How to Be Funny Around Men and Make Them Want Your Company All the Time

If you want to make men laugh, you’ll have to get on their level.

Learning to be funny with guys is easy if you understand their humor.

Most girls want to be loved by men.

We want them to think we’re funny because there’s nothing more attractive than a girl who can make a guy and his friends laugh.

But knowing how to be funny with guys isn’t as simple as a cake recipe.

You can’t just start telling jokes that you think are funny in the hopes that the guys around you will find it funny too.

That’s just the way things work.

This is where many girls misunderstand and end up embarrassing themselves.

They start making jokes that guys don’t think are funny.

Guys Can Pretend They’re Funny Too

You really have to be careful with guys who are just acting like they think it’s funny.

The difference might not be so obvious if you expect them to laugh at your jokes for exactly that reason; you want them to laugh and you suspect nothing when they laugh.

Guys do this to make you comfortable and happy around them.

It’s a method for them to approach you, even if they don’t think you’re all that funny.

They just want to take you to cam, basically.


Yes, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

How To Be Funny To Guys And Make Them Want To Be Around You.

If you want to make some guys laugh so they’ll want you more often, there’s a specific way to do that here.

Here are our top tips for getting some men to laugh and crave your company and humor.

1. Do Not Compromise In Any Way.

This is the first for a reason.

You should never do something you are uncomfortable with just to make guys laugh.

If you were really embarrassed by it, then don’t try to be funny.

Making a bunch of idiots laugh isn’t worth it if you feel awful.

So, before you even try to make them laugh, think about whether you’re really okay with acting funny.

If you’re not, then find another way to make guys laugh.

2. Learn About Their Sense Of Humor.

You can’t make someone laugh unless you know what kind of sense of humor they have.

Yes, you might get lucky just making a joke that you think is funny, but not everyone shares your sense of humor.

So if you really want to know how to be funny with men, learn what men think is funny!

This allows you to use this information to formulate your own jokes that cater to what they find funny.

3. Observe How They Interact With Each Other.

If you can, watch the guys you want to be funny too.

They’ll show you everything you need to know about what it takes to make them laugh.

Hear what they end up laughing with each other and then do the same kind of things.

4. Play Some Sarcasm.

Almost everyone finds sarcasm funny.

However, you have to be careful, because people who aren’t smart may have a hard time figuring out that you’re actually being sarcastic and not serious.

Use with moderation.

5. Reference The Things They Are Familiar With.

You can’t make a joke about something men wouldn’t have a clue about.

For example, joking about how awful menstruation is will make other girls laugh, but guys are more than likely to be weird about it.

You have to reference things they know well.

Find out what they are familiar with so you can use those things to make jokes and make them laugh.

Plus, they’ll appreciate the fact that you know about the things they do.

6. Find Out What They Like.

Just observe them and even get to know them a little.

If you can find out what they like, you’ll know what they don’t like.

Making jokes about things guys don’t like is a surefire way to get them to like you.

They will want you more when you can relate to the things they hate.

7. Let Your Silly Side Out.

Just be goofy.

Do you know how silly you get when you’re with your friends?

Get this close to the guys you want to make laugh.

If your friends think you’re funny when you’re like that, these guys will too.

Don’t be afraid to let go a little.

They are just men.

You don’t have to act like this innocent girl who is always suitable.

Let your silly side shine and they will want to be with you more.

8. Be Amazing.

Do you know what’s really funny for men?

When a quiet girl talks and does something hilarious.

They won’t expect that from you.

You have the element of surprise on your side.

When you’re sitting still, make a joke about something someone said.

If they are surprised, the joke is even funnier than it would have been otherwise.

9. Right Time.

The biggest thing that can make a difference when learning to be funny with guys is your timing.

You have to know when to send the joke and when to hold back for a while.

Some moments call for a joke right away and others need it to be said later.

This is something you will have to learn and get an idea of.

When they laugh a lot at something you said, make a note of the timing and remember it next time.

10. Remember What Works and What Doesn’t.

You also want to remember which jokes worked and which weren’t anything special.

Just be mindful of what these guys find funny.

Knowing what works and repeating what works is what will make these guys want your company that much more.

11. Just Be Yourself.

I never really understood girls trying to change their sense of humor and personality to suit men.

Instead, just find guys who think you’re funny.

Being yourself and making jokes that you think are funny will always be more fun for you.

So instead of running after guys who no longer think you’re as funny as you are, just find the ones who do.


Knowing how to be funny with guys is about the specific type of humor and the timing of your jokes.

Observe, learn and use this information to tell the best jokes.