How to know if my boyfriend has not forgotten or gotten over his ex?

New relationships can be very difficult! There is a lot of past, sometimes we come from other very strong relationships. Insecurities, jealousies, and doubts abound. The biggest insecurity that arises at the time of a new relationship, is to realize that our new partner still continues to have contact with his ex. Is this something serious, or are we being paranoid? The moment of the truth has come.

Signs that my boyfriend hasn’t gotten over his ex

My boyfriend is still talking to his ex. What do I do? This is what many women often ask themselves because it is normal to feel jealous of the one who was our partner’s girlfriend. Will there still be something between them? Maybe yes, maybe not. Keep an eye out for certain signs that will give away your boyfriend’s intentions.

  • There is still evidence of her in your life:  The first sign that something is wrong is that you still have many photos with her on his phone, in his room, or computer. If he still keeps them, it is because some feelings remained after your separation.
  • They maintain a very close friendship: As it says in the saying, where there was fire ashes remain. And it is inevitable that if they still get along so well, at some point something might happen again.
  • She compares you to her very often:  The truth is that no woman should allow herself to be compared to her ex. If this is your case, you should leave that relationship behind because it is not your place and it will not be! If he compares you with his ex, it is because he thinks that she has much better things than you. Don’t allow that!
  • He’s still part of the family:  Is it normal for exes to keep in touch with their ex-boyfriends’ families? No, it is not. And if it happens, it is because there is an undertone beyond that.
  • When your boyfriend is there, he behaves strange:  Women are very intuitive, so in this case, if you feel that there is something strange, you are probably not wrong.

My boyfriend keeps talking to his ex. What does that mean?

Many people have conflicting thoughts and opinions on this point. Is it good or bad that we keep in touch with our ex when starting a new relationship? Probably for those who do it, it may be something normal, but your partner may not find it something so pleasant.

If this is your case, and you want to think things through before letting your paranoid side control you, evaluate certain things.

  • Is your boyfriend open with his things ?:  Trust is essential in all relationships. And if you’ve noticed that your boyfriend is still in touch with your ex, he should be just as open about that as he is about the rest. If you find that she is hiding things from you about her or her conversations, it is because there is something she does not want you to know about.
  • Do you have any commitment ?:  If you have children, you will have to get used to them communicating even a few times a week. If you are jealous, talk to your partner to eliminate any doubt or insecurity about it.
  • What time do you write and how often ?:  If you notice that they are talking late into the night, it may be because something is happening. Don’t be afraid to confront your boyfriend and question him about it! Communication is very important in the relationship, so do not stay with the doubt and confront it.

What to do if I find out that my boyfriend wants to get back with his ex?

Have you found out for yourself that your boyfriend and his ex are planning to come back? Does your boyfriend want to get back together with your ex but still hasn’t said anything to you? The best thing you can do in these cases is, take your things, save your tears and get out of there. Because it doesn’t deserve you.

A partner must be 100% with you, and above all be completely sure that you are the one at all times. No woman deserves to be cheated on or dumped for someone else, except with an ex! So keep your dignity high, and end that bad relationship immediately. Love yourself and have the courage to give yourself your position!