What do men think of a woman if they like her? Know the thinking of men

Although we do not want to admit it, women spend hours and hours thinking about what men think of us. Especially what will that boy think that we like so much. Do you find us attractive? Why does he seem to like me and then ignore me? Will I be in the friend zone?

We have all wanted to be inside a man’s head for a moment to know how much he thinks, and today. We will know what men think of a woman they like.

What do men think about when they are with the woman they like?

Sometimes we find ourselves staring into those lost eyes in hopes of detecting some kind of thought. But is it as difficult for you as all of them? And it is that a man’s mind is so confused, that sometimes it is impossible to know what they are thinking until they open their mouths. But, when a man is with the woman he likes, he has specific thoughts such as:

  • Think about what he wants to see you again: This is an ideal manual for you to realize if that special boy really likes you. A man when he is very attracted is planning with every second another outing and opportunity in which they could meet again.
  • They think of being perfect: It happens to both men and women. Want to impress the person we like so much so that they feel the same attraction for us.
  • He is afraid of losing you:  When a man likes you, he has constant thoughts of what NOT to do to disappoint you. If he really likes you, he will do his best to keep you interested.
  • He wonders if he is the ideal man for you:  Yes, they also have insecurities. Especially if the women they like are very independent and show that they don’t need anyone to live. This is an aspect of successful women that men often find uncomfortable with.

Things that men look for in the woman they like

Maybe this is a question you’ve been asking a lot lately. what are men looking for in a woman? If we could list all the qualities that make up the ideal woman according to men, what would they be?

  • That they smile often:  It is an attribute that men take into account a lot. A woman who smiles often demonstrates fun and charming personality.
  • Love for cooking:  Men are gluttonous by nature, and they seek that their partners can delight them with exquisite dishes.
  • Good character:  They do not support a woman who likes the fight and the conflicts daily. Having a jovial character ensures long periods of relaxation and harmony.
  • Being authentic: A very important quality, since they prefer their girls to be as real as possible. Both in the way of being and in the physical.
  • Wide hips:  Since ancient times, this is an attribute that attracts the attention of men because it is associated with fertility. It is also a sign of good health and active life.
  • Sense of humor:  A woman who knows how to joke is a woman who knows how to have fun.
  • Know how to enjoy life: They do not look for someone who says no to them all the time. They prefer that their companion be their soul mate to share all kinds of adventures.

Men’s phrases for the woman they like

They also have their little hearts, they also fall in love and feel strongly the same as us. You would be surprised at all the beautiful things men say when they are in love !

  • “My heart was giving free rein aimlessly, without destination and without owner … Until he ran into you, and he knew it would be you.”
  • “This smile that you see radiant on my face, you put it there every day when you wake up.”
  • “What do you want? The moon? Just say it and I’ll throw a bow around it and pull it for you.”
  • “You have been and will be the only one who has had this heart, he looked at you and did not know in which other direction to go.”