Teaching Men How to Treat You

The following statement is guaranteed to be one of the most valuable lessons to be learned throughout your life: You teach people how to treat you.

This means that the way people treat you depends on how they react to the impression you make with your actions and visible personality.

It’s up to you to decide what people say or do to you.

In other words: the shit you get from other people is directly related to how you respond to the conduct you’ve received.

But blatantly displaying your own code of conduct is not enough to improve the quality of behavior people show you.

Instead of complaining about men being jerks instead of prince charming, flip the focus 180 degrees and ask yourself – Are you a princess?

Please consider the question for a moment or two, because nine times out of ten when I turn on a TV channel I see:

A. A woman who is monstrously obese with no plans to change

B. A girl showing her ignorance and rudeness with pride

C. A disgusting reality show mentioning blowjobs and vagina in every sentence

Why would a man make an effort to treat such a woman with any care or respect?

A woman who slightly matches any of the aforementioned descriptions would not spend a day with a man who knows how to treat a woman well.

As stated earlier in an article in Self Help In Focus, the dilemma is not to refuse to accept certain behavior from men.

Men don’t change because you suddenly increase your demands, start expecting more and feel like you deserve flowers or a diamond necklace.

Respect needs to be earned.

The solution is to teach men how to treat you, but you must first change yourself if you want to deserve so much gratitude and admiration.

1. Analyze And Improve Yourself

Here’s one very obvious thing that many women don’t understand: it’s simply unrealistic to expect any man to behave like a knight if you don’t reflect the attributes of a princess.

I’m talking about the outside here; you need to try to be your best on the outside to please your environment”. There are no ugly women, just lazy” is what Helena Rubinstein said, and I agree.

However, looks are not everything.

You also need to nurture your mind.

Educate yourself on relevant and important political, economic and social issues to reflect intelligence in conversations.

Cut out vulgar vocabulary.

Swearing on any is not cool.

Forget about playing the boring, cranky, self-centered woman who seems to have a collection of emotional and psychological traumas because of a man. Strive to be graceful, witty, and insightful.

These are the most desirable women.

2. Determine Your Principles

When you are a classy person who radiates elegance and dignity, men (who are dating worthy) will learn to respect you.

They adjust to “Idiot” behavior and transform into good-natured, committed, and considerate men, calming the inner caveman.

Don’t forget, that men are intrigued by principled women and want to be with women they believe are somehow “superior” to them.

Use your attitude and behavior to alter his perception in that direction.

On the other hand, if you express unworthiness, ignorance, and clumsiness, you will either attract the same return from the man you are currently with, or you will attract a naturally similar man into your life.

3. Be Conservative And Take Personal Risks

There will be failures, and sometimes you will find yourself accepting more idiotic behavior.

That’s okay, because life is a constant learning curve, and this is a practice of self-awareness that comes with experience and personal development.”

But try to honor your limits and intentions as this will give you a king who will move more than a mountain to be with you.

Sometimes you have to take personal risks and cut that guy who refuses to accept your terms.

A guy who doesn’t respect your rules of conduct shouldn’t be a part of your life.

In Europe, there is a saying: don’t expect more than pork from a pig.

Again, the behavior of men in Brazil is hardly surprising when I see the participation of some women in the public media.

Thus, the negative elements in the form of idiots and cavemen in a woman’s life often reflect her unsophisticated thoughts and actions.

If you want a different approach from men, you need to start expecting more from them, but also from yourself.

So if you start treating yourself like a queen, real men will soon be in play.