Falling in love with the right person: this is what it looks like

You can’t predict it. It does not happen overnight, it is rather a process that extends over time, without us realizing it.

You have been waiting, maybe for years and wondered when would this happen to you.

The others seem happy in their relationship, but after having survived several abusive relationships (or even just one), you are emptied and are no longer able to recognize someone good; even if the man in your life stands right in front of you.

But believe me, there are things that are more than obvious.

At first, you won’t believe it. You will not trust him when he tells you that he loves you and treats you as you deserve.

You will probably try to push it back, just to see if it persists, anyway.

He will make a lot of effort. A man who loves you will run after you as much as necessary and to convince you of his seriousness.

Nothing you do will scare him. You can tell him the story of your life, the story that broke you and even makes sure he knows that you are going to need a lot of time to heal.

But it won’t scare him, because you will be everything he dreams of.

You will start to believe it. This is the most important point.

When you start to trust him and believe in his loyalty, you will finally admit your love for him.

No matter how many times you vowed never to fall in love again, it happened anyway.

You opened your universe to him, your life and you also opened to him all the broken parts that you hid until then.

He will stand by your side, these parts in his hand, while you glue them together.

Love. You will learn to love again. You will feel safe by his side, as if nothing could separate you, because you have found the person with whom you wish to remain for eternity.

You will start to communicate – really – and although communication may be occasionally difficult, you will each have a special way of apologizing to the other or of telling them that you love them.

Your friends will see that you have changed. A girls’ night may be the simplest thing in the world, but when you are with your friends, they will see that you are someone new, someone finally happy.

They too will be happy. Your smile will make everyone around you want to smile too.

You will be blessed with new energy and bring joy wherever you go.

The healing process will have been accelerated. We both know that you have been destroyed and that surviving this violence means that you are a fighter, covered in bruises.

You have recovered from it and you feel it, in all spheres of your life.

You do what you want and you realize that you are thinking less and less of your torturer.

This is when you will know that you have met the right person, because he will have helped you heal.

He will have been there for you and will have accompanied you in your ups and downs.

You can’t imagine it could end.

With the right person, the best thing is that not only do you not want it to end, but you can’t even imagine it.

Even if you try to imagine your breakup, you can’t do it.

You are made to be together, you will grow together, as will your love.

Your happiness has no end and it is an unknown feeling for you, although it is also sublime.

Fall in love with the right person… This is what it looks like.