, which are not exactly physical.

Although it sounds a bit unreal, due to male stigmatization, men also think, seriously, about the characteristics they want the woman of their dreams to have.

Like women, guys look for their complement, their other half, their better half, their soul mate or whatever you want to call them.

Read the following list of things that emotionally mature men look for in a girl and discover what real men want in a woman.

Become an expert seductress and, why not, the ideal woman that everyone wants by their side.



Authentic, original women with a touch of madness are those who manage to captivate men without much effort.

This is because they have a free and adventurous spirit, open to possibilities.

Also, these girls always have good ideas and routine or monotonous activities are not in their plans.

Do you want to enchant a man? Bet on the changes, transform your appearance a little, bring out your true essence and be unique!

You will see that they will always prefer you.


What men really want in a woman is that she be inspiring, that she does not depend on anyone to be happy and that she has many purposes and goals in life.

They want their partner to be successful, visionary, capable of making smart decisions, and seeking stability.

Therefore, if you thought that boys loved weak and dependent women, you are very wrong!

They find it incredibly attractive a girl who has her own space and, more than this, who possesses both financial and emotional independence.


This quality is very important because it has a lot to do with emotional intelligence, which men appreciate and is one of the characteristics of what real men want in a woman.

Men want a balanced, positive and confident woman.

It is important that he knows that you make reasonable decisions not based on your feelings and, in this way, he will perceive you as a wise girl, with whom he can establish a stable and calm romantic relationship.


Who doesn’t greatly enjoy an interesting conversation or a thoughtful, argumentative response?

The myth that gentlemen prefer brutes is just one more myth and you should put it aside if you want to know what real men want in a woman.

The truth is that men love intelligent women, with whom they can talk about different topics, discuss and learn new things.

Read, always stay updated and informed and never leave aside the intellectual field!


A woman who loves and values ​​herself, who recognizes her virtues and tries to enhance them every day, but who is also aware of her defects and accepts them as a new opportunity to change, is the most attractive in the world!

Men do not seek perfection, but they do take into account the degree of security of a girl, since this aspect is naturally attractive.

Work on your self-esteem and remember that what makes you unique is your strongest weapon of seduction! so you will know what real men want in a woman.


Men want the woman of their dreams to also be able to play the role of a faithful friend, who provides them with support both in difficult moments and in pleasant and fun situations.

Are you willing to share all kinds of circumstances with him and see you as the woman in whom he can find everything he needs?

So don’t think twice! and show her with facts that you can be a friend, lover, and an unconditional companion that she can trust and can always count on.


Make him see you as a great puzzle to be solved.

Don’t give him all the information about yourself, he’ll love to see you as a challenge!

Allow him to discover you little by little and it is sure to be fun for both of you.

Bring out the mysterious woman in you and make him fall in love slowly but surely!


For men, physical contact and displays of affection are crucial in a relationship.

A kiss, a hug, messages of love for your boyfriend, or some of the phrases to fall in love, will make his heartbeat stronger for you.


Sometimes, unconsciously, women make many mistakes when it comes to seducing a man subtly.

Meanwhile, they decide to move away and they are left with the no taste of doubt and thousands of questions hovering in their heads.

To avoid this, know what to do when he leaves and put these tips into practice, so you will know what real men want in a woman.

It is normal, for example, that you have ever come across a man who was very interested in you, but then disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace, with which everything seemed very good, until he pronounced the dreaded phrase: “I’m not looking for anything serious.”


Possibly, you gave him the wrong signals, but that will not happen again because today you are going to know what you should avoid if you want to make him fall in love.

To find out what men really want in a woman, take a look at these tips and be aware of the signals you send to the guy you like!

  • Time: For men it is very important to have their own spaces, whether to go out with friends, visit family, watch television, read or sleep; Therefore, if you limit the time that he wants to spend without your company, he will flee without a second thought.
  • Jealousy out: Are you jealous? I have the solution for you !: breathe and count to 10 because he does not want his partner to show signs of this annoying behavior, much less at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Speak clearly: They do not want a woman who speaks to them in code or who does not express her feelings clearly. So if you have something to say to your man, say it directly, without coding the language! Keep in mind that the male and female mind operate differently and, for this reason, you could confuse him.
  • Eliminate insecurity from your life: Guys are not comfortable with a woman who does not value and accept herself for who she is, or who does not trust herself. You know, being insecure is not an option! Rather, reinforce your skills and let her know that you are the best.
  • Learn to listen: Men are irritated by women who talk non-stop! Control yourself if you are one of those girls, calmly wait your turn to speak and try to be very specific.

Build a meaningful relationship where he feels lucky that you have chosen him.