10 texting warnings you should never ignore

Do you remember the time when love was much simpler and there were no videos, texts or Snapchatting?

When we could know how a man was based on his behavior towards us and how much he wanted to see us?

When we didn’t need the help of all our friends to decipher what her last message meant? Neither do I.

So how do you know which phone behaviors are red flags? Read on and check if your man is one of those bastards who send the SMS below!

1. Texting bombing

It’s really great when you get on well with someone when you text each other day and night and you’re all excited to get to know each other.

But if you’re at work and you’ve told him you can’t text and he’s still bombing your phone, it’s a sign of a clingy man.

A conversation requires two people, not just a disturbingly overly attached man. Sorry guys!

2. His phone is in airplane mode when he is with you

There is not much need to explain this one, in fact.

If he’s still super-active on social media, and when he’s with you, his phone is in airplane mode, then you’re constantly wondering what he’s hiding.

And if he gives you the excuse that he wants to focus on you, there’s no reason to turn off his phone.

He can leave it in his jacket or something, but turning it off is a warning sign.

3. He answers in one word

Either he knew badly when it came to conversation, or he didn’t like you. If you already know that he likes you and it’s just because he’s busy, then it doesn’t matter.

But if you’ve just met him and he’s only giving you one-word answers, it just means he’s not very interested in talking to you.

Or he is playing a game to make it difficult for you, which is always a warning sign.

4. It takes forever to answer

How is it possible that he missed your message if his phone is with him all the time?

Let’s face it, we can’t function properly without our phone.

We need it for waking up, ordering food and taxis, communicating with friends, work and family, etc.

How the hell can you miss a message? Or be so busy that it takes days to respond?

If he doesn’t take time for you, stop taking time for him. It’s that simple.

5. Stuffed texts

If you’re in a relationship and he tells you by text how much he adores and loves you, it’s cute.

But if you just met and he texts you when he’s drunk and wants to come to your house, don’t answer.

If he only texts you when he’s drunk, you’re nothing but his late-night a** and you deserve better.

6. He neglects you because of his phone

If the only woman in her life seems to be Siri, go. If when you are together he is always on the phone, what are you doing there?

It won’t work out over time, believe me. If he’s not interested in getting to know you from the start, go.

7. He sends SMS late at night

He texts you only when it’s late at night and it’s never anything deeper than ” Come on, I’m bored “.

We wonder what he does all day so he is only available at night.

To believe that you are nothing more than a night call for somersaults.

8. He asks for n*de photos

Seriously? You just met him and bam! Send me nude photos of you “.

If you’re in a relationship and ready to have a little fun while you’re at work, go for it!

It’s always a good thing to spice up your s**x life. But if there is no s**x life to spice up, what the hell is this?

9. He never sends a message first

Are you still the one sending the first text and the one sending the last? Do you always start the conversations?

It’s just a sign of a one-way conversation that will turn into a one-way relationship.

You can tell from his text messages how interested he is, but this is a sign that he doesn’t like that much.

10. Photos of his p**n**s

For God’s sake, we don’t want photos of unsolicited c**cks! I repeat we don’t want it!

It is one thing if you send yourself s**tos and ask for them, but sending them without a request and, on top of that, asking for a n**de photo in return, is just sick.

D*mp this idi*t and find someone who will text you to say hello, not to send you their sad and wrinkled little s**usage!