What do men think after a breakup if the woman stops looking for him?

Both men and women go through a loving mourning process after a breakup, however, we both differ in the way we do it. Have you ever wondered how men act after ending a relationship, and especially what they think of women who get over them? Learn it here.

How do men get over a breakup?

Believe it or not, men also suffer when they end a relationship. Especially if this one was significant, since you have the stereotype that men get over faster than women, it’s hard to imagine what the duel will be like for them. Would comfort to ease the pain of a breakup be any different? Or it turns out that we both suffer in the same way.

  • They see a lot of adult content: We have all seen this type of content at some point in our lives. However, it has been shown that when men end a relationship they significantly increase their consumption of adult content.
  • They harass their ex through networks:  Most men develop a need to know what their ex is doing at all times, how and with whom they do it. It is a need to know that they are not quite apart yet.
  • They think over and over how it all ended:  Yes, they too relive the last moments over and over again. They try to analyze your last conversations, messages, calls, or fights.
  • They brag about their social life:  A characteristic feature of men is that they act as if nothing had happened. His social networks are filled with photos of many friends, to show that he is very well despite the breakup, even if it is not true.
  • They listen to a lot of sad music:  Something else in which they are similar to women is that they love to feel the pain of the breakup. It’s an important part of anyone’s grief.
  • Looking for a replacement:  A very childish attitude, but it is the most common way for men to fill that void until they overcome it. This type of rebound relationship does not usually last long.
  • They flirt and look for girls everywhere:  The wounded ego they have left after a breakup they try to fill it by flirting and having fleeting relationships with other girls, without ever needing to amount to anything.
  • Get in better shape:  Another point where they are similar to women, they love to improve their physical shape to feel better about themselves and also show their ex-girlfriend “what she missed”.

Do men suffer more than women after a breakup?

We have seen hundreds of movies, series, stories, and books that claim that women are the ones who suffer the most and it takes time to recover after a breakup. However, in the real world, psychologists affirmed that after a breakup it is the men who have the worst moments. And they have proposed several reasons that you would be interested to know:

  1. They are less communicative than women:  Something that greatly helps is letting off steam through dialogue, either with friends or family. To the extent that women love to talk and talk for hours with their best friends to cry and drain the pain, men prefer to keep quiet and suffer alone in their rooms.
  2. They do not accept that they leave them for themselves:  This means that a man accepts more quickly that women leave them for someone else, than that they leave them because they simply do not love them.
  3. Men are more comfortable having a partner than women:  A man will always need a woman to be with, and studies show that their health improves whenever they are paired.

Who gets over a breakup faster, men or women?

Therefore, after a breakup, most men will be left hoping that their girl will return to their arms soon. And if they notice that this has already overcome it, they plunge into a sea of ​​despair. Many acts in a bad way, and others much more maturely.

For a woman to outgrow him quickly and no longer seek them out is a terrible blow to his ego. So it will take a long time for them to recover, and be the same as before.