Goodnight my love

Good night my love: discover 60 good night messages to send to your lover

Love is a very strong feeling that gives wings and makes you happy. Sometimes two people who love each other are made to fall asleep to each other, which is very difficult.

So, wishing good with a message of love brings comfort. That is why it is always nice to receive a sweet message from your loved one before sleeping.

Discover the most beautiful good night sms to say good night my love to your half.

40 messages to wish good night to her sweetheart

Goodnight My Love

  1. My heart, I imagine you, in my arms, letting yourself be carried away in the arms of Morpheus, breathing against me, our hearts beating in unison… I love you so much and I look forward to finding you very soon.
  2. My baby, I miss you terribly, I hate falling asleep away from you! I’m incomplete without you by my side, but the idea of ​​finding you soon comforts me. Sweet dreams my darling.
  3. Your presence, your look, your hand on my cheek and your lips on mine … I miss you so much that without you, I feel completely drained. I wish you a good night my heart, lulled by sweet and tasty dreams. I love you my sweetness!
  4. To you, the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, I would give everything to spend even a moment in your presence. I would do anything to hear you whisper words of love to me. I can’t wait to find your arms and fall asleep all against you. I love you so much my darling, have sweet dreams.
  5. This night reminds me of how big our bed is when you are not by my side my dear. I can’t fall asleep without feeling your warm body pressed against mine. I hope you were able to fall asleep my heart! I miss you very much.
  6. My favorite moment before sleeping is when you hug me and remind me of how much you love me. You always tell me that nothing can separate us, and this distance reminds me that you are the greatest gift I have ever had in my life. Your smile and your good humor remain present in our room, I adore you my love.
  7. Your smell is still on your pillow and I can’t get away from it. I’m so impatient that you come home darling! When you return, we will have a nice evening alone, just you and me. Good night my goddess.
  8. Tonight, you are the only image that occupies my thoughts. Whatever I do, you are always there. I tried to read, to watch our favorite series, but nothing helps: my thoughts are only oriented towards you. You are the queen of life and you have the key to my heart with you. Quickly come back to me my beloved, because I am suffocating without you Sleep peacefully my love.Goodnight My Love
  9. Honey, if you look up into the sky, you’ll see an infinity of stars, but the brightest is my love for you. I love you so much, and even if you can’t see me right now, look at this star and you will know that I am still there with you. Have a great night my queen.
  10. Before sleeping, close your beautiful eyes and count to 10 my beautiful. At the end of the countdown, take a deep breath and open your eyes, you will feel my presence at your side. I send you a million kisses in a letter accompanied by all my love my darling, sleep easy, because soon I will be in your arms.
  11. Each star in the sky represents a kiss that I send you from the bottom of my heart. You are the apple of my eye and I would give everything to hold you tight in my arms again for the whole night. You have the woman of my life and I look forward to your return. Good night Sweetheart.
  12. I send you the sweetest kiss in the world, which will come to settle on your beautiful sleeping face so that you dream of the two of us tonight. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful thing that exists: sincere and unconditional love. Sleep with the song of the angels as lullaby my beloved. I love you madly.
  13. With the love I feel for you my beautiful, I don’t even need to doze off to dream, because you are already my most beautiful dream, and yet you are very real. I want you to know how much I love you and how much you make me happy. Good night Sweetheart.
  14. It’s not your absence that keeps me from thinking about you! You occupy all my thoughts and my mind thirsty for your presence. I miss you and I will always love you until my last breath, and I will never stop reminding you. Good night my rabbit in the heart.Goodnight My Love
  15. Goodnight My Love. I love you so much that every night I dream of you and I will dream of you every day until you return. I can’t wait to hug you and tell you I love you in person.
  16. Hurry back, princess, come back to me, because a night without you is more painful than a week without water. Just to say good night, sweetheart.
  17. I have never felt as lonely as the day I spent my first night without you. I miss your presence and your giggles too. I seem to have lost a part of me since you took this plane. I look forward to your return! Goodnight My Love.
  18. You are far from me, but yet I feel like I feel your warmth by my side. I love you passionately and I will never stop loving you my heart. Sweet dreams lulled by a shower of tender kisses.
  19. With this message of love, I send you a sweet kiss which will come to accompany you in the arms of Morpheus, so that you sleep peacefully. Good night my love, I love you forever.
  20. A good night sms is the only way for me to tell you how i feel right now. I miss you so much my beautiful. I fall asleep alone and I find it hard to fall asleep without you.
  21. My heart, before sleeping, I think of you and I say a small prayer so that the sky realizes my dearest dream: to bring you close to me. Receive this sweet message as a token of my love. Good night, my cinnamon sugar.
  22. Every time I close my eyes, I see you telling me how much you love me. So tonight I’m going to sleep with your picture in my mind and I’m going to pray that the night goes by quickly so that I can see you tomorrow. Good night my soul mate.
  23. Without you, I have nightmares at night and when I wake up, I realize that you are not there. My bed is so cold without your warmth, so come back to me quickly to make me relive these beautiful moments.
  24. Please my heart, close your eyes and make a wish. I’m sure your wish is to wake you up every day by my side until the end of our days. It is my dearest wish. In the meantime, good night my beloved, all my thoughts are yours.Goodnight My Love
  25. Every time I close my eyes, your face comes to haunt me and remind me that I don’t love anyone but you. So if I fall asleep, I will dream of you and me.
  26. When you return, I will reserve a good romantic night for you that you will never forget. I miss you very much, and my only consolation is the good times we shared.
  27. Before sleeping, I make a film of the sweet moments we lived, it allows me to sleep. I wish you a night full of sweet dreams and a tender awakening full of happiness.
  28. It’s too hard to sleep without you. Your beautiful eyes are the last thing I see before sleeping and the first thing I wake up to, so my soul mate, never go away from me ever again. Good night my lover!
  29. I send you this little word gently loaded with all my love to tell you that I love you like crazy. Good restful sleep my beautiful and good peaceful awakening. Good evening my beauty!
  30. My love good night. Your face lights up my days and gives me reason to hope for the future. You have completely changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to you.
  31. Since I have known you, life is no longer the same. This simple message of love is simply to thank you for being so special and for making me live the best moments of a life in a day. I love you with passion. Good evening my love and good night.
  32. My beautiful, I wish you a sweet night. You are my sun when I fall asleep and I am no longer afraid of the night since I know you. Your smell perfumes my room and helps me fall asleep. Your absence is worse than a physical injury. Sleep well, and kisses everywhere my beautiful.
  33. Even if I’m not by your side tonight, know that my love never leaves you, it is present in everything you do. He accompanies you in the night. This love sms is to wish you a good night darling, I love you more than anything.
  34. When I’m away from you, life is unbearable. The silence is so heavy and the room seems so large. I can’t wait to kiss you and hug you to my heart to feel each of your beats. Good evening my soul mate that I love so much.
  35. I am writing this little romantic sms to wish you a pleasant night, blessed by the angels. I couldn’t sleep without telling you I love you, so … I love you my love.
  36. Know that not a day goes by without me thinking of you. I hope you had a good day away from me, because I had a hard time smiling without you. I miss your beautiful eyes so much! My love good night and have sweet dreams.
  37. Good night messages are not my strong point, but your absence is unbearable. So I’m going to express my love to you with this little message. I love you my darling, I miss you like never and this night even more. I send you big kisses full of tenderness.
  38. I had a beautiful dream last night, I was with you. And when I woke up, you weren’t there. I haven’t been able to go back to sleep since then, so I want your night to be softer and more peaceful. I send you all my love wrapped in a blanket of sweetness.
  39. I hope when your cellphone rings, you will smile, because this little message comes from the bottom of my heart. You are the most special flower in my garden, the person who matters most to me and I will love you until my last breath.
  40. This good night message is the only gift I can offer you now that we are so far from each other. Your absence weighs so much that I find it hard to breathe. I send you a cozy love pillow on which to rest your head thinking of me. Good night sweetie and have a nice dream of you and me.

