15  ideas for activities to do as a couple to break the routine.

In reality, being in a committed relationship isn’t always easy. It’s easy to fall into a relationship-killing routine, especially if you don’t take the time to have a little fun together. In fact, it’s important that you look for ways to bring adventure and romance to your relationship to stay happy and keep your relationship healthy.

One of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your partner is to simply spend time together. There are great activities for couples that can give you the opportunity to connect with each other.

These activities can be exciting and active, but they can also be simple and relaxing. The important thing is that you share good times together. Each new experience you share is an opportunity to learn something new about your partner.

Here are some fun activities to help you spend time together and make new memories.

Plan a date night

The typical dinner and movie night is always great, but sometimes you also need to change up the routine a bit. Think outside the box: brunch and karaoke also count as a date. Parties don’t have to be expensive to be fun either. Plan a cheap outing together without breaking the bank.

Sports as a couple

Activities for couples that help your body stay healthy can also go a long way to making your relationship happier. When you and your partner exercise together, you can feel good that you’re also doing something healthy for yourself.
There are many options for pair exercises, so you can find the activity that works best for you. If you like to be competitive, a sport like tennis might work well. If not, you can do something much simpler, like go for a walk together or take the same yoga class.

Cooking together

You know the old saying, “The couple that cooks together stays together,” right? One of the best activities couples can try doing together is a cooking class. If you can get away from home, taking a cooking class together is a fun way to learn new recipes and cooking techniques. But, it will also give you the opportunity to work as a team and complement each other with your individual strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the lesson, you will have learned how to prepare a delicious meal. Every time you recreate it at home can be an opportunity to relive the happy memories of class.

Couple massage

If your partner doesn’t like going to the spa, put on some relaxing music, dim the lights, and take turns giving each other a massage. If you don’t want to commit to a full body massage, you can try a hand or foot massage and see where things take you.

Redecorate a room in the house together

Choose a room to redecorate together. It could be a room that needs renovation or a room that you want to freshen up because you use it often. Decorating the perfect room isn’t about being an interior designer. It’s about spending time with your partner rearranging, reassigning, or reassessing the needs you have for a particular room or space in your home.


Will you grant me this dance? Play those old records (if you still have them) or put on your favorite playlist. Ask your spouse for a dance in the living room. Or, go out on the town and hit the dance clubs.

Read a book

Reading a book may seem like something each individual does alone, but it can actually be one of the best things to do as a couple. Think of it a bit like a two-person book club. Select the same title to read and choose a date when you both agree to finish it.
Once you’ve both finished reading the book, set a time to discuss it together. You might be surprised at how much you have to say and how quickly you launch into an in-depth discussion about what you liked and what you didn’t like.
Even if you don’t agree, having a common topic to discuss can be a great way to strengthen your bond as a couple.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Cuddle up on the couch and listen to a podcast or audiobook together. Choose something fun to add a bit of laughter that brings joy to your life, or something motivating that can strengthen you both as individuals and as a couple.

Start a new hobby

Find common ground and look for hobbies that you would enjoy together. If you can’t agree on an activity that you both enjoy, choose to do different hobbies in one place. For example, if someone likes to scrapbook, they can do it while their partner is playing video games.

Play games

Whether you’re playing Xbox together or just sitting face-to-face for a while with a good deck of cards, a board game, or a puzzle, games can be a great way to relieve stress. Playing games with your partner will give you plenty of laughs and test your competitive spirit. Games can also be attractive. Think strip poker or Twister. Why not? Play!

Watch TV and movies

Watching TV and movies together is one of the easiest things you can do after a long day at work. But make sure it’s just the two of you sitting together and holding hands. No gimmicks. No smartphones.

It’s a great time to snuggle up and get close while doing something as routine as watching a Netflix series or movie.

Take a trip

You have spent many years together and there are many more to come. Take time to reminisce about your life together. Scroll through your smartphone camera, your Facebook photos, or your Instagram photos, and watch your first photos together.

Remember all the things you’ve done and the places you’ve been together over the years, and keep looking until you reach your most recent couple of photos.

Travel as a couple or Romantic stay

When it comes to activities as a couple, there’s nothing better than experiencing something for the first time at the same time. Sharing a moment of pure discovery will naturally bond you and your partner and help your relationship feel stronger.

Travel has many benefits; going to a new place together will create opportunities for you and your partner to share these new times.

You also don’t have to travel far or exotic. A simple trip to a nearby town you’ve never been to or to a new state can be just as special.

Gastronomy off the beaten track

Bored with your local restaurants? Plan a trip to explore an acclaimed restaurant you’ve never tried before. Pick a city that’s not too far from where you live, or splurge and spend the night at a nearby hotel. Dining off the beaten path can provide a romantic and novel experience for both of you.

Explore the nearest city park

Spending time as a couple outdoors has a world of benefits, including bonding and creating lifelong memories. Pack a backpack and head to the nearest park for the day. Get those endorphins and go for a long hike together. Or set up camp for the night and lie side by side gazing at the stars.