Acting like you don’t care is not attractive. Not calling me for days is not attractive. Texting me only when you are drunk and you feel lonely doesn’t make me want you.

Playing hot and cold, not having time for myself, getting in and out of my life and making my only occupation waiting for you, is not attractive. So please put an end to this.

If you want to be really attractive, make an effort! Make every effort. Show me that you care. That’s what’s s**xy.

Be brutally honest about how you feel about me. Don’t hide your feelings and don’t pretend they don’t exist.

Tell me you couldn’t wait another second to see me, and knock on my door in the middle of the day. Bring me my favorite chocolate.

Send me a cute text message during your most overwhelmed day, just to let me know that you are thinking about me. Call me during your lunch break just to hear my voice for a second.

Do the right thing but show me that you care about me.

I’m fed up with guys who think that to reach my heart or in my bed, I must first make myself decipher their contradictory signals.

I don’t want any more stupid excuses, poor efforts, nights spent crying and thinking that someone put a curse on me because I can’t get a breath of fresh air when it’s about love.

I have had enough of those who act like they were the only ones who matter and that only their stories are worth telling. Those who think it’s good to come out of nowhere and enter my life when it suits them.

I need someone who will be there for me at all times. Through boredom and fun. Through the good, the bad, the sweet and the ugly. Someone who accepts me as I accept – with all the flaws and qualities.

I need someone who will make plans for us. It can be tickets to go see a movie, go on a road trip, enjoy a concert, a quiet evening on Netflix, a meal he prepared himself or something else. The important thing is that it shows the effort.

I need someone genuine and caring. Someone who’s worried about the flu. Someone who loves nothing as much as making me laugh so hard until I have a stomach ache.

I need someone who forgets that he has his phone with him, because he’s too busy looking me in the eye, because he’s too busy talking to me.

I need someone who will go out of his way to do it when he does something wrong. Someone who is genuinely sorry for hurting me, someone who feels for me the way I feel for him.

I need someone I will be happy with right now. I don’t want someone to keep me waiting with false promises about our future together.

I need someone who is not afraid of relationships. Someone who is sure of his feelings. Someone whose heart beats faster when he is with me. Someone who knows that I am not perfect, and that it makes me even more special for him.

I need more than empty words. I need actions. I need a man who will keep his word. Someone I can trust and feel safe in.

This is the man I can be with. This is the man who will seduce my heart forever because there is nothing s**xier than a man who makes an effort.

And for this man, I will do whatever it takes. I will appreciate his efforts and I will do the same. I will not hold back. I will give him back everything he gave. It will be everything I think of. It will be everything I need and the only one I want.