20 beautiful good night sms to wish good night my heart to your darling

  1. You are an exceptional man that I am so lucky to have. Good night my heart, may my love accompany you.
  2. I feel a love so strong for you that I could not describe it in words! You are the man of my dreams and I miss you so much. Lots of kisses and especially a sweet night.
  3. I miss you too much my heart. I can only send you a good night message so that my love watches over you despite the distance. So, good night my darling.
  4. We can write so many love messages, but the words that come from the heart are incomparable. I love you darling, more than words can express it. I miss your warm and reassuring arms.
  5. I have a cozy pillow, but it doesn’t give me the same happiness as your love pillow. I need you by my side my love, I can’t fall asleep without listening to the sound of your voice.
  6. I wish you a good night my darling, even if we are physically separated, our minds are always connected. By taking your cellphone to read this little message, I hope you will smile.
  7. I can’t sleep without wishing you good night. I send you all my love in this little good night message. Fall asleep with your cell phone next door so you don’t forget this little message of love: I miss you a little more each day, good night my darling.
  8. Tonight, I’m sending you a blanket of sweetness and an ocean of kisses. I want your night to be lulled by my words of love. I love you so much, good night my love.
  9. There are tons of examples of love sms, but this one is for you darling. You make me so happy that even from a distance I feel the power of your love, sweet dreams my heart.
  10. This good night sms is the only thing I can say now that you are about to fall asleep without me. I send you all my affection and my passion by this little message of sweetness. Good evening my soul mate and have sweet dreams.
  11. When night falls and the light of day fades, I feel your absence stronger than ever. I’m going to contemplate the moon tonight when I see your reflection in it. Have a nice dream my treasure.
  12. I would give everything to be with you tonight, but alas … you are so far from me. I remember the beautiful moments we spent together and nostalgia invades me. Have a good night full of sweet dreams and lulled by my kisses.
  13. I send you a sweet message of love, so that your beautiful eyes close gently thinking of the woman who loves you more than anything.
  14. A night full of sweet dreams is my wish for you on this night that we will spend one away from the other. I love you so much the love of my life.
  15. I miss you so much my love. I would love to hold you tight and tell you I love you before I sleep. So get this good night sms to think about myself in your dreams.
  16. The weather forecast for this night, an avalanche of kisses, a rain of sweet dreams, a blanket of magical sweetness and above all a restful sleep. Good night my darling, I love you very much.
  17.  If you feel alone tonight, look at the stars, the brightest is the intensity of my love for you. Take your cellphone and read this sweet message good night my treasure.
  18. My dearest dream is to find you and spend the rest of my nights with you. Sweet night my love baby.
  19. If I can only make one wish, that of spending all my nights by your side, you are the man who changed my life. I love you my love, good evening.
  20.  Life would not be enough to express all the love I have for you. Nothing and no one can stop me from loving you my heart. Goodnight My darling.